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lincolnlist by Maryoumabook


This book is about moving beyond traditional "features-and-benefits" marketing. Inside you will find a revolutionary approach to marketing for the branding and formation age. It’s about showing how managers can create holistic experiences for their customers through brands that provide sensory, affective, and creative associations as well as lifestyle marketing and social identity campaigns.

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									                        The Lincoln List

 An Honest to Goodness Lighting Fast Method to
             Build a List for Pennies

If you had told me one month ago that I could build of list of over 400 IM
subscribers in hours for $22.60, I would have laughed. I would have
thought that either you were lying to me or you had simply misplaced the
decimal point and really meant $226.00. In fact, the rule of thumb for
building lists is around $1 per opt in. Using other methods this list would
cost me over $400 and take weeks to build. But guess what? I did build
a list of over 400 active subscribers for $22.60 and . . .

  “My list grew so fast the alarms were going off
                 at my autoresponder company!”

  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any shape or form
                 without the written permission of the author.
         Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
                            The Lincoln List © 2011
                        The Lincoln List Method © 2011
                 Author: Bruce Boretsky - All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
       Read this report carefully and take action
        because I just did this and so can you!
Using the exact same Lincoln List Method I am showing you in this
report, I found a way to build a great list for just pennies and, I did it

In fact, Aweber actually stopped sending my welcome email to my new
subscribers because my list was growing so fast it triggered their fraud
software. I had to speak with a supervisor there who put me on hold
while he checked my traffic source and happily acknowledged that I was
blowing the doors off of their system in a good way. He simply marked
my account as legit and my list quickly grew until I hit 403 new active
subscribers in less than 24 hours of total advertising time.

   My total cost in time to set it up = 30 minutes
                 My total cost in dollars = $22.60
                My total active subscribers = 403
With the Lincoln List Method you can grow your list for incremental
investments of $5.20 while you pause, tweak and refine and just keep
going. Everything just kept working great the whole time so I didn’t need
to make even small tweaks to my list building – but I could have at any
time and never have risked more than $5.20 to get it right.

Now, I used a traffic source that many internet marketers have tried and
gotten little or no results from. Why? They didn’t understand the nature
of this traffic and how to use it to their advantage. What I am talking
about is using a specific traffic source that works in a way similar to
traffic exchanges to build your list but with an important difference. Keep
in mind that this is for list building ONLY. You don’t use this method to

  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
try to sell anything on the front end. You only give things away in
exchange for a subscription to your list.
Briefly, traffic exchanges are places where people go to view other
people’s websites - usually for periods between 5-20 seconds. They
sometimes have to put in a captcha code or some other human input to
show that they actually viewed the site for the required amount of time.
When they do this, they get credits they can use to have people view
their site. This helps build traffic and helps in rankings.
The traffic source you are going to use for building your own Lincoln List
is described below. It is similar to a traffic exchange in that people will
be required to view your squeeze page before moving on to a site that is
their actual end destination. However, with this traffic source people are
not just madly clicking through page views to earn points. They are
actually going to a URL they want to view.
Let me walk you through the steps so you know exactly what to do so
you can get started immediately building your list after you carefully
study this report. At the end of this report I am going to give you
resources for everything you need to put the Lincoln List Method into

                            What You Need to Do
   1. You need an autoresponder service. This is mandatory. If you
      don’t already have one, there is a link at the end of this report for
      two of the best and the one for Aweber is the one I used because I
      opened a new account there for $1 and so can you. That was part
      of the $22.60 I spent implementing The Lincoln List Method.

   2. When you set up your autoresponder account follow the directions
      closely and create a good “thank you for signing up” email. I have
      included the exact copy I used for my initial email but you can use
      whatever you want. All you really want to do is introduce yourself

  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
     briefly and let your subscribers know that you will be sending them
     valuable information. You can also include your freebie as an
     attachment if you want to. However, that may cause your email to
     hit the spam folder because it contains an attachment from a
     sender your subscriber does not yet recognize. It is better if you
     can just include a link where the freebie they signed up for can be

 3. You will need a GOOD freebie to offer them. You should find one
    that is about list building or traffic generation if you want to copy my
    formula. However, you should feel free to experiment with other
    types of freebies so long as they have a broad appeal to the
    demographics of the traffic you are sending your offer to. This
    traffic source is huge and if you want to find a giveaway for a niche
    that you specialize in don’t be afraid to experiment with it because
    your cost to test with this traffic is extremely low.

 4. You need a squeeze page. This can be as simple as an opt-in
    form you put on a separate page on a simple Wordpress site. At
    the end of this report I am going to tell you where you can get free
    hosting and a free domain name just for the purposes of putting up
    a squeeze page that you use to get your subscribers. This is all
    you need and really want. When your prospects are offered your
    link to click on it should simply be a link that goes only to your opt
    in squeeze page – nothing more. If you don’t know how to or don’t
    want to create a squeeze page and host it yourself, there is also a
    free resource you can use for squeeze pages that you don’t need
    to create yourself and don’t need to have hosting or a domain for.
    Make sure your squeeze page does not have ANY pop-ups. They
    are not allowed on the traffic source you will be using.

