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Mo Farah takes gold in 5,000m final to
become double Olympic champion
Mo Farah became the first British man to hold the 5,000m and
10,000m Olympic titles after winning gold in the shorter event
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Usain Bolt seals gold for Jamaica in
London 2012 4x100m relay final
Usain Bolt ran the final leg as Jamaica broke the world record to win
the gold medal in the 4x100m relay final Page 3

London 2012: Luke Campbell beats John
Joe Nevin to win gold medal
Luke Campbell has added to Great Britain’s haul of Olympic gold
medals after beating John Joe Nevin in the bantamweight final
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Tom Daley wins                               Kevin Pietersen                              London 2012: Tom                Rio picks up torch for
Olympic diving                               wants to represent                           Daley’s bronze                  samba Games, but
bronze behind USA’s                          England in ‘all forms                        sparks the Olympics’            there are shadows in
David Boudia Page 5                          of cricket’ Page 6                           best pool party Page 8          the sunshine Page 10

Russian sports                               Tom Daley makes                              London 2012
minister accuses                             diving bronze seem                           Olympics: Today at
Britain of unfair play                       like gold Page 7                             the Games Page 9
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                                                                   transformation. “When we won the bid [for the London Games]
                                                                   seven years ago I remember thinking, ‘Yeah, we’ve got the bid’.
Mo Farah takes gold in 5,000m final to                             I was thinking, ‘The Olympics, I want to take part’. A few years
become double Olympic champion                                     down the line I got more confident and I thought, ‘I want to be
                                                                   an Olympic champion’. But to do it twice …”
• 29-year-old creates history in time of                               Before Farah only six men in history had completed the
13min 41.66sec                                                     Olympic distance double: Hannes Kolehmainen of Finland in
                                                                   1912; Emil Zatopek 40 years later in Helsinki; Vladimir Kuts
• Farah adds 5,000m gold to 10,000m
                                                                   in 1956; Lasse Viren – the only winner to complete the double
victory at London 2012                                             double – in 1972 and 1976; Miruts Yifter of Ethiopia in 1980; and
Anna Kessel at the Olympic Stadium                                 most recently, in 2008, the great Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia –
                                                                   fourth over 10,000m last Saturday but absent from the 5,000m
                                                                   field – bridged a gap of 28 years to claim both titles.
                                                                       Now Farah’s name will sit alongside them, one of the
                                                                   greatest of all time, and the first British man since Albert Hill
                                                                   in 1924 to win two Olympic track and field titles at the same
                                                                       Ahead of this race Farah had expressed doubts. He had
                                                                   said he was tired, physically and emotionally drained from his
                                                                   10,000m win, and did not know if he had anything left to give
                                                                   on a second successive Saturday night. Afterwards he admitted
                                                                   this was something of a ruse. In any case the crowd had refused
                                                                   to believe him, hungry to witness this sensational runner
                                                                   complete a historic double.
                                                                       With nerves jangling, the race had played out like a game of
Mo Farah crosses the line. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/
                                                                   cat and mouse, the pack looping the track in near slow motion,
                                                                   jogging the early laps in cautious mood. Two laps in and Farah
Quite simply, no one had ever seen anything like it. As Mo Farah   momentarily took the lead but before long he had settled back
charged down the home straight, 80,000 people roaring him on       into the middle, an Olympic gold medal target preferring the
to his second gold medal of these Games, his eyes wide, teeth      anonymity that comes with running among bodies.
bared, the whole stadium knew they were witnessing history in          With 3,000m to go Farah and Rupp began to creep towards
the making.                                                        the front. Sensing the movement, the two Ethiopians, Yenew
    Before he had even crossed the line Farah was celebrating,     Alamirew and Dejen Gebremeskel, picked up the pace, sharing
inevitably drawing comparisons with triple Olympic champion        the lead and ploughing ahead for the first of two 60sec laps.
and world record holder Usain Bolt, the sprint star with whom      Twice Farah ran the long way round to keep in touching
Farah shares an agent – the Briton’s former coach, Ricky Simms     distance with the action and cover any sudden moves. As the
– and a friendship that goes back many years. Soon Farah was       bell rang for the final lap Farah made his move, muscling off the
covering his face and kissing the track in a show of his Islamic   challenge from Thomas Longosiwa, who tried to shove him off
faith. But there was more. Just as Bolt had performed a drill of   course. With 700m left Farah kicked and the stadium erupted,
press-ups after winning the 200m on Thursday night, Farah          creating a wall of sound that would not let him fail.
