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Why Bay Area


									PANIIT Global Alumni Meet 2011

             Proposal submitted by
 San Francisco Bay Area IIT Chapters Presidents

                PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
• Introducing “The GAME” of the decade

• San Francisco Bay Area the only place for “The GAME”

• A sneak peak at how “The GAME” will be played
   – Strategic Goals
   – Event Frame Work
   – Targets and Cash Flow Analysis

• GAME On? Next opportunity in 15 years.

                        PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

‘The GAME’ of the decade..

      PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
                  GAME 2011
            Diamond Jubilee Celebration

          It is not another PanIIT Alumni Meet,
  It is the Global Alumni Mega Event of the decade

….... Hence the GAME must be hosted by the
 San Francisco Bay Area Team in 2011...

Read On .............
                        PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Why the Bay Area is the best choice for
the Global Alumni Mega Event 2011?

            PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
                                                               •     Sessions with alums for academia forum
                                                                     to facilitate IIT faculty recruitment
                                                               •     Create partnership between IITs and US
                                                                     universities for faculty exchange and
                                                                     collaborative research

•   Sessions for women alumni/spouses, scaled
    up from the successful 2007 sessions
•   Unique program to connect budding                          •     Incentive based pricing to increase
    entrepreneurs with VC firms facilitated by                       attendance from outside bay area
    successful alumni entrepreneurs using proven               •     Host outside bay area attendees
    models from SV TIE (Entrepreneur Bazaar)                   •     Chapter leadership workshop during the
•   Programs to educate on emerging markets                          conference to help energize west coast
    (cleantech/life sciences/cloud computing)                        chapters
    with focus on technical skills required by IIT
    engineers to transition to these fields
                                      PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
                        Attendee Potential
 • Attendee Target: 5000                            • Why 5000 attendee target?
 - Bay Area IIT Alums/Spouses: 3250                        - 3800+ attendees in 2007 event
 - Outside Bay Area Alums/Spouses: 1250                    - Database of 2009 attendees
 - Bay Area non-IITians (invitation): 500                  - Recession proof attendance in Bay area
                                                           - Presence of strong spouse committee
• Local : (1 hour by Car)
   – Bay Area home to largest number of IIT alumni in the US with >5500 registered alumni.
   – >50% of alumni have not attended past PANIIT event, potential to tap ‘Dormant Alumni’
        • Dormant alumni population is greater than IIT Alumni population in any other city in the US.

• In the Neighborhood : ( 1-2 hours by plane)
   – Strong chapters in neighborhood: Southern California, Oregon/Seattle, Arizona, Colorado
   – Goal to energize and grow the west coast PanIIT chapters with constructed registration

• Out of Town : (greater than 2.5 hours by plane)
   – Bay area is the most preferred travel location for alumni outside California (great weather,
     presence of family/friends, career opportunities)
   – 3 neighboring airports, well connected by air to rest of Country.

                                     PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
                  Sponsorship Potential
                      Why will companies sponsor?

         Large corporations with goal                          VC firms looking for
              to recruit IITians                                 entrepreneurs

   Bay area home to some of the largest                    Bay area has most VC firms and
global corporations and large talent pool                      budding entrepreneurs

• Some of largest technology corporations in bay area, constantly looking to recruit IITians
      • Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Cisco, HP, Intel, AMD, Apple, Oracle, Adobe, etc
• Green jobs expected to grow significantly in Bay Area, with need to hire IITians.
      • PG&E, Commonwealth Edison, EPRI, Bechtel, Chevron
• Alumni contacts in numerous big corporations and VC firms.
• Large sponsorship potential with incentives for corporations to have access to larger pool of
qualified IITians
• Companies expected to grow profitably by 2011 making them ‘ripe’ sponsorship targets
                                  PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
          Experience and Leadership
 The A – Team
• Experienced,
• Motivated,
• Success is very Personal

The Team will include:
• Leaders responsible for the success of the Pan IIT event in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009
  and Diwali Dhamaka events since 2002.
• IIT-ians with interest and capability of taking on leadership roles in event
  management will be groomed for future leadership.

Bay Area has hosted:
• Two of the largest Global Alumni meets with over 3500 attendees
• Seven ‘all IIT’ local events that attract 1000+ attendees
• Leaders of all events and the event sub committees available to participate.

                               PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
                      The ‘A’ Team
• Chair: Kiran Malhotra
• Co-Chair: Aman Walia
• Few of the many leaders committed for 2011 event:
   – Sponsorship: Aman Walia
   – Logistics Team: Subhas, Madhu, Srikanth Chari, Padma
   – Entertainment Chair: Reshma Nigam
   – Past PanIIT Event Leadership: Sanjiv Sahay, Seshan Rammohan,
     Subhas Tantry, Arvind Deogirikar, Sanjeev Goyal, Jagmohan Rajpal
   – FUNDA CLUB Founder: Ramneek Bhasin
   – All Seven Bay Area Chapter Presidents

       All Seven IITs Bay Area Chapters committed to
                  success of the conference
                         PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
A sneak peek at how ‘ the GAME’
         will be ‘played’.

          PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
    Global Alumni Mega Event

• Strategic Goals
• Event Frame Work
• Targets and Cash Flow Analysis

              PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
       GAME 2011: Strategic Goals
• Branding IIT-ians to be :
   – the most favorable targets for employment
   – the most favorable managers and employers to work for
   – the best community for VC’s to invest in (high probability of
• Branding IIT’s to:
   – Attract collaborative research with US universities
   – Attract faculty from across the globe to teach at IITs
• Networking to:
   – Ensure IIT alumni movement grows
   – Energize other west coast chapters

                         PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
      GAME 2011: Venue Choices
• Choice of three world class venues, with ample hotel
  accommodation at each venue
  – Santa Clara Convention Center
  – San Jose Convention Center
  – San Francisco Moscone Center

• Venue Cost: <$50k, Venue Reservation Cost: < $15k

                    PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
            GAME 2011: Frame Work
• Main Hall: Keynotes
• Break out sessions:
   – Technology, business, financial services, entrepreneurship, Start Ups
   – SIG’s: Sponsor driven and jobs driven
• Technology educational sessions in emerging fields:
   – Cleantech, Life Sciences, Cloud computing etc
   – Educate on transition to emerging fields
• Sessions for Women, Family Participation Programs
• Sessions to facilitate IIT faculty recruitment and increase collaborative
  research between IIT and US universities
• Alumni Engagement Sessions: Alumni Services, Recognition, etc
• Trade Show Floor: (Products, Services, Universities), Hiring Pavilion
• Entertainment: The Best of Yesterday and Today
• Nostalgia and Networking Marathon.
• Diamond Jubilee Souvenir
                              PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
              GAME 2011: Targets
• Go for the MEGA event with MEGA Targets.

• Attendees: 5000 of which >1000 new registrants

• Revenue Plan:
   – Sponsorships : $1.0 M (Target of $1.25M)
      • Corporate sponsorship: $850k (same as 2007)
      • Addition sources of revenues: $150k
          – Diamond jubilee souvenir Ad Revenue
          – Booth Sales For Hiring/Product Sales
   – Registrations : $0.75M

• Margin: $0.4M (Target of 0.5M)

• Booths: 10% greater than in 2007

                          PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
 GAME 2011: Cash Flow Analysis
• Targets:
   – Sponsorships = Fixed Cost + Profit
   – Registration revenue = Variable Cost (~$175)
• Registration Pricing:
                                               Price        Registration target
                Early bird                      $175                1500
     upto 6 months prior to conference
     Upto 3 months prior to conference          $200                2000
              Last 3 months                     $225                1500
   – Total registration revenue: $1M (25% margin compared to target)
• Venue Cost: <$50k, Venue Reservation Cost: < $15k
• Initial Seed Money requirement: $25k
   – As for past PanIIT conferences

                            PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
  To go MEGA we have to capitalize on the Diamond
                 Jubilee Year 2011

For success, the GAME has to be supported by attendee
   potential, sponsorship, infrastructure and resources
                 available only in Bay Area

     GAME needs a team that has the leadership,
            experience and passion

   To turn a MEGA surplus San Francisco Bay Area
               is the venue of choice

                     PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
        Game ON ?

The team starts from April 2010.

         PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Thank You

PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Backup Slides

 PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
    2011 IIT and IIT-ian Environment
• 2011..Diamond Jubilee year of IIT System:
   – A once in 60 year Mega event opportunity
   – Next Mega event, Platinum Jubilee, after 15 years

• IIT Alumni movement is now global
   – First PanIIT Regional Alumni meet scheduled to be in Singapore.

• Bay Area event management expertise has scaled from IIT 50 to IIT
  2007 levels.
   – Must leverage the momentum in 2011.

• ‘Stage’ is set to have a Mega Event of global proportions and that
  time is 2011
                            PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
            Job Fair Participation

   Specialized skills expected to be in short supply,
    motivating companies to participate in Job fairs
           with high concentration of IIT-ians

• The Bay Area has the largest number and density of High
  Tech Companies which include the likes of VM ware,
  Nvidia, Cadence, Synopsys, etc and emerging Clean/Green
  Tech and Bio Tech companies

                    PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
 VC Participation/Funding Opportunities
               for IIT-ians
     VC investments expected to ramp in 2011,
   connecting start-ups founded by IITians with VCs
         an be very attractive for both parties

• The Bay Area has the most Venture Capitalists in the US
  making them targets for Sponsorships in exchange for
  Deal Making Opportunities

                     PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
          University Collaborations
  US universities consider global collaborations with IIT’s

• The Bay Area has a mix of both public and private universities of
  world standing making them prime targets for collaborative
  institutional programs and faculty and student exchange programs,
  and faculty recruitment by IIT’s.
   – Public: UC Berkeley , UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UCSF, etc
   – Private: Stanford, Santa Clara University etc

• Prominent Bay Area Alums in Academia

                         PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
              Speaker ‘Magnet’

• The Bay Area has a large number of prominent and
  distinguished alumni whose contacts can be
  leveraged to attract some of the nation most
  eloquent speakers.

• Arun Sarin has already agreed to a speaking
  assignment and assist in this area

                   PanIIT San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

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