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					                       Troy University – Orlando Site
                      Schedule of Classes –Term 4/2010
                              Classes Meet March 15 – May 16, 2010

                      Note: Schedule Subject to Change Up to March 15, 2010
                              Weeknight classes meet from 5:30pm until 10:30pm
                               Saturday classes meet from 8:00am until 6:00pm
                                Sunday classes meet from 8:00am until 3:30pm

                             Orlando Graduate Courses
CRS & SECT        Program      Location    Course Title / Description         Professor        Day
CP 6600           MSCP         FOKA       Professional Orientation & Ethics   G. Dawson        Mar 26, 27; Apr 16,
                                                                                               17; May 7, 8
CP 6642           MSCP         FOAA       Group Dynamics & Counseling         L. Vanderbleek   Tuesdays

CP 6651           MSCP         FOAA       Counseling Diverse Populations      C. Meyer         Mondays
CP 6601           MSCP         FOKA       Legal, Ethical, & Prof. Standards   K. Washington    Apr 2, 3; Apr 23,
                                                                                               24; May 14, 15
CP 6641           MSCP         FOKA       School Counseling & Program         J. Woodburn      Mar 19 – 21 and
                                          Management                                           Apr 30 – May 2
CP 6650           MSCP         FOPA       Practicum                           J. Haynes        Thursdays
CP 6659-61        MSCP         FOPA       Internship: Mental Health           J. Haynes        Thursdays
CP 6650           MSCP         FOPB       Practicum                           L. Vanderbleek   Thursdays
CP 6659-61        MSCP         FOPB       Internship: Mental Health           L. Vanderbleek   Thursdays

PSY 6648          MSCP         FOAA       Theories of Personality             M. Cox           Wednesdays
PSY 6668          MSCP         FOAA       Human Lifespan & Development        C. Azimi         Thursdays
PSY 6670          MSCP         FOAA       Diagnosis & Treatment Planning      G. Dawson        Mondays

PA 6601           MPA          FOAA       Research Methods in PA              J. Goltz         Mondays

PA 6644           MPA          FOVK       Administrative Law                  D. McDaniel      Mar 19-21 and
                                          VTC > ORL/ TAMPA/ JAX                                Apr 9-11
PA 6699           MPA          FOVK       Capstone in PA                      F. Meine         Apr 16-18 and
                                          VTC > ORL/ TAMPA/ JAX                                May 7-9

MGT 6627          MSM          FOVA       Specialized Studies                 C. Chekwa        Thursdays
                                          VTC > ORL/ TAMPA/ JAX
EAL 6615          MSEAL        FOVK       Soc & Phil Foundations for          M. Gates         Mar 19-20; Apr 9-10;
                                          Educational Leadership                               and Apr 30- May 01
                                          VTC > Pensacola
EAL 6663          MSEAL        FOGA       Internship: Ed Administration I     M. Gates         Wednesdays
EAL 6643          MSEAL        FOGA       Admin. of School Personnel          M. Gates         Mar 26-27; Apr 23-
                                                                                               24; May 14-15
             NOTE: Italicized courses have not been confirmed or may be subject to cancellation.
                              Orlando Undergraduate Courses
CRS & SECT        Program     Location           Course Title/Description           Professor                     Dates
NOTE:                                      **Undergraduate Business students:
                                          Please review the prerequisite
                                          requirements prior to registering for
                                          your next classes.
TROY 1101         All UG      FOAA        University Orientation                    Crooms             Fri, Mar 19; 5:30-10:30
                                                                                                       Sat, Mar 20; 8:30 -5:30

           Remedial classes in Math and English are prerequisites for the higher level courses required in the
            General Studies (or core classes) of your program. Remedial courses do NOT count toward your
            program requirements. If you have questions regarding this issue, please consult your advisor.
           NOTE: Italicized courses have not been confirmed.

