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Apple Valley Unified School District desires to provide a state of the art PBX (voice/telephone)
system that will accommodate both the present and future operations. The intent is to achieve an
industry standard based system which will enhance educational and administrative activities at the
complex with the flexibility and support of future needs.

Apple Valley Unified School District is soliciting CMAS (California Multiple Award Schedule
Program) qualified bidders to submit a bid for all equipment including, but not limited to racks,
punch down equipment, wire, conduit, handsets, and associated telephone connectivity equipment.

This project is entirely contingent upon available funding to the Apple Valley Unified District and
may or may not be undertaken at its sole discretion.

This project encompasses the following:

I.      Supply and install NEC2000 PBX-IPS upgrade components at each site. This unit shall be a
        complete fully integrated communication system (PBX - Private Automatic Branch
        Exchange) unit capable of providing a complete operational integrated Telephone, Internal
        system paging (using handsets), Automated Attendant, Voice Mail (if required), Caller ID,
        to various locations within each site. All sites will be connected to the Apple Valley
        School District’s NEC IPS PBX. All components must be provided at time of
        installation to complete this task.

II.     Supply a minimum of 4 PIM’s for a total capacity of 256 devices for Apple Valley Middle
        School, Vista Campana Middle School, and Apple Valley High School. Supply a minimum
        of 2 PIM’s for a total capacity of 128 devices for Mojave Mesa Elementary School, Rancho
        Verde Elementary School, Sandia Elementary School, and Yucca Loma Elementary School.

III.    Each unit will include 1 PRI card.

IV.     Installation of one VOIP (voice over IP) card (24 - 64kbs capable)

V.      Each site will include 16 VOIP licenses.

VI.     Convert all existing T-1’s, trunks, extensions, groups, voice-mail, and settings to IPS system.

VII.    Provide 4 hours of custom programming of the PBX as needed.

VIII.   Provide 4 hours of training associated with the general use and maintenance of the PBX unit
        and digital handsets to each site.

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IX.   Integrate PBX with existing long distance carrier service.

X.    Interconnect all sites via existing IP based network to existing NEC IPS unit at AVUSD
      District Office. Develop and reprogram extensions at sites as necessary to complete

XI.   Integrate PBX with existing campus intercom system to provide campus wide paging
      capability from designated user handsets. The selected users will be determined by each site
      at time of installation.

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                          GENERAL GUIDELINES/PARAMETERS

I.     All manufactured articles, material, and equipment shall be applied, installed connected,
       erected, used, cleaned, adjusted, and conditioned as recommended by the manufacturers, or
       as indicated in their published literature, unless specifically herein specified to the contrary.

II.    All materials, unless otherwise specified, shall be new, free from any defects, and of the best
       quality of their respective kinds. All like materials used shall be of the same manufacture,
       model, and quality, unless otherwise specified. All associated software shall be the latest
       version from the manufacturer at the time of installation.

III.   All work shall be performed by competent workmen and executed in a neat and workmanlike
       manner providing a thorough and complete installation. Work shall be properly protected
       during construction, including the shielding of soft or fragile materials. At completion, the
       installation shall be thoroughly cleaned and all tools, equipment, obstructions, or debris
       present as a result of this portion of work shall be removed from the premises.

IV.    Contractor shall coordinate his work with a designated school district representative for times
       which changeover, removal of existing equipment, and new connections of existing systems
       can be completed.

V.     All items of equipment shall be designed by the manufacturer to function as a complete
       system and shall be accompanied by the manufacturer's complete service notes and drawings
       detailing all interconnections.

VI.    The vendor shall be on-site a minimum of 1 day after startup (8 hours total) for the purpose
       of configuring the system to end user needs and troubleshooting. This time shall be for but
       not be limited to configuring hunt groups, speed dial configuration, console programming,

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       A.    The PBX shall be come configured with the IPS (Internet Protocol Server) processor
             (VIOP ready). Each PBX should be configured to provide a minimum of 16 voice
             over IP connections (via existing T1 circuits at site) to any other PBX in this bid.
             (No hand sets of any type will be installed at this time)

       B.    Intercept - This feature shall provide for automatic forwarding to a recording or a
             designated answering point for call which:

             1.     Have been made to a vacant (un-installed) station.
             2.     Have been made to a down (out of order) station.
             3.     Have been made to an attempted trunk call in violation of programmed

       C.    Memory protection - The total system memory including generic software and
             customer data base shall be permanently protected in the event of a primary power
             failure. Upon restoration of primary power, the reload shall be accomplished
             automatically without external intervention.