 5. You need a traffic source. The one you will use for your Lincoln
    List campaign is does not work exactly like a

Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
       traditional traffic exchange. Website owners, forum hosts and
       Twitter and Facebook account holders use to shorten the
       links to their URL and get paid when people click on them.
       However, instead of being sent directly to the URL surfers are
       stopped on the page of an advertiser site first for 5 seconds.

There are some things you should keep in mind about when using
it to build your list. Although the demographics on Alexa show that there
is a higher than average representation of males 18-24 who go through
this site, there are millions of people that click on links everyday
and you can be assured that almost every demographic is represented.
Some just constitute a higher percentage of the traffic. The traffic is
heavily international and skewed towards Asia and India but that won’t
be a concern if you select country specific ad buys. Also, it should not
be a concern if you want to build a niche list that has a broad appeal
across cultures. However, if you want to build a list of only U.S. or other
country specific subscribers you can do so. It just costs more to target
specific countries. I’ll discuss that in a little more detail further along in
this report. An amazing fact about this traffic according to is
that almost 1% of ALL GLOBAL DAILY INTERNET USERS go through
this site by clicking on an link shortened URL.

                      Alexa Stats as Of 12-08-2011 for

  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
As mentioned earlier, don’t start off with paid or CPA offers to try to build
your list. The people who will see your squeeze page are on their way
somewhere else and have shown that they don’t respond to paid offers
when clicking on an link. If you offer the right incentive to join your
list you will be able to monetize it once your subscribers build a trust
level in you. When you do begin to send paid offers to your subscribers
you will need to carefully choose them so they are correctly targeted to
the type of people your incentive attracted to your list in the first place.

With the number of people going through everyday and by using
only proxy traffic which is very inexpensive, there should be MANY
interest groups and niches you can attract and build a list around at a
very low cost if you use the right incentive.

You can sign up at for free and it is easy to get your campaign
started within minutes. You will not be signing up there to shorten URLs
(the service they use to generate the traffic they sell). You will be
signing up to purchase traffic. Be sure to have your squeeze page link
ready to go and your autoresponder set up before you activate your
traffic purchase.

The traffic I purchased from was proxy traffic. It was not country
specific. But, I figured since my offer was in English and many of these
people are known by previous testing to be interested in internet
marketing, it didn’t really require me to be country specific since I knew
there were plenty of people from this traffic who would be interested in
an internet marketing related incentive who speak English.

However, allows you to purchase traffic on a country by country
basis so you can target more effectively if you want to. Be advised that
the traffic is much more expensive when you do this. My goal was to
build a list of internet marketers who speak English regardless of where
they live and that is precisely what I accomplished. While the proxy

  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
traffic on cost me only .40 cents per thousand impressions,
country specific traffic ranges up to $4 per thousand. It still might be a
bargain if your offer converts well and you absolutely must have targeted
traffic for whatever you are doing with it.

When you do activate your campaign, keep a close eye on it for the first
half hour or at least until you have cycled through 1000 impressions to
make sure everything is working properly and you are getting opt ins that
are showing up at your autoresponder. You also want to make sure that
your 1st follow up email is sent out from your autoresponder service as
people are added to your list. Toggle between and your
autoresponder to watch the activity on both ends and remember to
refresh the pages to get updated information. If you use Aweber you
can have an email notification sent to your inbox every time someone is
added to your list. That’s what I did and it was still exciting even after I
had two hundred notifications clogging my inbox in just a few hours.

                  My Exact Lincoln List Campaign
Now, let me show you exactly how I built my list using the Lincoln List

First, I subscribed to a free program which helped build my list virally.
Some of you may have seen it around. It is called 5iphon Extreme.
Here is a link so you can see what my squeeze page looked like if you
are not familiar with it:


I chose this program for several reasons. (i) It was free for me to join,
(ii) It is a viral list building program, (iii) I could offer it to others and it
helped build my list from their efforts and, (iv) they host the squeeze
  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
page so I didn’t need to build one or have hosting or a domain name to
get started.

With this program, all I had to do was sign up for a free 5iphon Extreme
account, create a list at my autoresponder along with a welcome
message to go out automatically after they opted in to my list, register
my list name with 5iphon Extreme, go to my traffic source and buy the
traffic and insert my squeeze page link for 5iphon Extreme (this was the
link that people clicking on links were sent to first). I then just
turned this thing on and my list exploded like magic. I am not suggesting
that you use the 5iphon Extreme system because if hundreds of people
did use it at the same time the offer would get saturated and dilute your
list building results. However, for those of you who act really fast this will
probably work great because there are millions of people that surf using
this traffic source who will never be exposed to this offer.

So that was it. I signed up for for free. I got my Aweber
autoresponder account for $1 and then spent $21.60 to buy traffic
through That whole process took me 30 minutes to do. I just
kept adding $5.20 to my spend account and reactivating my traffic at
different times of the day to see if there were better times or days of the
week when this would work. I spent $5.20 three times and then $6 once.

             Here is a picture showing how much I spent for traffic

  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
           As you can see, I spent $21.60 total and received a little
                         over 54,000 impressions.

