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					Global Heating Syndrome                                                            by Mooyoung Son, 811121-T077, SMIO, Linkoping University

 It was not only us, everyone was following the rule (made by someone) and we all were
defrauded. They always warned us about Global warming and soil erosion and we kept
spending a lot of money on our nature instead of economic development. According to
Marcel Leroux who is a director of Laboratory of Climatology, Risk, and Environment and a
professor of Climatology at Jean Moulin University, there’s no global warming because
there’s no global climate. He insisted that general temperature of western Greenland and
northeast Canada have been fallen considerably. Which means global is not warming,
regional climate is just moving! In fact, the Earth's climate
has changed many times [1] - especially in the last two
million years, when a series of ice ages has wreaked havoc
worldwide. Humanity lived on the earth for thousands of
years. The possibility of climate change may threat our life is
still low and now considerable.
   However many countries insist that this is a serious threat
for us. The problem is on “who is doing this?” Actually most
of Climatologic researchers who insist global warming
problem belong to rich countries. They are asking poor
countries to spend more money and resource to keep
environment              clean        after      their      industries          had       firmly
established their lead over rivals. Economist Hajoon Chang
clarified on his book that rich countries are lying to poor
                                                                                                                  1 Temperatures over the
countries to disturb them being rich (Kicking Away the                                                            last 4.6 billion years

Ladder). Even Korea and China are already established high level of international
competition power and still developing their nature. So why today’s poor countries should be
required to develop differently? We must take care of our climate and nature because the
climate evolves steadily and our environment affects on our lives, not for rich countries’
profit and stable position. Every country has their own right to make decision whether they
develop their nature or preserve. It doesn’t belong to others. They should make decision
themselves to make their lives safer and more beautiful.

     1)       Global Warming: Myth or Reality?, Marcel Leroux, Jean Moulin University
     2)       Report “Temperature”, John Baez, Mathematical Physicist, University of California, Oct 1, 2006
     3)       Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism, Hajoon Chang, Bloomsbury Press, December/26 2007, 1596913991)

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