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Writing PSSA by ewghwehws


									                 Writing for the PSSA
                        Jo Beth McKee
             Pennsylvania Department of Education
              English Language Education Advisor
Edward G. Rendell,                      Dr. Gerald L. Zahorchak,
Governor                                 Secretary of Education
        PA Writing Scoring Guides

   Multiple Choice
       Grammar and usage
   Composition
       2 scoring guides in each of the 3 modes of
        writing (informational, persuasive, narrative)
          Composition Score (Focus, content, organization
           and style)
          Convention Score
Multiple Choice Example Activity

   Count off by 3
       1’s: Read the paragraph and answer the
       2’s: Read the paragraph and edit it for errors
        as you read
       3’s: Read the questions first and then read
        the paragraph
    Multiple Choice Writing Example
   In groups of 3 or 4 discuss the following
       What strategy did you use? What worked?
        What didn’t work?
       How could this be differentiated within a
       How can this type of exercise be incorporated
        into content instruction?
           Use the Questions!

   Use the multiple choice questions and
    answers to gauge what might be in the
   Review M/C questions
                5th    Grade Example
   1 Last summer, my family went on a weekend trip to
    Lake Erie. 2 We packed our bags in the evening and left
    early the next morning. 3 When I asked my dad which
    direction we were going, he told me to look at the map.
    4 I find my hometown of Pittsburgh and make a line
    with my finger to the lake. 5 We were driving North. 6 It
    took us a little over two, hours to get there. 7 That
    afternoon, my mom and I went on a bird-watching hike.
    8 Then I went fishing with my grandparents, and I made
    sandcastles with my sister on the beach.
   6. Which sentence has an error in capitalization?
       A sentence 1
       B sentence 3
       C sentence 5
       D sentence 8
   Turn the question around and ask why the other 3
    should be capitalized.
                  8th Grade Example
   5 He also writes weekly Editorials for The Miami Herald. 6
    Even though his books are about serious subjects, they are
    written humorously and are filled with adventures and bizarre
    characters. 7 Hiaasen’s writing is well-liked by people of all
    ages. 8 His books have been translated into thirty languages,
    and he has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize three times.
   Which word should not be capitalized?
       A Editorials in sentence 5
       Herald in sentence 5
       Pulitzer in sentence 8
       Prize in sentence 8
   Turn the question around and ask why the other 3 should be
        How is Writing Assessed?

   Student Writing
       Informational
       Persuasive
       Narrative
    Writing Domains = Composition Score
   Focus
      The single controlling point made with an awareness of task
        (mode) about a specific topic.
   Content
      Ideas developed through facts, examples, anecdotes, details,
        opinions, etc.
   Organization
      The order developed and sustained within and across
   Style
      The choice, use and arrangement of words and sentences that
        create tone and voice.
   Conventions (assessed separately from FCOS)
      Grammar, mechanics.
              The Writing Process
   Pre-write
       Brainstorm, graphic organizers, etc
   Draft
       Words on paper
   Revise
       For content: add, delete, organize thoughts
   Edit
       Conventions
   Publish
       Others see the work
         Scoring Composition …
   Focus              Use the Domain
   Content             Scoring Guide as a
   Organization        basis for a common
                        writing rubric.
   Style
                       Incorporate the
                        writing process into
   Conventions         current writing
                Grading Activity

   Score the provided released items using
    the assessment domain scoring guide.
       Put your FCOS score and Convention score on
        the back and give paper to a partner to score.
       Compare scores.
   Score student work using the assessment
    domain scoring guide.
    Link to PSSA Released Items

        Standards Aligned System
   One Stop Shop for Educators
       Academic Standards
       Fair Assessments
       Curricular Framework
       Instruction
       Materials and Resources
       Interventions
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Diane Castelbuono, Deputy Secretary

Bureau of Teaching and Learning Support
Dr. Edward Vollbrecht, Director

Division of Standards and Curriculum
Teresa Shakespeare, Acting Division Chief
The mission of the Pennsylvania Department of Education is to lead
and serve the educational community, to enable each individual to grow
into an inspired, productive, fulfilled lifelong learner.

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