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    Economic                   Culture
                              Way of life


Tourism   Agriculture   Industries

National parks             1b

National Parks
                 National parks are popular in Indonesia
                   to tourists
                 -Bunaken (marine park)
                 -Bali Barat
                 -Mount Lenser
                 -Berbak (wildlife reserve)
                 -Kerinci Seblat
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 Tourism         -Manusela
                 -Alas Purwo
There are many different beaches in Indonesia. Some
of the examples are:


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   In Indonesia, they have mainly :
    Rice plantation
   Fishing activities
Rice plantation in Indonesia
          Rice is a grain. It needs a lot of
           water as it grow .In many places,
           rice is the main food. Fields where
           rice grows are called paddy fields.
          Rice is a staple crop. It is also a
           main crop that is grown in
          After ploughing, the paddies are
           flooded and the seedlings are
           planted by hand .
          Several weeks later, flowers appear
           on the plants and then the plants
           produce grains in husks (a coating
           over each grain).
          In late summer, watering is stopped
           and the rice is harvested. Workers
           each use a sharp knife and cut off
           the stalks at ground level. .
Interesting facts about rice in
   On Java, the rains are so
    plentiful that it is possible to
    grow three or more rice
    crops a year.
   In Indonesia, banteng, or
    native oxen, pull the wooden
    ploughs. In some other Asian
    countries, water buffalo pull
    the ploughs. The rice is
    threshed to separate the
    grains from the stalks .
   To separate the rice grains
    from the husks, the rice is
    winnowed. To winnow,
    workers toss rice grains on
    woven trays. The heavy
    grains fall back into the tray
    and the husks blow away.
    The rice can then be stored.
Other crops grown in

   Oil Palm

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Fishing activities in Indonesia
   Many people in Indonesia live near rivers,
    lakes and along costal areas.
   Fishing is an important activity as it provides
    food as well as a source of income for
   Some of the fish are either salted, dried or
Methods of fishing in
   There are 2 main types of fishing in
   Freshwater fishing
   Deep-sea fishing
Methods of fishing
   Deep-sea fishing:
   Is carried out in the open sea.
   Small sailing boats or high powered trawlers are
    often used by fishermen to carry out deep-sea
    fishing. 2 examples of deep-sea fishing techniques
    are trawling and bottom fishing.
   The fishing techniques is chosen based on the
    location of the fish.

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                             Electrical and
Manufacturing   Automobile
   Manufacturing industry is an industry which
    transforms goods for sale. Many different
    types of goods are manufactured in
    Indonesia. Some of these goods include
    television sets and garments.

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   Although Indonesia do not manufacture cars,
    their automotive assembly industries have
    grown. Indonesia is now the third largest car
    supplier in Southeast Asia after Thailand.

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Electrical and Electronics
   Many electrical
    appliances are
    manufactured in
    Indonesia. Etc.(Look at
    the picture at the side)
Oil and
Gas       Loggin
Mining    g
Oil and Gas mining
   Oil and natural gas are important sources
    of energy. Indonesia has large reserves of
    oil and natural gases. These natural fuels
    are also exported to other countries. In
    Indonesia, the petroleum industry is the
    key contributor of revenue to the
    economy. In 2005, Indonesia was the
    largest Exporter of LNG in the world,
    contributing 19% of the world’s supply.
Did you know?
   Singapore agreed to buy
    US $8 billion worth of
    natural gas from
    Indonesia in 1999!
   A 640-km pipeline was
    built to transport the gas
    from the west Natuna
    Sea in Indonesia to
    Singapore’s Jurong

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   Logging is a process where trees are cut down
    and logs are obtained from forests for timber.

   Thousands of products can be made from

   They include furniture, paper, flooring and

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                  {Way of life}

Cottage   POPULATION         LANGUAGES   Dances
   Traditional cottage industries are
    small businesses involving crafts.
   They include batik painting, wood
    carving, basket and mat weaving as
    well as pottery.
   Customers prefer the traditional
    hand-painted batik as the designs
    are finer and more intricate.

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Culture and way of life
The population of people in
Indonesia is 221.9 million
(according to the population
reference bureau [2005 World
Population Data Sheet])

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   The official language in Indonesia is Bahasa
   The people of Indonesia have an official language as
    they have different groups of people in Indonesia
   The Javanese are the largest group in Indonesia.
   The Batak is another group of people from Indonesia
   The Batak culture and language are different from
    those of th Javanese.
   Therefore when people of different groups speak to
    each other, they use their official language.

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Writing in Indonesia!
   Betulkah? – Is that true?
    Saya dengar anda sudah kahwin. Betulkah?
      Ya, betul.
    Orang kata anda sudah berhenti kerja. Betulkah?
      Tidak, tidak betul. Is that true?
    I hear that you have been married. Is that true?
    Yes, it's true.
    They say that you have left your job. Is that true?
    No, it's not true.
Festivals in Indonesia
   Melasti is a religious festival observed in Bali,
    Indonesia. Villagers wear their finest clothes and
    make their way to the sea. The festival is carried out
    amid music and merry shouting.
   Nyepi which takes place the following day after the
    Melasti festival.
   On this day, everyone is to remain silent. They do
    not go to work or travel. They remain at home and
    think about values such as patience, love and

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Dances in Indonesia
One of the well-known dances in south-east asia is the
    legong dance from Indonesia.
It is believed that the legong dance from Bali,
    Indonesia was based on a story from the early 19th
A prince in Sukawati was in a coma caused by an
    illness. During his coma, he saw two beautiful
    nymphs dancing a feminine and delicate dance.
    When he became better, he transformed his
    imagination to reality.
Costumes worn for traditional
dances in Indonesia

