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									The Importance of “The Chase”
There’s a little secret in the world of sales that consultants and coaches rarely talk
about. While you can get a ton of information on how to market to an audience, and
there are a plethora of options for training on how to conduct sales meetings, the ONE
thing everyone fails to focus on is the CHASE.

The Chase is that incredibly difficult gap between marketing and sales.

As a veteran of the sales game, I know this all too well. Marketing will deliver me
‘leads’, but those leads don’t just show up in my calendar as meetings with people
ready to buy. All I really have is contact information for someone that “kind of sort of
maybe” has a bit of interest in what I’m selling.

That’s not a sales opportunity. I have to turn this lead into a sales opportunity!

My number one challenge: connecting with the lead.

Just because that person indicated some sort of interest in my products or services
doesn’t mean that they actually want to talk to a salesperson and buy something!
It’s up to me as a salesperson to chase this person down until I get the opportunity
to connect with them and determine if they are a real opportunity - now or in the long

Most salespeople completely fail at this. The statistics are incredible - somewhere
between 10 and 50% of leads are never followed up on beyond the first call! Even
professional salespeople are terrible at getting conversations started!

Jack Daily, one of my favorites sales trainers, says that “all things being equal, the
salesperson that sells the most is the one that has the most conversations with
qualified prospects.”

This is so obvious but so important. Most of you don’t have enough conversations
because you are either not prospecting at all or because you are doing it wrong.

What would happen if you could speak with ten times the number of qualified prospects
each month than you currently do? What would that do for your business?!

The answer is obvious: you would grow, and grow fast.

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You’ve got to learn to get people on the phone so you can have more quality

That’s what the Chase Formula sequence is all about.

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