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									The military personnel who serve our country have always some of the most disciplined individuals in
the workforce. The fact is that those in the military must be prepared to relocate themselves (and their
families, whenever possible) to any number of foreign locales at a moment's notice. In addition, this
deployment will often include combat and danger as many foreign citizens look upon our militia
unfavorably. Those that remain here in the United States must work long hours for low pay and very
little appreciation - except of course during wartime.

Unfortunately, research has shown that these hard-working men and women occasionally face financial
hardship and find themselves in need of military loans. According to a 2009 Military Financial Capability
Study commissioned by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) many military families have
accumulated a large amount of credit card debt and rates of bad credit among our nation's servicemen
and servicewomen are at an all-time high and growing steadily, driving the need for some to request a
military loan. However, a bad credit score can impact the ability to make necessary purchases such a
home, an automobile, furniture, etc. - either making these items impossible to get or enabling those
who purport to provide military loans to charge exorbitant rates of interest in order to mitigate "risk."
Bad credit can also affect the military security clearance needed for certain assignments, resulting in
either denial or revocation of this authorization. Military personnel should be as responsible for paying
off debts as their civilian counterparts; however, the general consensus is that the men and women who
put their lives on the line to protect and serve our country should be given special consideration in order
to qualify for military loans.

Military loans provide a solution for the bad credit problem, providing not only an easy application
process, but also a fast and painless approval in the majority of cases. US Military Lending Corp has a
military loan program for each branch of the service - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and even the
United States Coast Guard. As an additional testament to dedication to those helping to reduce the rates
of bad credit in America's military, the company will even fund loans to those are serving overseas,
provided they have a permanent address in the United States. Loan approval is not based on credit
score alone, and no collateral is required. The money is repaid over time, through automatic allotment,
which eliminates the chance to incur late fees and the need to write and mail a check every month.

For additional information, or to speak with a professional regarding loans for the military, please call
866-608-7652, Monday through Friday, 6am PST to 2pm PST (9am EST - 5pm EST) or visit the website
and download an application at US Military Lending Corp.

For more information on military loans visit our website today for a free quote.

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