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									Power Messaging Strategy, Questions and Framework
Power Messaging Strategy

Selling a service is fundamentally different than selling a product. A product you can
touch, measure, and manipulate. A service is invisible to the buyer, so they buy based
on an interpretation of your sales presentation and the relationship they develop with

One of the most important things you can accomplish in selling a service is to clearly
define what you are offering and why you are the best choice. You need to get through
to your buyer and get them to understand in common language (no jargon!) how you
are going to help them accomplish their business goals…because after all that is the
core reason any business makes any decision, to perform better and accomplish their

Not only do you need to get your buyer to understand what you offer and why you’re
the best choice, you need to get them to remember it! That is not an easy task – you
have to fight for their attention in a sales call.

Understand that the decision you are after will be made when you are NOT there, in
the meetings between the meetings. When the REAL meeting happens, well after your
presentation…what are they going to remember? Your price? Your sla? Is that what
you want them making their decision on? It better not be, because the lowest number
wins and that’s a HORRIBLE business relationship.

Power messaging is a strategy to clearly define what you offer, why you are the best
option, and to ensure you are memorable to your prospect. To do so, you must make
your message:

  Resonate - Important to the buyer
  Differentiate - Unique to you
  Substantiate - Easy to defend

Less is more in these statements - the goal is not to cram too much in, but rather to
quickly get and hold their attention. If you try to pack too much in, it will take too long
to communicate and be harder to remember.

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Uncovering Your Power Messaging Foundation

The exercise below will help you determine the foundation of your Power Message.
Answering the following questions will make the value that your provide your clients
more clear and give you the initial language to build your Power Messages from. In
any given sales opportunity, you will tweak your message to be specific to your buyers
needs, but the core messages will be used over and over again.

Don’t just read over the questions and answer them in your head! In fact, interview
your clients, employees, and critical vendors to help you answer the questions and
write down the answers. The perspective they can lend you will often be much more
valuable than what YOU think about your company and service.
Make a point of revisiting this activity every quarter; if nothing else it helps to refocus
you and your team on who you are as a company and what value you provide for your

Important to the buyer

Who is your buyer?
What are the primary challenges they face?
Why are they buying? What business goals will they accomplish?
What is the best solution/service offering for this company? Why?
What problems will you solve for this company?
What benefits will they experience?
What will the result be if they stay in their current situation?

Unique to you

Why are you the best partner for this company?
What relevant industry expertise do you have?
When and how have you solved similar issues in other companies?
What specific results can you demonstrate?
Which of your satisfied clients does your prospect possible know/heard of?

Easy to defend

Easy to defend is one of the trickier parts as you have to think of your competition and
how they are going to try to attack your message. Even in a referral scenario compa-
nies will often bring in competitors. You need to distinguish your company from the
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What makes your company unique? List 5 things?
In which industries do you have specific expertise?
What types of companies have you worked with? Ie growth companies, family busi-
ness, retail, professional services…
What goals have you helped other companies achieve?
Can you demonstrate measurable results?
Who are your best clients?
Why did they and do they buy from you?

Creating Your Power Message

Now that you have your thoughts written down you have the foundation of your Power
Message. Now it’s time to massage and tune the message to create a Power Mes-
sage that is usable in marketing and conversation.

To drive home the importance one more time: this is the core message you are going
to drive home in every conversation and almost every email - so make sure you spend
the time to get it right! When your prospective buyer thinks of your company you want
them to think of these 3 statements.

Some examples of power messaging:

Kutenda’s power message

Built by a small business, we know your business because we come from it.

Marketing as a service, an affordable monthly rate for an incredible service designed
to work with you as you grow.

Science of marketing, online marketing produces data on every action. Kutenda tests
multiple variables across all of our partners to constantly evolve the effectiveness of
our efforts.

Pay for performance - if you aren’t happy with the results then we deliver the next
month of service

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Sample power messages:

Affordable monthly rate for an incredible service; would cost significantly more if they
had to hire in-house market expert.

We keep up with all of the latest trends and technologies so you don’t have to.

Pay for performance - we only get paid if we deliver results.

We do work with many other businesses just like yours/in your industry and our clients
benefit from our deep understanding of your business needs and challenges.

We do a variety of things well, and taylor our solution to meet your business goals. We
don’t just sell you a canned package like the big guys.

Now those are pretty generic, but they focus on the core reasons why companies cite
they partner with one solution provider over another.

The next step is for you to start to make your Power Message. Use the format below
to help you get started. Its important that you take some time with this and make it
truly YOURS, as these messages will serve as the foundation for all of your sales and
marketing communication.

Just going through the motions won’t accomplish the goal.

This is something that you need to believe in…this really speaks to the core of your
business, and its going to aid in your success, so its worth your time!

Statement 1

What is the most important challenge/problem you are solving for your prospective

Why is having this issue solved important to this company?

How will their life be different/what benefits will they experience after they have bought
your service?

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Statement 2

Why are you the best partner for their company?

How have you solved similar challenges in the past?

Statement 3

What makes you different as a company?

How have you helped similar companies?

Your statements should be sequential and come together to tell a short story. Its not an
easy task, but it is important.

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