dropped to the track and began a set of sit ups.                       As he rounded the final bend there was a moment when it
    “That’s the first time I’ve seen him do abs in two months,”    seemed uncertain whether Farah could hold on. The memory
joked his friend and training partner Galen Rupp, who had stuck    of losing the 10,000m world title to a late sprint from Ibrahim
with Farah over 10,000m to take Olympic silver a week ago but      Jeilan in Daegu last year must have coursed through his body,
in the 5,000m had faded, finishing seventh. Sure enough Bolt       but here in London he would not let his lead go for a second
reciprocated the gesture, doing the Mo-bot after he crossed the    time.
line to win the 4x100m with the Jamaica team later in the night.       Somehow Farah found his reserve and hung on, motoring
    Four years ago Farah had failed to qualify for the 5,000m      down the home straight to take the title in 13min 41.66sec, with
Olympic final and struggled through the worst depression of his    Gebremeskel in second and with Longosiwa of Kenya having
life. On Saturday night in London he added Olympic titles to a     faded to take third place.
world 5,000m title and world 10,000m silver medal.                     Later, much later, a capacity crowd remained in the stadium
    “There’s no words to describe how I feel,” said Farah.         reluctant for the night to end. Waiting for the medals ceremony
“Tonight was something special, I wanted it badly and I wanted     a chant began to rise: “We want Mo, we want Mo.” When they
to make the double. I wanted to make history, I was confident      finally got him, Farah atop the podium, swallowing hard as a
and felt good. I was just telling myself I want the gold medal.    lump built in his throat, the stadium joined him to stand and
It’s something I’ve trained so hard for, to be Olympic champion    sing the national anthem.
twice.”                                                                The mood jubilant, anarchic, Bolt reemerged to join Farah
    In the bowels of the Olympic stadium Farah could not help      at the track, clowning around on top of the podium – the 6ft 5in
but reflect on a career that had seen him rise from a talented     superstar doing the Mo-bot, while the diminutive Farah struck
runner who struggled to make an impression on a global             the Bolt pose, “To di world”.
stage, to double European champion in 2010, to a man whom
the world’s best distance runners revere. It has been quite a © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                          
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                                                                       later in the evening, swapping each other’s signature poses.
                                                                       It will be one of the iconic images of the Games. As for the
Usain Bolt seals gold for Jamaica in                                   showboating, Bolt cannot help it. He was still pulling muscle-
London 2012 4x100m relay final                                         man poses for the crowd while Carter was settling into the
                                                                       blocks for the first leg.
• Jamaica beat USA in world record time of                                 The USA brought in Tyson Gay and Ryan Bailey to the
36.84sec                                                               quartet who had broken their 20-year-old national record in
                                                                       the heats. “We’re going to figure out a way to go out there and
• Bolt’s six gold medals makes him
                                                                       compete with them,” Justin Gatlin had said. “We’re not scared
Olympic’s greatest sprinter                                            of them.” Their plan was obvious. They put their two quickest
Andy Bull at the Olympic Stadium                                       men, Gatlin and Gay, on the middle legs. They wanted to get
                                                                       ahead of Jamaica before the baton got to Bolt. And they did,
                                                                       because Gatlin was matched up against Jamaica’s slowest
                                                                       runner, Frater. Then they were hoping to ruffle Bolt by making
                                                                       him run alongside Bailey, who is only an inch shorter and a good
                                                                       deal more bulky than the champ. France had the same thought,
                                                                       front-loading the line-up with Jimmy Vicaut and Christophe
                                                                       Lemaitre on the first two legs. They crossed the line in fifth,
                                                                       losing the battle for bronze to Trinidad & Tobago. Great Britain’s
                                                                       time from the heats would have beaten both those teams.
                                                                           That, though, was all happening in the wake of Bolt and
                                                                       Bailey. This is an event that the USA liked to think they had
                                                                       a freehold on. They have won it at 15 of the 22 Olympics they
                                                                       have competed at it. But this was their third defeat in a row, and
                                                                       one wonders whether they are going to get back on top of the
Usain Bolt celebrates after sealing the gold medal for Jamaica
                                                                       podium any time soon.
in the 4x100m relay at the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.