       D.    Memory Capability - The memory shall have the capability of support the maximum
             capacity of the PBX proposed at cut over.

       E.    Self-Test - Fault isolation and system alarm - As an ongoing internal function of the
             PBX, a self test routine shall identify faults with in the system. When faults are
             located by means of the self-test functions, a system alarm and log will be generated.
              The displayed alarm shall discriminate between major and minor alarm conditions.
             The log shall be accessible either locally or remotely and be archived in non-volatile

       F.    The system shall have a minimum of 3 COS (Class of Service) levels definable.

       G.    All stations shall be Routing Class of Service capable. It shall be possible to re-
             define all stations Routing Class.

       H.    The PBX shall provide the capability of forwarding trunk or internal call to another
             station to satisfy the following:

             1.     Calls to an Unattended Station
             2.     Calls to a busy Station
             3.     All calls to a station

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      I.     All stations shall have a minimum conference capability of itself and two (2) other
             parties. These parties shall be either internal or external.

      J.     The PBX shall allow the station user the capability for call transfer and station
             consultation on all trunk calls and/or station calls either incoming or outgoing.

      K.     Sequential and/or non-sequential number hunting shall be available for all stations
             allowing a minimum of 10 stations to be placed in a hunt group. The system will
             require a minimum of 16 hunt groups.

      L.     The Contractor shall install the associated equipment so as, in case of power failure,
             the PBX system shall remain fully functional for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes.
             Should a power failure exceed this time, a minimum of two (4) designated single
             line analog circuits shall provide service until power in restored. Two (4) analog
             phone set shall be provided. Cut-over to these sets shall commence immediately
             upon loss of functionality to the PBX.

      M.     Any station seizing the common equipment of the PBX for more that thirty (30)
             seconds shall be blocked from further access to the system resources until the station
             is restored to the on-hook condition.

      N.     At selected stations, the capability of protection from intrusion (i.e. executive
             intrusion or camp-on) shall be provided.

      O.     Call pickup capability within a designated call group shall be provided. The PBX
             shall have a minimum of 25 Call groups capability at initial installation.

      P.     The PBX shall have alternate Aevening@ and Anight@ mode service capability. For
             maximum flexibility the system shall provide for one (1) day mode and two(2) night
             modes of operation.

      Q.     The system shall be equipped with two-way intercom capability. This feature is to be
             capable on all stations upon installation

      R.     All stations shall be equipped with hands free talk-back capability.

      S.     All stations shall be equipped with message indication capability (light and/or LCD).

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      T.     The following restriction features shall be included:

             1.     Restrict stations from Direct Access to Private networks. (10-321, etc.)
             2.     Restrict stations from Direct-in-Dial.
             3.     Restrict stations from Long distance dialing.
             4.     Restrict stations from initiating Dial-up conferencing.
             5.     Restrict stations from audio paging capability.

      U.     The PBX system, with additional hardware, shall be capable of connecting to various
             types of trunk lines. These are listed below:

             1.     Direct-outward-Dialing (DOD)
             2.     One-way and Two-way Trunks

      V.     The PBX shall provide four digit, or less, internal dialing codes, and provide a
             capability for up to six digit internal or private network dialing.

      W.     Call waiting - The system shall be designed to alert a user, currently engaged in a
             communication, to receive a tone alerting to another incoming call. Only the called
             party shall hear the tone. If the person goes on-hook the in-coming call shall ring
             through immediately.

      X.     All stations shall have personal speed dial programming capability with no less than
             twenty (20) digits per number assigned.

      Y.     The system shall provide automatic routing for designated off network trunk calls to
             various d-term locations which will originate from outside the site.

      Z.     Emergency service capability (such as 911) shall immediately access the local
             emergency service provider.

      AA.    Should a trunk group be fully utilized, a user may, with the use of a designated code,
              be placed in a queue. As a line becomes available the system will ring back to the
             initiating station.

