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Writing a Technical Report


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Writing a Technical Report

             Report Format
• Reports need to be neat, organized and word-
  processed. When done someone could read your
  report and duplicate the results. Written in third
  person with no pronouns.
• Title of project, names of student participants, course
  title, institution were work was done, date.
• A summarization of the report. This summary should
  include the objectives of the project and what was
  accomplished. This summary should be short and to
  the point with specific information and one paragraph
  in length.
             Report Format

• All sections listed in order with page numbers to find
  the information.
• Should be a brief explanation of the project or
  activity. What is the purpose of the activity? What
  are you going to learn and what are you going to do?
               Report Format
• Information and background research of the topic.
  Information gathered in order to accomplish the task.
  What you studied of previous research and designs done
  by others. Explain why your work is different.
• List of materials needed to do the project or activity.
             Report Format

• Details on how you did the lab, activity or project.
  Step by step process showing sketches, schematics,
  equations, photos, etc. This written part needs to be
  very specific as to your step by step procedure as
  well as what you learned in each of the steps. This
  section may be broken into subsections.
             Report Format

• How well did you accomplish your objectives?
  Discuss suggestions for improvement and errors and
  problems that occurred during the process. Where
  could this project go in the future? Do the results
  agree with your purpose?
• Brief explanation of what you learned and what the
  activity was all about.
             Report Format
• This section should include Drawings orthographic,
  isometric, assembly, schematics, exploded views,
  written programs, flow charts, and tables of
  information pertinent to the report but too large to fit
  in the written documentation.
• Books, magazines, journals, Internet sources, etc.
  that were used to obtain and learn information. Since
  this is a technical report the format should follow APA
Section Breakdown.

              One paragraph.

            KEY IDEA #1
       As many paragraphs as needed.

            KEY IDEA #2
       As many paragraphs as needed.

            KEY IDEA #3
       As many paragraphs as needed.

 One paragraph. Emphasizes the point in the
       One concept or principle per paragraph.
          You may need more paragraphs.

    Citations          INTRODUCTION SENTENCE
 mixed in for
equations,in for
    proof                   FACT, EXAMPLE #1
   should be
       proof of
placed here to
    information             FACT, EXAMPLE #2
 help explain
 your design.               FACT, EXAMPLE #3

                         CONCLUSION SENTENCE
             Example Paragraph
          Presently the current circuit will count, but simply attaching the
outputs on the 74163 to a hex display will not work, a decoder is necessary.
The 7447 is the decoder that will change the binary information that exits
the 74163 into a code that a hex display can read and display the
information. The 7447 is not a difficult integrated circuit. The input pins A3
– A0 receive information from the 74163 in binary. The pins called test, RBI,
and RBO all need to be connected to a power source for the circuit to
function properly. The pins that are labeled a-g are the hex output pins.
The 7447 is placed into the circuit between the 74163 and the hex display.
The information will come from the 74163 and exit towards the seven-
segment display. A group of resistors will be needed between the 7447 and
the hex-display. Figure 4 in the appendix will show where these resistors
are located.       The seven segment display reads information as decimal
and displays it so it can easily be read. Pins a-g act as inputs for the
device, this device also requires that it be connected to a power source.
The displays are implemented so that any person can read the clock, and
no conversions are necessary. The entire schematic for the ten-minute
clock can be seen in the appendix.
Quality Technical Sentence?

                    The project       Identify and
                    should have        explain in
     Identify the
                     no identity         detail.
                     as to who.

The project we made used many engineering principles.
 Quality Technical Sentence?

                                   Identifies the key
    Identifies what                principles that will
        you are                     be discussed in
      discussing                   each paragraph.
    without I or we.

The bottle cap assembly end effecter has three main
parts: the servo motors, the gripper mechanism, and the
pressure sensor.

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