                                                                           Jamaica, which has a population a touch under three million,
Photograph: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images
                                                                       has such strength in depth that they could have run an entire
How else did you think it would end? How else could it end?            alphabet of reserve teams, never mind just a ‘B’ side. There are
With the greatest sprinter of all time dipping for the line, raising   11 men on the island who have run the 100m in 10 seconds or
the 80,000 crowd to their feet. When Usain Bolt took the               under, something only four British men have ever done. Cut
baton for the final leg of the final event in the London Olympic       them a little more slack and one finds there are 17 Jamaicans
Stadium he found himself, for what felt like the first time in         who have run the Olympic 100m qualifying time of 10.18sec in
four years, in a real race. He was almost shoulder to shoulder         the last four months alone.
with the USA’s Ryan Bailey, who was running in the lane outside            Jamaica had already run four of the five fastest 4x100m
him. Bailey took the USA to the line in a time of 37.04sec, which      times in history, one in the heats here and the other three in
equalled the old world record. The trouble was, by the time he         the finals of the last three major athletics championships, the
did that Bolt was already beginning to celebrate a new one. Bolt,      Worlds in Berlin and Daegu and the Beijing Olympics. They
Yohan Blake, Michael Frater and Nesta Carter ran the 4x100m in         used a rotating of seven different men to do it. They have five
36.84, the first team in history to run under 37 seconds.              of the 10 fastest sprinters in history to choose from, and that is
   Bolt said afterwards that this would be his last great              before considering the 200m specialists like Warren Weir. So the
Olympics, saying it would “be hard to repeat” what he has              fact that they were missing Asafa Powell, because of the groin
done here in 2016, because “Blake will be 26 by then. Bolt has         strain he suffered in the 100m final last Saturday, was hardly
surpassed Carl Lewis as the most decorated sprinter in Olympic         likely to hamper them much. Brilliantly, after Jamaica and the
history. He has six gold medals, which is one more than Lewis          USA, the third fastest relay team in history is not Great Britain,
managed to win on the track. The only hiccup in it all was the         Russia, France or Trinidad & Tobago but the Racers Track Club,
delay he, his team-mates and the crowd had to endure while             whose quartet from Kingston performed the feat in 2009.
the officials checked the result. Camera shots of Bolt talking to          They can do it without Powell, they could probably do it
a man in a blazer suggested, just for a moment, that he might          without Bolt too. Some day soon they may have to. Bolt says he
be about to get some bad news. But it turned they were arguing         wants to retire by the time he is 30. That will be almost exactly
over whether Bolt could keep the baton, which he wants                 after the Rio Olympics. He has said that when he goes home
to have mounted. It was the Canadian team who had been                 and reminisces about the journey he has been on, he may shed
disqualified, news which caused two of their team, Oluseyi             a tear or two. They could be the same tears that Alexander the
Smith and Justyn Warner, to start crying into the flags they had       Great cried when he realised he had no worlds left to conquer.
been waving in celebration of the bronze they thought they had
   The night was a little colder than Bolt might have liked but
he paid his own little tribute to Britain by imitating Mo Farah’s
celebrations from earlier in the evening, raising both arms and
dipping both hands to make an ‘M’ shape. It was a nice touch
from a man who, for all his larking, is more gracious than many
people give him credit for. The two of them shared the podium © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
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                                                                    squad. “It was a very low point for me, 2009. I had my best 2008
                                                                    and then the system changed, then it was a misery year for me.
London 2012: Luke Campbell beats John                               At one point I was looking to get out, didn’t want to box any
Joe Nevin to win gold medal                                         more. That was the environment I was in. I didn’t like it. Then
                                                                    Rob McCracken came in, changed the system, it was enjoyable
• Campbell takes bantamweight title with                            to train. I felt very confident under their wing. I went to the
14-11 points victory                                                worst place possible in my career: what else could I be afraid of?
                                                                    Since Rob took over, I had 23 unbeaten fights in a row and got
• Victory provides Team GB with 28th gold
                                                                    myself here today.”
medal of Games                                                          The buzz in the British camp is euphoric – despite the best
Kevin Mitchell at The ExCeL                                         efforts of the Russian sports minister, who claimed earlier in the
                                                                    day that Great Britain were winning undue favours in the ring.
                                                                    That limp accusation followed American allegations that the
                                                                    judges were up to no good all round.
