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          Hyperactivity Disorder
           (ADHD or AD/HD)
              & Medication

Group 5: Kristy O'Donoghue, Julie Savage, Rachel Thayer & Jaclyn Zoll
 Attention-Deficit Hyperactiviy Disorder

ADHD is a disorder that affects a child's ability to
concentrate, follow directions, stay focused, and finish
tasks. ADHD symptoms interfere with a child's ability to
function socially and in educational settings. ADHD
symptoms are different for each child. The three major
and most common symptoms are hyperactivity, inattention,
and impulsiveness.

                       Link to Picture & Article on ADHD
             ADHD and Medication
 Some children require medication to improve the symptoms of
ADHD. Medication improves symptoms in about 70% of children
with ADHD. Researchers found that children with ADHD who
received stimulant medicine had a significant decrease in ADHD
symptoms (inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity). Ritalin
is the most common drug used for children with ADHD; however,
there are other stimulants that can be used depending on the
effectiveness for the child. Critics argue that children are over-
medicated; however, if medication works for a child with ADHD
the symptoms can significantly improve. - Health Topics
 ADHD Myths and Misunderstandings
1.   ADHD is not a real disorder
2.   ADHD is a childhood disorder
3.   ADHD is over-diagnosed
4.   Children with ADHD are over-medicated
5.   Poor parenting causes ADHD
6.   Minority children are over-diagnosed and over-medicated
7.   Girls have lower rates and less severe ADHD than boys

               * All of these are common
            misconceptions about ADHD and
                 the use of medication

  Websites on ADHD & Medication...

Sponsered by the National Resource Center on ADHD, a program of CHADD, this
site includes under diagnosis, treatment, and medication management. Also, it has
fact sheets for parents on managing mediation for children and adolescents.


This site contains a 28 page parent medication guide by the American
Psychiatric Association. This is a handy guide to help support families in their
decision making process regarding medication.

                 ADHD & Medication Guide
 Websites on ADHD & Medication...
The site below describes what ADHD medications are capable of doing for a
child. It discusses the different drugs that can be used. It also provides
guidelines for using ADHD drugs.

 - ADHD & Medications

This site offers things to consider before starting ADHD medications. It
discusses the side effects of using ADHD medications. It also talks about the
benefits of using ADHD medications.

            ADHDNews - ADHD & Medications
     Videos on ADHD & Medication...
This is a link to a video depicting a classic Warner Bros. cartoon used to
give information about ADHD. This could be used for a younger audience
to explain some of the symptoms of ADHD.

                        Warner Bros. ADHD Cartoon

This is a link to a video showing Dr. Edward Hallowell discussing the
diagnosis and treatment of ADD and ADHD. The video shows a case study
of Brad, a child with ADHD, and how Ritalin positively changed his
life. Ritalin was able to alleviate some of the symptoms of ADHD and allow
Brad to perform better in school. Medication, if used properly, is very safe
and can be very effective.

                  Diagnosis and Treatment of ADD & ADHD.
     Videos on ADHD & Medication...
Dr. Kenny Handelman discusses medication treatment for children with
ADHD. He discusses the Risk v. Benefit ratio. Medication side effects v.
medication benefits.

                      Medication Risks v. Benefits

This is a video discussing the results of the largest trial of treatment for
ADHD, comparing drug treatment with intensive behavioral
intervention. Study found that medication management was the most useful
intervention for children with ADHD.

                          MTA Study of ADHD
    Articles on ADHD & Medication...
In the article below Dr. Norman Sussman argues that drugs that treat ADHD can
have many benefits. He says there is an improvement in self esteem, improved
academic performance, reduction in household tension, and less behavioral
problems in school. Dr. Sussman argues against all of the myths surrounding
ADHD medications.

        Primary Psychiatry- Explaining the Cognitive Enhancing Effects of
                            Drugs that Treat ADHD

The article below discusses a study performed on 117 children with ADHD. The
children were administered medicine to help with their ADHD symptoms. Results
from the study showed that children's symptoms improved from the morning,
through school hours, after school, and until the night.

   Behavioral Medicine- ADHD Medication Provided Effective Symptom Control
                             Throughout the Day
      Articles on ADHD & Medication...
The article below discusses a study on children with ADHD and the effects of using
stimulant medication. The study found that children with ADHD that did not use
medications during testing preformed significantly worse than the medicated
children with ADHD.

         Educational Psychology- Stimulant Medication in Children with ADHD

The article below discusses how stimulants can improve concentration and attention
but they do not neccessarily improve learning and achievement. Stimulants can
improve some behavioral impairments (hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattention) which
can help a student in school but studies reveal that stimulants do not have an effect
on cognitive abilities.

            Journal of Attention Disorders- Benefits of Stimulants
              ADHD & Medication
     Our research finds that every child with ADHD has
 different symptoms; as a result, parents and doctors need
 to work together to determine if medication works for the
child AND if the effectiveness of the medication out weighs
                         the risks.

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