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huge full color, full action video LED display

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									   Do you know how to check your email? Can
   you write a letter using Word? Are you good
 enough with a computer to turn it on and off? If
    you answered yes to at least one of these
 questions then you have the skills to operate a
   huge full color, full action video LED display
sign outside your business. Have you ever seen
   Times Square and how fantastic those signs
   look? You can have the same thing outside
  your business for a fraction of what you might
 think it would cost. Not only is it affordable, but
          it is easy to set up and operate.

Today's LED display signs are controlled by a normal desktop
computer which has a few minor upgrades Loaded on this computer
is a simple LEDSignWorks to learn program that allows you to play
video, scroll text, or display almost anything else you want to on your
new screen Businesses with LED displays are seen by customers
as hip, fun, and cool There is no doubt that having an LED sign
outside your business will increase your flow of customers
 Not only are these signs easy to use they are tough and long lasting
 Now I don't suggest your take a baseball bat to your sign, but you
probably could Well made LED displays are resilient to shock and
wear and tear from the elements Not only that, but LED's last
forever and use very little energy
 An LED has no filament (like a light bulb) to burn out They literally
go on forever and ever Because they have no filament they lose
very little energy in heat They are super efficient and won't make
your power bill skyrocket
 Not only are they easy to use and long lasting, but they are
affordable to purchase If you want to buy a nice LED system take
this hint, skip all the middle men and buy straight from the
manufacturer There are only about 7 companies in the USA that
manufacture these units
 If you buy from a reseller you end up paying twice, buying from a
manufacturer is the key to getting a good deal in the LED sign
industry When you start pricing signs, remember advertising should
never be seen simply as an expense, but rather it should be looked
at as a revenue generating tool What would it mean to your
business if you had an additional 5 people walking in your business
every day? What if you had an additional 10? That is 300 additional
people a month! Savvy business owners are the ones who
understand that in order to make money they need to invest an effort
into bringing in new customers
 An LED display sign is a perfect way to do just that There is no limit
to what you can offer, promote, sell, and publicize on your new
outdoor LED video display

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