                                                                        Away from the microphones and notepads there is nothing
                                                                    but a flood of good humour and optimism in the team, and few
                                                                    boxers in the tournament have delivered on their plan better
                                                                    than Campbell did on Saturday night over three compelling
                                                                        Fred Evans and Anthony Joshua reach for gold on Sunday
                                                                    and Campbell said: “We’ll all be there to cheer them on. The
                                                                    lads are very proud. It’s a very close team. We train together,
                                                                    we live together, we travel the world together. Each and every
                                                                    one of us wants the others to succeed. Fred and Joshua have got
                                                                    very good chances.”
Luke Campbell, left, lands a powerful right on John Joe
                                                                        Nevin gave it everything but could not unlock the puzzle
Nevin in the final of the London 2012 boxing bantamweight
                                                                    of the Yorkshire strategist, who revealed: “He’s a very clever
competition. Photograph: Nick Potts/PA
                                                                    fighter and the plan was to draw him because if he’d have got on
With allegations of cheap practice flying like left hooks around    his back foot, that’s what suits him best. I needed to take that
the Olympic boxing tournament, it took an Englishman and            away from him.”
an Irishman to settle their legitimate sporting argument with           They had met twice, for a win apiece, and there was never
admirable cordiality, Luke Campbell getting the better of John      going to be much in it. Campbell hides his nerves; Nevin can’t
Joe Nevin to win Great Britain’s 28th gold medal of the Games.      – and they boxed to the rhythm of their personalities. Nevin’s
    The new bantamweight king of the Olympics, whose impish         aggressive, hard hitting gave the impression of early dominance
features disguise an iron will, became the team’s second gold       but the price was the long, countering rights he took from the
medallist after Nicola Adams made history in the women’s            cool Campbell, who edged the first round 5-3. It might have
inaugural tournament. With possibly two more golds to come,         gone either way.
Robert McCracken’s excellent squad are poised to become the             In the pros, Nevin would have been on top, perhaps, but
best British boxing team of modern times, better even than          amateur scoring is so different (a point lost on NBC’s Teddy
the heroes of Melbourne, 1956, when Terry Spinks and Dick           Atlas before the US network went home in a huff), more
McTaggart each won gold.                                            speed-chess with gloves, and Campbell kept his lead, 9-8 after
    Campbell, who sealed the deed 14-11 with a snap knockdown       two rounds, with long, raking southpaw lefts as the Irishman
in the third round, held the loser’s hand aloft to the universal    planted his feet to score with heavier shots.
acclaim of the gathering. There were tears in the blue corner,          Half way through the third, Nevin was on the seat of his
resignation in the red. “I feel great,” Nevin said. “You always     pants and took a count after a blurring exchange in centre ring.
want more but Luke is a brilliant boxer and the best man won on     Campbell was growing more audacious with his punches,
the day.”                                                           determined to leave a mark his opponent would remember. The
    We ought not get carried away with the notion that Campbell     closing stanza was a dangerous dance, Nevin wanting to lead,
and Nevin are about to spend their holidays together. The           Campbell wanting to go home. He did. With the prize.
sentiment that neither man could lose in this gloves-across-the-        So close and so far, forever married, the Irish and the British
sea showdown owed much to noble but sentimental malarkey,           (more often just English), have a rivalry that is as strong as any
however genuine was their embrace at the end. No, there was a       in sport. Less than an hour before Saturday night’s bout, Mo
requisite lack of warmth for as long as it lasted.                  Farah secured his adopted home a 27th gold to hold on to third
    The mutual respect between Campbell and Nevin has               in the medals table, and the familiar roar filled the ExCeL Arena.
substantial roots. They not only acknowledge the other’s            And in this seething, darkened bearpit, the night belonged to
boxing achievements and skill but they have relatives who           Campbell and Nevin, not the objectors and whingers off stage,
know one another back in Ireland. John Joe comes from a proud       with their agendas and their microphones.
travelling family; Luke’s grandad was Irish and ended up in             “Most of my family are here tonight,” Campbell said, “my
England in unusual circumstances, on the lam to the UK after        brothers, sister, mam and dad, my nanna, my littleboy, my
losing a prearranged fight to one of his fiance’s brothers.         partner, Leo and Lindsey, and her family too. We’re going over
    Campbell, 24, said he all but gave up boxing three years ago,   to Ireland for a bit after all this.”
after 11 months out with injury and upheaval in the coaching © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
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   They should get a decent reception.                              said. “I really, really wish my dad was here to see that.”