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        A.      Access - this is an upgrade of existing IVS systems located at each site. Site visits
                will be arranged through the Information Technologies department at AVUSD so that
                vendors can determine all necessary equipment needed to meet the enclosed

        B.      SITE ADDRESS

        Mojave Mesa Elementary School
        15552 Wichita Rd
        Apple Valley, CA 92307

        Yucca Loma Elem School                         Sandia Elementary
        21351 Yucca Loma Rd                            21331 Sandia Rd
        Apple Valley, CA 92308                         Apple Valley, Ca 92308

        Rancho Verde Elem School                       Apple Valley Middle School
        14334 Pioneer Rd                               12555 Navajo Rd
        Apple Valley, Ca 92308                         Apple Valley, CA 92307

        Vista Campana Middle School                    Apple Valley High School
        20700 Thunderbird Rd                           11837 Navajo Rd
        Apple Valley, CA 92307                         Apple Valley, Ca 92308


        A.      A random set of 10 extensions shall be dialed from the district office to each site for
                verification of functionality.


        A.      The NEC2000 PBX shall be warranted against defects and workmanship for a
                minimum of three (3) years. The contractor will provide the necessary maintenance
                agreement forms to Apple Valley Unified School District.


        A.      The Contractor shall provide a minimum of 4 hours of in-service training with this
                system to each site. These sessions shall be broken into segments at the discretion of
                the designated representative of the district. This training shall include training of
                individuals in the operation of this system and its associated features (Call
             accounting, Voice mail (when applicable), programming, etc.). Operators Manuals
             and Users Guides shall be provided at the time of this training. A complete set of
             Administration and Operations manuals for the NEC2000 IPS shall be provided upon

        B.   Contractor shall specify an hourly rate for subsequent additional training. This rate
             shall be available for a period not to exceed one year from the date of completion


        A.   At the direction of the site, the contractor shall provide up to eight (8) hours of
             programming associated with customization to the sites needs. These may include
             speed dial, intercom assignments, all call paging, etc.


        A.   The Contractor shall program all software and other features into the PBX as required
             by this specification.


        A.   Circuitry shall be provided within the PBX for use by maintenance personnel to
             identify and associate a malfunction with an individual circuit card. In addition, the
             PBX will have the capability to allow diagnostic and maintenance testing of PBX
             circuitry from a remote location. Costs of the maintenance port and necessary
             ancillary equipment will be included in the quoted price


        A.   Where necessary and indicated by manufacture specification, lightning arrester
             circuitry will be installed.

Mojave Mesa Elementary School
15552 Wichita Rd
Apple Valley, CA 92307

Yucca Loma Elem School                      Sandia Elementary
21351 Yucca Loma Rd                         21331 Sandia Rd
Apple Valley, CA 92308                      Apple Valley, Ca 92308

Rancho Verde Elem School                    Apple Valley Middle School
14334 Pioneer Rd                            12555 Navajo Rd
Apple Valley, Ca 92308                      Apple Valley, CA 92307

Vista Campana Middle School                 Apple Valley High School
20700 Thunderbird Rd                        11837 Navajo Rd
Apple Valley, CA 92307                      Apple Valley, Ca 92308


Any questions regarding this bid, please contact: or:

        David Hall
        Director of Information Technologies
        (760) 247-8001 X406


Copies of this document are available at:
        → District Office
              → Administration Services
                      → Information Tech
                            →E-Rate Bid Docs 2009-2010


All responses must be on the “Pricing Module Worksheet”. This form is available at the above


All responses are due to Apple Valley Unified School District Offices by Tuesday January 6th,
2009 at 1:00 p.m. PST. Bids (Pricing Module Worksheet) may be submitted via any parcel
carrier or by e-mail to
                           SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Apple Valley Unified School District reserves the right to exercise its discretion to require the
contractor to remove from the project any such employee of the Owner to be incompetent, careless,
or insubordinate.

All work will be performed in accordance with the latest revisions of the following standards and

- Uniform International Conference of Building Officials
- Building Code (ICBO); Regional Office:
- NEC 1990 (1993) National Electrical Code
- EIA/TIA- 569 Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunication Pathways and Spaces
- EIA/TIA-568-A Commercial Building Wiring Standard
- EIA/455-171-D Standard Test Procedures for Fiber Optic Cables
- EIA /TIA-4750000-B Generic Specification for Fiber Optic Connectors
- EIA /TIA-475E000 Sectional Specification for Fiber Optic Connectors Type BFOC/2.5
- EIA /TIA-604-X Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standards (FOCIS)
- Leviton Telcom Category Compliant Design Criteria. Dated 1995 or Later.
- Leviton Telcom CCS Installation Training Dated 1995 or later.

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