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									                            INFO BROCHURE – NCC OFFRS
                                    Compiled by Col Avtar Singh

1.     NCC Offrs must be adequately equipped at all times to address any query or
problem. Therefore all relevant info must be compiled in logical format for prompt
retrieval, prepared and updated regularly to avert occasional black eye.

2.   Info brochure could be tailor made for quick retrieval of reqd info at short notice.
Suggested heads could be as under: -

         (a)   Trg
         (b)   Adm
         (c)   Financial
         (d)   Misc

3.       Trg

        NCC Aims, Motto, Vision and History
        Trg Directive
        Detailed Syllabus, Trg Pgme and availability of PI Staff
        Lesson plan
        Précis – Cadet and ANO/WTLO, availability of Cadet Hand Book - M/S Printik
         Ways, C-54, Jungpura Extn, NDL -110014, Tele – 011 -24312035 & 24310992.
        List of Trg phamphlets, publication etc.
        List of Trg & camp stores.
        Camp instrs.
        Institution wise (year wise) nominal roll of cadets.
        Nominal roll of proficient cadets for detailing at short notice for centrally org
        Institution wise record of attendance of cadets.
        Conditions for certificate exams.
        Trg and social service events.
        Schedule of courses for PI staff, ANOs and cadets.
        NCC Range course.
        Ready Recknor of imp trg activities during the Trg year.
        AO 20/90, QR for retention/reversion of PI Staff.
        List of motivation charts

4.       Adm

        Loc plan affiliated sub units.
        SOP folder unit
        Unit Standing Orders
        Check list for briefing of PI Staff
        List of books, pamphlets, CCS Rules state/Centre Govt employees, CDA (O)
         hand Books, TR, FR, Dress Regulation for Regular & NCC Officers, GCIs, ANOs
         and Cadets, Logistic Manual, NCC RD Book, Official Secret Act, RTI, Redressal
         of Complaints of women employees at Dte level, NCC Act and Rules 1948 duly
         updated, AOs, SAOs, AIs, SAIs, NCCO, S NCCO, PE, PET, Policy folders etc.
        Scales of clothing, wpns, amn, control stores etc.
         Holding state of clo, arms, amn, controlled stores etc.
        Reports/returns Format, preparation and rendition.
        List of files, registers and ledgers – Insp & Audit purpose.
        Procedure for destruction of obsolete docus.
        Procedure for condemnation of Regtl, State and ATG/Amenity stores.
        Condemnation, disposal of UNSV stores and auction money.
        Annual Stk taking, audit by LAO (Army) and State AG.
        Comd & cont instructions of the unit.
        Procedure for appt, Promotion, Relinquishment, Supernumerary list, posting of
         ANOs etc.
        Procedure for appointment of Care takers i.e only for initial two yrs of starting of
         NCC in the institution. and no care taker allce is applicable thereafter.
        Candidates selected for appt of ANO must attend pre-commission Trg within two
         years from the date of selection.

5.       Financial

        List of Acct books and Accts being maintained in the unit i.e. Regtl, Public, State
        State of funds and regular updating.
        Fin powers of COs and others Offrs in HQs for correct processing of various
        Details of auth refreshment to cadets.
        Check list for grant of Honorarium to ANOs, Refreshment to cadets, washing
         allce etc. Honorarium is not to be treated as salary. It is not auth during the
         month if no NCC duty performed or absence from trg or attendance less than
         75% during a particular month.
        Monthly refreshment allce claims must have nominal roll of cadets, certificate
         from ANO & the head of the institution for having issued refreshment to cadets,
         to be verified from concerned PI Staff.
        Procedure for preparation of claims for MT repair fund, Amenity, ATG, repair of
         eqpt, Furniture repair, IT funds etc
        Conditions for grant of scholarships from Sahara, CWS and other source with
         application forms etc.
        Camp instrs.
        Camp audit and correct Actg.
        Don’t sign any official under taking for employees’ loan from banks etc except for
         signing the details of salary and authentication for being in Govt service.
        Be particular to under stand various orders governing withdrawal from GPPF by
         Civ staff.
        Rates of annual subscription for various appts like Offrs, PI Staff, ANOs etc.
        Care Takers entitled care taker allce only for initial two years of starting of NCC
         in the institutions.

6.       Misc

        Telephone Dir
        Offrs, units of Gp and Stn units.
        ANOs & Principals
        PI Staff & Civil Staff
        NCC Tele Dir
        Imp civil functionaries i.e. CD org, Civil Services, Emergency services, LAO,
         State AG, Forest Deptt, state PRO, news reporters etc
        Procedure for enrolment of cadets.
        Maint of record of civil employees.
        Don’t reply legal notices pertaining to official matters without consulting the
         higher HQ. it may be a ruse by interested party to obtain full info and to file the
         case thereafter against the org.
        Info on procedure to join the forces and schedule of various exams.
        Internet may be very handy to extricate useful info on various issues.
        Detailed list of incentives as announced by the respective state Govt for NCC
         certificate holders.

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