                                                                        He said he was delighted to see Alexei Evangulov, British
                                                                    Diving’s performance director, smiling at the medal because “at
Tom Daley wins Olympic diving bronze                                the beginning of the year he was telling me I was fat”.
behind USA’s David Boudia                                               It was a reference to the coach’s very public criticism of
                                                                    Daley when he said the Chinese train three times harder than
                                                                    Daley and compared him to Anna Kournikova, the equally
• Tom Daley in first place after his final 10m                      photogenic Russian tennis player who never won any major
platform dive                                                       titles.
• Team GB diver pipped to gold by Boudia                                At the top of the field the quality was ferociously high with
and China’s Qiu Bo                                                  barely an error. The tactical sequence of dives of different
                                                                    difficulties, decided pre-competition, was a key factor in
Robert Booth at the Aquatics Centre
                                                                    determining who would hold his nerve in the 1.6sec it takes to
                                                                    hit the water. In the third round Daley was roared into the pool
                                                                    with a back triple somersault from an armstand that scored
                                                                    92.75. But he was then trumped by Boudia, whose forward
                                                                    four and a half somersaults scored 99.9 to lead at the halfway
                                                                    point followed by Qiu and Lin, who maintained the pressure
                                                                    with scores of 92.4 and 91.8, leaving Daley fourth and out of the
                                                                        It seemed as if Daley was being squeezed on both sides. The
                                                                    chasing pack were closing fast too, performing dives in the 90s.
                                                                    There was huge pressure on Daley’s highest-tariff dive, the
                                                                    forward four and a half somersault tuck. Again Daley nailed it,
                                                                    scoring 98.05. Lin, in the silver medal place, then attempted the
                                                                    same dive and at last revealed some frailty with a score of 68.45.
Tom Daley of Team GB poses with the union flag and his              Now Daley was in with a shout, as the crowd realised when the
Olympic bronze medal after the men’s 10m platform diving.           scoreboard flashed up that he was in the bronze medal position
Photograph: Clive Rose/Getty Images                                 behind Boudia in first place and Qiu. The difference between
                                                                    the top three was fractional.
Tom Daley delivered a nerveless performance on Saturday night
                                                                        With his fourth dive Daley made a decisive move. His back
to claim an extraordinary bronze medal in the 10m platform
                                                                    three and a half somersault delivered 97.2 to put him in the
                                                                    lead with three dives in the round to go. In the blink of an eye,
    The 18-year-old poster boy of the 2012 Games became the
                                                                    the pressure was on those above him. Boudia could not budge
first Briton to win a medal in the discipline since 1960 and lost
                                                                    Daley from the top spot with his next dive nor could Lin. Could
out on a gold only in the final round to the eventual winner,
                                                                    the world champion Qiu? The answer, sensationally, was no.
the American David Boudia, with the world champion, Qiu Bo,
                                                                    With one round of dives left, the Aquatics Centre resounded to
taking silver.
                                                                    chants of “Team GB” and Daley stood on the brink of making
    The 17,000 crowd in the Aquatics Centre erupted at the
climax of a sensational contest in which the world’s best
                                                                        It was to be bronze not gold but it was a remarkable effort.
matched each other dive for dive. Daley scored 556.95, a mere 11
                                                                    Asked about how he was feeling ahead of his final dive he said:
points behind the winner.
                                                                    “I was so nervous. I just went in with the mentality that it was
    Before the contest the Plymouth-born diver had said the
                                                                    do or die.”
Chinese were so dominant that “with the men’s platform,
                                                                        After the trials of Friday’s qualifying, where Daley almost
bronze is almost gold and anything above that is platinum”.
                                                                    went out and came 15th out of 18 to go through, he improved
He had struggled to qualify on Friday but his performances
                                                                    in Saturday morning’s semi-finals, qualifying in fourth place.
improved dramatically through Saturday’s semi-final and into
                                                                    Daley’s quest for Olympic glory got off to a rickety start
the final to take him to the brink of becoming the Olympic
                                                                    when his first dive went awry with a score of just 75.6. As he
                                                                    climbed out of the pool he looked annoyed and made a flashing
    When he landed his final dive with barely a splash he almost
                                                                    gesture with his hands. He and his coach immediately lodged
took the roof off the pool. He scored 90.75 to remain in first
                                                                    a protest at popping flashbulbs in the crowd. “I was thinking
place with one dive remaining for Boudia and for the Chinese
                                                                    the environment needed to be right – there can’t be a home
pair Lin Yue and Qiu.