  Tuition and Fee Schedule
        Level                        Tuition               Description        Fee Schedule
  Graduate Cohort           $280 /semester hr               Graduate                            Drop and withdrawal fees
  Graduate Tuition          $280 /semester hr             Application Fee           $50          for weekend classes are
  Graduate eCampus          $365 /semester hr                                                   the same as for weeknight
  Graduate - MBA D/L        $540 /semester hr               Undergrad                                    classes.
                                                          Application Fee           $30
  Undergraduate Tuition     $190 /semester hr
  Undergraduate eCamp       $220 /semester hr

  Intent to Graduate Fee    $60                        MSCP Comp Exam         $50                Troy University, Orlando
                                                                                                does not follow a traditional
  Late Payment Fee          $50                        MAT – Student          $70                 semester schedule. An
                                                                                                 academic year consists of
                                                       MAT - Non-Student      $95
                                                                                                    five 9-week terms.
   CPCE Exam Fee
  (to be paid at time of                                                                         Tests and exams must be
  test and must be made                                Other Test/Exam                           scheduled during regular
  payable to: CCE           $40 – Student              Proctoring –           $50                     business hours.
                            $65 – Non-Student

                                   Drop/Withdraw Schedule of Fees
                                      (IN-CLASS & eCAMPUS)
                                                March 15 - 22
                                                 No Charge
                                                March 23 - 29
                                           50% (Student owes 50%)

                                         March 30 & beyond
                            100% - No Refund/ Subject to Academic Penalty
  Fee Payment Policy
  New students should remit a down payment of $200 for tuition at the time registration. Returning
  students can use the deferred payment plan, provided that tuition payments for previous terms
  were made on time. *Students are required to have a zero balance before registering for the
  next term. *Students are responsible for all charges regardless of the source of assistance.
IMPORTANT: Students who do not pay the current term tuition by the due date will be charged
a Late Payment Fee and will not be allowed future term enrollments until such time as the balance
has been paid in full. Student may be required to pay future enrollments on an “up-front” basis.
                    *Delinquent student accounts are referred to a collection agency.*
 The Orlando Office does not accept tuition or fee payments. All tuition and fee payments are to be
                           paid through Trojan Web Express or mailed to:
                                           Troy University
                                         Attn: Teresa Hussey
                                   155 Adams Administration Bldg.
                                        Troy, AL 36082, USA
ORLANDO OPEN HOUSE EVENT                                                                 February 22, 2010
New Student Registration                                                                 February 15-March 15
Open Registration – New and Continuing Students                                          February 15-March 15
New Graduate Student Orientation                                                         February 25, 2010
Last Acceptance Day – New Applicants (Using Financial Aid)                               March 05, 2010
Last Day to Change Class Schedule                                                        March 21, 2010
Last Day to Submit FA/VA Book Vouchers                                                   March 12, 2010
Last Day to file Financial Aid T4/10 (must also file a Partial Year Loan Request Form)   February 15
Last Day to file Financial Aid T5/10 (must also file a Partial Year Loan Request Form)   April 19
Last Day to file Financial Aid T1/10                                                     June 28
Last Day to Process TA/VA certification with Education Center                            March 23
Financial Aid Disbursements begin                                                        March 23
Deadline to file Intent to Graduate for Term 4/2010                                      Jan. 11
Deadline to file Intent to Graduate for Term 5/2010                                      Mar. 22
Deadline to file Intent to Graduate for Term 1/2010                                      May 31
Last Day to Remove Incomplete Grade from Previous Term                                   May 07
Tuition Fee Payment Deadline 10/T4                                                       April 09, 2010
Midterm                                                                                  Apr 14
Term Ends                                                                                May 16
Comprehensive Exams- Deadline to file for: 10/T4                                         Mar 06
Comprehensive Exams- Deadline to file for: 10/T5                                         June 22
Comprehensive Exams- Test Date for: 10/T4                                                May 15
Registration for 10/T5 Opens:                                                            Apr 26

MPA Students - Admission Packets Complete- Deadline for 10/T4                            Feb 06
MPA Students - Admission Packets Complete- Deadline for 10/T5                            April 17
MPA Students - Admission Packets Complete- Deadline for 10/T1                            July 10
NOTE: (1) Students may drop classes or withdraw from school prior to the
beginning of the term without incurring charges. (2) Dropping a class or
withdrawing may affect Financial Aid availability.