 Examples of dance

 }{|Indonesia's legong dance}{|
Traditional Instruments in
   Music usually accompanies the dance
   Although some of the musical instruments
    look similar, the sound produced by each
    instrument is different.
   The traditional instrument of Indonesia is the
    Indonesia gamelan.
Having a meal in Indonesia!
   Some people in Indonesia eat using their
    right hands.
   Sometimes the will just sit on the floor without
    a table and have a sumptious meal with their
   Have you tried that? You should! It is just like
    having a picnic.
Popular dishes in Indonesia
   Nasi Ambeng is a popular
    rice dish in Indonesia.
    Ambeng is a Javanese
    word for the wooden platter
    in which the dish is normally
   The dish comes with mixed
    vegetable salad and spicy
    grated coconut

Deserts in Indonesia

             Kueh Lapis

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                                To transport..
Transport in Indonesia
   Water transport is an
    important means of
    transport as many major
    cities and towns in
    Indonesia are located near
    coasts, rivers or lakes.
   The water transport in
    Indonesia are called river
    taxis and they are used to
    transport people between
    the rural and city areas.

Architecture in Indonesia
   Indonesian architecture reflects
    the diversity of cultural, historical
    and geographic influences that
    have shaped Indonesia as a
    whole. Invaders, colonisers,
    missionaries, merchants and
    traders brought cultural changes
    that had a profound effect on
    building styles and techniques.
    Traditionally, the most significant
    foreign influence has been Indian.
    However, Chinese, Arab—and
    since the 18th and 19th                 Back to mindmap…
    centuries—European influences
    have been important.

Lowland              Highland

Rivers             Lakes
Rivers in Indonesia
There are many rivers in Indonesia . Examples are:
   Asahan River
   Barito River
   Batang Hari River
   Bengawan Solo River
   Kapuas River
   Musi River
   Sesayap River
   Mahakam River
   Kiro River
Kapuas River
 At 1143 km long, Kapuas River is one of the
 largest river in South East Asia, and the
 longest river in Indonesia. The river is
 important livelihood for indigenous people
 who are largely living in the upper Kapuas
 River. It is an important home for many
 endangered species, including the orang utan
 and proboscis monkey.
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Bengawan Solo River

 The Bengawan Solo river, alternatively, Solo
 river, is the longest river on the Indonesian
 island of Java, approximately 540 km in
 length. It is an important source of water to
 the inhabitants and farmlands of the eastern
 and northern of the island.

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Lakes in Indonesia
Examples of lakes in Indonesia are:

   Lake Toba
   Lake Dibawah
   Lake Diatas
   Lake Matano
   Lake Poso
   Lake Ranau
   Lake Kerinci
Lake Dibawah

 Lake Dibawah is a lake in West Sumatra,
 Indonesia. This lake, together with Lake
 Diatas, are known as the Twin Lakes.

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Lake Matano

 Lake Matano , also known as Matana, is a
 natural lake in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It
 is the deepest lake in Indonesia , and the 8th
 deepest lake in the world.

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Mountains          Volcanoes
Mountains in Indonesia
   Mount Merapi
   Mount Merbabu
   Moti Island
   Mount Merbuk
   Mount Tidar
   Ndete Napu
   Mount Pangulubao
   Mount Papandayan
   Mount Patah
   Mount Patuha
   Mount Penanggungan
   Mount Pendan
   Perbakti
   Peuet Sague
   Plawangan
   Poco Leok
Mount Merapi
   Mount Merapi, Gunung Merapi in Indonesian language, is a conical
    volcano located on the border between Central Java and
    Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia
    and has erupted regularly since 1548. Its name means Mountain of
    Fire. It is very close to the city of Yogyakarta, and thousands of
    people live on the flanks of the volcano, with villages as high as
    1700 m above sea level.

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Mount Pangulubao
   Mount Pangulubao or Pangulubau
    (Indonesian: Gunung Pangulubao) is a
    mountain near Lake Toba in Sumatra.
   Mount Pangulubao is notable for the
    relatively large number of tropical pitcher
    plant species that inhabit its forests. These
    include Nepenthes mikei, Nepenthes ovata,
    Nepenthes rhombicaulis, Nepenthes
    spectabilis, Nepenthes tobaica, and
    Nepenthes xiphioides.                   Back to
Pocok Leok
   Pocok Leok is a volcano in the western side of Flores island, Indonesia.
    The volcano was considered to be an irregular shaped of caldera, but
    evidence about caldera is problematical. No pyroclastic flow deposits
    associated with the caldera and its geological records are poorly known.
    However, Pocok Leok is listed in the active volcano list of Indonesia
    because of four fumaroles activities in the area.

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Volcanoes in Indonesia
   Lubukraya
   Talakmau
   Talang
   Dempo
   Besar
   Suoh
   Ranau
   Hulubelu
   Rajabasa
   Kaba
   Kunyit
   Patah

   Talakmau (also known as Talamau or
    Ophir) is a volcano in West Sumatra,
    Indonesia. Its elevation is 2,919 m (9,577 ft).

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Mount Dempo
   Mount Dempo is a high stratovolcano that
    rises above Pasumah Plain in the province of
    South Sumatra in Sumatra, Indonesia. Seven
    craters are found around the summit. A
    400 m wide lake is found at the northwest
    end of the crater complex.

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   Hulubelu is an elliptical, 4-km-long caldera the floor
    of which is about 700 m above sea level and is
    surrounded by steep walls in South-Eastern
    Sumatra. Post-caldera volcanism formed central
    cones and basaltic and andesitic flank volcanoes. ,
    mud volcanoes, and hot springs occur at several
    locations but it is not known for sure when the
    volcano last erupted, possibly in the Holocene
    epoch. Thermal areas are aligned North East of and
    parallel to the Great Sumatran fault, which runs the
    entire length of the island of Sumatra.
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