                                                                    disadvantage of having all the photographers there taking
    Lin could not stay in the medal places and was distraught
                                                                    photos and flashing,” he said.
but Qiu and Boudia held their nerve. Daley did not seem too
                                                                        A retake was allowed and Daley shook off the stress,
disappointed with bronze and he leapt into the pool with his
                                                                    composed himself and got the repeat right, scoring 91.8 to
team-mates to celebrate as the crowd whooped in delight.
                                                                    go into third place at the end of round one, ahead of the two
Among them was David Beckham, whom Daley said he had
                                                                    Chinese divers who started with well executed lower-tariff
been texting during the week about his mental preparation.
                                                                    dives to score 91.2 each. He was back on track for a medal.
    It represented a career high for Daley, who came seventh in
the event in Beijing as a 14-year-old in 2008 and who lost his
father, Robert, to brain cancer last year. “I am so happy,” he © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
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                                                                      and at one time was in danger of being thrown out of the
                                                                      Olympics because of allegations of corruption in the sport. The
Russian sports minister accuses Britain                               competition at the ExCeL centre in London’s Docklands has also
of unfair play at London 2012                                         seen its share of controversies when a Turkmen referee and an
                                                                      Azerbaijani official were expelled last week, while a German
• Vitaly Mutko: ‘[The British] are planning a                         referee was suspended for five days.
happy end in boxing’
• ‘Three of our boxers have been prevented                            Kevin Pietersen wants to represent
from reaching final’
                                                                      England in ‘all forms of cricket’

                                                                      • Pietersen performs U-turn via newly
                                                                      released YouTube video
                                                                      • ‘I want to commit to all forms, I love
                                                                      playing for England’
                                                                      Andy Wilson

Vitaly Mutko, centre, with Russian president Vladimir Putin
and Russia’s Olympic Commitee President Alexander Zhukov.
Photograph: Alexey Druzhinin/AFP/Getty Images
Russia’s sports minister, Vitaly Mutko, has accused Britain of
using political clout to win medals at the London Olympics.
    “The Brits are just as [bad] as [the Chinese] in Beijing,”
Mutko told Russian media on Saturday. “Here in London                 Kevin Pietersen had retired from playing limited-overs cricket
everyone wants the British to win. They have a very strong            for England in June. Photograph: Gareth Copley/PA
political support.”
                                                                      For such a wonderful batsman, Kevin Pietersen’s timing was
    Mutko’s comments on Saturday came as Russia faced the
                                                                      shocking. He released a video on YouTube
prospect of their worst finish on the medal table since they
                                                                      renouncing his retirement from one-day international cricket
entered the 1952 Games as the Soviet Union. Since those
                                                                      and declaring his desire to put England ahead of his lucrative
Helsinki Games until 2004 the former Soviet Union and then
                                                                      Indian Premier League contract with the Delhi Daredevils,
Russia tussled with the United States to top the medal table.
                                                                      when the country was basking in the glow of Mo Farah’s
They have been usurped by a strong showing from local athletes
                                                                      Olympics triumph.
in London with Britain third in the table.
                                                                          The more pressing question is whether Pietersen’s change
    Mutko had said before the London Games that “it would not
                                                                      of heart came in time to appease the England selectors and
be a national tragedy” if the 436-strong team finished fourth
in the table. The Russians, however, had high hopes for their
                                                                          It seemed significant that he released the interview himself,
strong boxing team before the Games but Mutko singled out the
                                                                      without any hint of involvement from his employers at the
sport as being particularly suspect.
                                                                      England and Wales Cricket Board, who have not endorsed it or
    “Three of our boxers had been prevented from reaching
                                                                      responded to it in any way. Was this a pre-emptive strike before
the final,” Mutko said, referring to the light-flyweight David
                                                                      Pietersen’s international career is ended by the selectors when
Ayrapetyan, flyweight Misha Aloian and welterweight Andrei
                                                                      they name their squad on Sunday morning for the crucial third
Zamkovoy, who lost their semi-final bouts. Ayrapetyan
                                                                      Test against South Africa which starts at Lord’s on Thursday?
lost to Thailand’s Kaeo Pongprayoon 13-12, Aloian lost to
                                                                          The England management, and senior ECB officials, are
Mongolia’s Tugstsogt Nyambayar 15-11, while Zamkovoy lost to
                                                                      known to have been thoroughly unimpressed by Pietersen’s
Kazakhstan’s Serik Sapiyev 18-12.
