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					 Team Ramrod

Design Ideas Revisited
 Tight Space for Removing Bolt
• Problem: There is a bolt that needs
  removal or installation. Even though a
  wrench will physically fit on the bolt, there
  is barely enough room to swing the bolt
  around the socket axis.
Solution 1: U-Joint Twist-Handle
    U-Joint Twist Handle Cont.
How it works:
• The handle is locked to prevent handle
  from rotating about its axis while wrench is
  swung conventionally to break bolt
• Once friction is broken, the handle is
  unlocked and twisting handle around its
  axis translates to rotation of the socket
        U-Joint Handle Cont
• Rotational reaction moment from bolt
  when breaking connection is not translated
  into handle.
• Bolt is rotated with a 1:1 ratio when
  twisting the handle
• Strong U-Joint connection
       U-Joint Handle Cont.
• Twisting the handle to remove or tighten
  the bolt can only be done in one
  respective direction.
• 1:1 turning ratio provides no torque
Solution 2: Ratcheting Box End
      Box End Wrench Elbow
How it works
• Often, there is room for lateral movement
  in a location near, but not in line with, a
• The Box End Wrench Elbow design allows
  for the bolt to be turned using a previously
  inaccessible angle to the bolt, for example,
  around an exhaust header on an engine.
  Box End Wrench Elbow Cont.
• Bolt can be tightened or loosened from a
  location not in the line of sight of the bolt.
• Bolts can be accessed from a much more
  convenient angle.
• The handle of the wrench and the head of
  the bolt must be in the same plane.
Solution 3: Squeeze Grip Handle
       Squeeze Grip Handle
How it works
• The squeeze grip handle wrench allows
  for a socket to be placed on a bolt using
  the same alignment as a conventional
  wrench, but it is a squeezing motion,
  rather than a swinging motion, that
  tightens or loosens the bolt.
     Squeeze Handle Wrench
• The socket can be placed on the bolt in the
  same orientation of a normal socket wrench.
• The squeeze-action wrench allows for rotation of
  the bolt without swinging the wrench.
• High level of repetition.
• The bolt torque load must be mild to moderate.
• High possibility of pinching fingers or hands.
        Dear Hunting Trailer
Problem: You go out hunting in your 4-
  wheeler. You do not want a cart bouncing
  around in the back of the 4-wheeler as you
  go in to the woods, and you don’t want the
  same problem leaving if you don’t get
  anything. However, if you do get a deer,
  you want a convenient way to carry it with
  your 4-wheeler
Deer Hunting Trailer
          Dear Hunting Trailer
• Solution: A collapsible trailer that can fit on the
  small rack on a 4 wheeler that can be expanded
  as needed
• Small footprint
• Easily to deploy
• Not used if not needed
• Limited weight capacity
• Trailer hitch on 4-wheeler needed

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