; holiday homework - VIII
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holiday homework - VIII


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									                   THE ELITE ENGLISH SCHOOL, DUBAI
                      HOLIDAY HOME WORK - VIII A & B

Subject                                     Portion
                                    Indian National Movement
                                        Project 1 , Project 2
          It should contain a minimum of 8 pages(a4 size) and also relevant pictures. It
                                      should be handwritten
           1) Front Page,2)Index,3)Acknowledgement, 4) Project Evaluation Proforma,
                                     1) Science Textbook - 65,
SCIENCE                          Project idea 1,2,3 - Do any two
                            2) Science text book - 51, Project idea - 1

                                         GRADE VIII
                               Mathematics Project on Probability

             Objective: – To appreciate that finding probability through experiment is
           different from finding probability by calculation. Students become sensitive
          towards the fact that if they increase the number of observations, probability
                 found through experiment approaches the calculated probability.
           Collect the birthday of 30 students. Organize the data in tabular form. Find
             the probability of Students having birthday falls in different months, (eg:
          Probability for a child to have Birthday in January = 6/30 =1/5, where 6 is the
                           no: of children having their birthday in January)
            II. Collect the data about the expenditure (in percentage) on various items
               and savings of your family during a year. Represent this on a pie chart.

          The project must be typed or handwritten , a Cover page, Table of Contents…

                                 Sabda Rup - (Page 137 to 150)
 HINDI                             Write 8 learn 10 - 10 words
                    (Anekarthi), (Vilom),(One word),(Samabasi),(Prayavachi)

                           1) Write a Muzmoon on "Talim-e-Neswan"
URDU                    2) Write a short story on " Sachchi Qhurbani"
              3)Write a letter to your friend - How you spend your Eid Holidays

               Complete saknong 1 to 205 in your notebook : Collect 2 story books in


               Make a own profile in Arabic - Do exercises from Exercise book (lesson 1)
                   Now a days, people are careful about the food they eat. Food can be
                classified as healthy food, junk food genetically modified food and organic
               food                                                                create an
   ENGLISH      encyclopaedia for these terms with definitions lists of foods that belong to
               each category information and pictures of each kind of food. You may use
                one page for each kind of food. Mention advantages and disadvantages of
                                              each kind of food.

                   1) Recite the Holy Quran maximum and byheart at least 10 Surahs
                2) Read the stories of the Prophets and Sahabahs and make a short note
               about them.                                                      3) Read
                           the all stories and Hadeethes given in the text book

            1)Make a chart in Network Architecture (The Topics are Types of Network,
           Network Topology, Communication Types, Transmission Modes and Signals)
                2)Prepare a assignment in C++ language with example programs.
 COMPUTER The topics are Data types, Functions, Input/Output Functions, Operators, C++
             Comments, If Statement, If-Else Statement, GOTO Statement, FOR LOOP
                              Statement, SWITCH CASE Statement.

MORAL SCIENCE              Write an incident when you made someone happy

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