Required Test Dates (Undergraduate):
Placement tests must be taken prior to student’s third term of enrollment. Students may register to take
Placement Tests at: and clicking on CURRENT STUDENTS and then, Testing.

American With Disabilities Act: Any student whose disabilities fall within the ADA must inform the
instructor at the beginning of the term of any special needs or equipment necessary to accomplish the
requirements for his/her course.
                                               Orlando Site
                                            Computer Lab Hours
Monday                             9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday                            9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday                   CLOSED FOR STUDENT TESTING
Thursday                           9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday                             9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday           Open only when Building Monitor is on duty.
                                   Troy University – Orlando Site
                    4525 Vineland Road, Suite 204 @ Bay Colony, Orlando, FL 32811
         Office Hours: By Appointment- Mon.-Thurs. 10:00 am – 4:00 pm /Fri. (by appointment only)
Phyllis Crooms                      Site Director                               407-219-5981
Fernando Varela                     Business Development                        407-219-5985
Linda Cross                         Assist. Site Director / Academic Advisor    407-219-5984
Kristi Turner                       Site Coordinator                            407-219-5991
Rita Chiesa                         Academic Advisor                            407-219-5983
Rochell Jackson                     Student Services Specialist                 407-219-5982
Cara Curts                          Student Services Assistant                  407-219-5994
Lesslee Cornelius                   Student Services / Alumni Affairs           407-219-5980
Wesley Shaw                         Student Services / Building Monitor         407-219-5980
   FACULTY/ ADVISING /                          OFFICE HOURS
Dr. Michael Gates        (EAL)      12 pm – 5 pm        Wednesday, Thursday     407-219-5986
Dr. Charles Chekwa       (MSM)      12 pm – 5 pm            Monday, Thursday    407-219-5987
Dr. Greg Dawson          (MSCP)     12 pm – 5 pm            Monday, Thursday    407-219-5988
Dr. Jeffery Haynes       (MSCP)       9 am – 5 pm            Thursdays          407-219-5989
Dr. Linda Vanderbleek     (MSCP)    12 pm – 5 pm        Wednesday, Thursday     407-219-5990
Dr. Conrad Francis       (MSM)      12 pm – 5 pm            Tuesday, Thursday   407-219-5993
Dr. Terry Anderson       (MPA)      TBD

Deadline Dates For Electronic Book Voucher For 10T4:
*March 12: The latest you may submit book voucher requests for approval is 12:00 noon on the
last Friday of regular registration.
*March 14: Approved book vouchers must be used by Sunday before the term begins by calling
MBS at 1-800-325-3252.

Once you submit the voucher electronically, the directions listed below will pop up providing
information about ordering books.

1. Register and submit an electronic MBS book voucher request form. Please list correct
email address.
2. MBS will contact you when your voucher is ready.
3. If you do not receive an email, please contact MBS within 12 to 24 hours at
4. Choose Option 1 to place an order.
5. Tell the operator you are a voucher student with TROY University.
6. You will only be contacted by TROY University if you cannot use the book voucher.
7. The last day to call and order your books using an approved/submitted book
voucher for 10/T4 is Sunday, March 14, 2010.

The electronic book voucher program is for students with approved financial aid,
VA Chapter 31 benefits, and other tuition assistance programs. The student’s VA
Form 1905, DD 1556 or other TA form must authorize book charges and list the
amount authorized. A 10% handling fee is charged for using the book voucher
          *We encourage you to order your books before the deadline.*

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