Below is a picture showing the active subscriber count I have currently
from this campaign. This is after about a 10% opt out rate and about
10% more people who opted in but for whatever reason could not be
confirmed by Aweber. Although I used the 5iphon program which is
supposed to help my list grow virally if others in my downline participate,
I can only attribute 3 subscribers that I currently have from 5iphon viral
opt ins after my campaign ran.

     Here is my Active Subscriber List exclusively from this campaign.

My list currently stands at 406 active subscribers. 403 came directly
from the campaign I just described and 3 came from the viral list building
program I used.
Since I built this list just a couple of weeks ago I have already
participated in an adswap and have several more lined up to help me
grow this list even further. I have just begun sending out paid offers to
my list after first sending several emails over several days offering other
great freebies to build trust and my relationship with my subscribers.
Since I have done that I have not had anyone unsubscribe from my list
for almost a week.

  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
I can honestly tell you that although I am happy about generating a nice
list so quickly and inexpensively, when comparing notes with another
internet marketer I discovered that he had built a list of over 800 in less
than 24 hours using the exact technique and traffic source I am teaching
you about here. The only difference was that he offered a different IM
related freebie. In fact, if you have the time and ability you should
consider testing several different offers with this traffic to see which
converts the best. You could easily have 4 different tests running at the
same time and then shut down the under performers and retool them
with the best converting offer before you have exhausted even a tenth of
the traffic you have purchased. With this method you will know in about
30 minutes what is working and what isn’t. Although I didn’t put a timer
on it, I think I went through about 1,000 impressions every 15 or 20
minutes, so I could easily tell very quickly whether my offer was
converting well before burning through much of my $5.20 investment!
My rule of thumb was that if I wasn’t getting between 6-10 opt in
conversions per 1000 impressions then I needed to rethink my offer.

PLEASE NOTE that the squeeze page I used came with a pop-up
that, I simply inserted this text (shown in parenthesis) at the end of the
link “&pop=no”. I bought “Interstitial Adverts” which is just a fancy way of
saying text link. They offer a “Banner Adverts” option but I did not use

                                       Take Action
To get started, I suggest you use as your traffic source and buy
the .40 cent per thousand proxy traffic (they call it “Proxy Traffic Deal”).
That is a perfect test bed to see what will convert surfers into list
subscribers. Then, if you want to purchase country specific traffic you
will have a better feel for what might work as you will be investing up to
10X as much for that traffic.

  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
I cannot emphasize enough that you must have the right offer for
this to work. To illustrate my point, here are two very recent quotes
from Warriors who have used traffic. The first one is typical of
someone who has no idea how to leverage this cheap traffic source. I
am not going to put their WF names here but you can find these quotes
if you want to dig for them.

This quote is from a Warrior who is typical of someone who does not
know about the Lincoln List Method:

Posted Oct. 4, 2011

“I'm sure most of you know this, but do not advertise on I
bought 2,000 clicks and got 0 conversions. It is junk traffic. I
shoulda known better and thought twice before buying. ”

This is a quote from someone who stumbled upon the Lincoln List
Method and did it right:

Posted Oct. 8, 2011

“I used and everything was great. I buyed only 3k visitors
from Portugal for only ~7$ I got 243 conversions. In your case...
I don't know but maybe your landing page/offer wasn't so good
for that traffic.

Good luck”

You should now have a great idea of what you need to do to get started
and how to go about it. However, you may not know where to go to get
everything you need. Here are some resources for you to help you get
started. I have tried to find resources you can use that are very
inexpensive and in many cases free. You’ll find them on the following
two pages.

  Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.

                     GOOD LUCK BUILDING YOUR FIRST

                                   LINCOLN LIST ! ! !

 1. Autoresponders

     a. Aweber ($1 first month)


     b. Get Response

                                       Get Response

 2. Free Hosting and Domain Name


 3. Free Squeeze Pages (no hosting or domain name required)

                          Instant Squeeze Page Generator

 4. Free Squeeze Page Creator to Use On Wordpress Site:


  YouTube Demo:

 5. Wordpress Video Tutorials (60 video library discounted to $9)

                         Wordpress Training Video Library


Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.
    6. First Follow Up Email Swipe I Used:
Subject: Welcome to Online Money Tools

Body: Thank you for subscribing to Online Money Tools

My name is Bruce Boretsky and I appreciate the opportunity
to share some of my biggest online success 'secrets' with
you on a regular basis.

Here's just SOME of what I'm preparing for you in the days
and weeks ahead...

- the very latest free and low cost online *traffic*

- FREE software to further automate your online business
and income

- how to avoid scams and weed out what actually *makes

- how to create instant blogs and websites overnight!

- the best $6-7 figure marketing "blueprints" available

- news on the latest product launches getting rave reviews!

...And *much* more!

As my new subscriber, I consider us *partners* in business.
So feel free to introduce yourself and let's see how we can
work *together* to explode our incomes online...

talk soon,

Bruce Boretsky

PS Become an extreme list builder and receive commissions.

Click here

   Copyright 2011 The Lincoln List and The Lincoln List Method by Bruce Boretsky. All rights reserved.

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