                                                                      domination of the agenda over the last week, first with the self-
    Mutko added that Britain’s boxers may have benefited by
                                                                      pitying press conference that followed his man-of-the-match
a partisan home crowd swaying the judges. “[The British] are
                                                                      performance in the second Test at Headingley, and then with
planning a happy end in boxing tomorrow,” he said after three
                                                                      the revelation that he had been sending texts to friends and
British men advanced to Sunday’s finals.
                                                                      compatriots in the opposition – which one report claims were
    He also felt Sofya Ochigava, who lost to Ireland’s Katie Taylor
                                                                      critical of his captain, Andrew Strauss.
10-8 in the women’s lightweight final on Thursday, should have
                                                                          The squad for Lord’s, which was to have been selected at
won the gold medal. “She didn’t deserve such a score,” he said.
                                                                      a meeting at Edgbaston on Friday, was still being discussed
“You have to be blind.”
                                                                      24 hours later. Might that have been connected to Pietersen’s
    Boxing has been the subject of controversy in the past © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page  G24 Sport                                                                     Sunday August 12 2012              03:30 GMT

texts, and possibly even to his YouTube video? “I’m here today
basically to give confirmation and clarity to a lot of speculation
that’s been going on for the last few days about me retiring from
                                                                     Tom Daley makes diving bronze seem
Test cricket,” he told a friendly, and unseen, interviewer whose     like gold
performance will not worry Jeremy Paxman. “I’m here to say
that I’m not going anywhere. I want to commit to all forms of        Team GB’s teenage poster boy overjoyed
cricket.                                                             with third place after performing six brilliant
    “I love playing for England. I loved the runs I scored at
                                                                     dives in 10m platform competition
Headingley, and I can’t wait to play in Straussy’s 100th Test next
week.                                                                Simon Hattenstone
    “Look, I’ve had a change of heart. It would be sad for me to
finish the way things have been running through the media in
the last three or four days. It would be really sad for me to end
a career like this. Sitting down with my family and advisers, we
have decided it would be a lot better for me to finish my career
on a more positive note.”
    He has therefore “taken back” his request to be released
from an obligation to play in the two-Test series against New
Zealand that precedes the Ashes series next summer, which
would have allowed him to play the whole IPL season. He also
regretted some of the things he had said on Monday evening at
    “I am who I am, I shoot from the hip – I bat like that and I
speak like that,” he added. “I do make mistakes, a lot of people
                                                                     Tom Daley poses wrapped in a union flag with his bronze
do. I did think it might have been my penultimate Test match,
                                                                     medal for coming third in the 10m platform diving
and I said things I shouldn’t have said.”
                                                                     competition. Photograph: Clive Rose/Getty Images
    What about his claims of isolation in the dressing room – that
it’s “not easy being me”? “The mood in the dressing room these       Tom Daley had always said that winning a bronze medal would
last 24 hours has really been sorted out. I had a really long chat   be the equivalent of gold in the 10m platform dive, such was the
with a team-mate and at the finish of that conversation I’m a        standard of competition. The teenage Brit duly finished third
really happy bloke and can’t wait to meet up with the team on        after half a dozen wonderful dives, collected his bronze and
Tuesday.”                                                            celebrated as if it were gold.
    That is either the most persuasive of Pietersen’s comments,          It was a final of astonishing quality won by American David
or stretches his credibility to the limit, depending on your point   Boudia, who constantly followed Daley with dives that were
of view. “I’m sitting here clearing things up, realising I need to   a tiny bit better. The favourite, China’s Qiu Bo, won silver and
pull towards the team and the team need to pull towards me. I        looked as if he had suffered a bereavement.
believe in the last 24 hours that’s been done.”                          The evening started controversially. If anybody in the crowd
    So it is possible that Pietersen’s return to the fold has not    questioned Tom Daley’s tenacity, they weren’t doing so after
only given England a huge boost ahead of a Test they need to         last night’s first dive. He got out of the pool, face stiffened,
win to retain their position at the top of the world rankings, but   talked to the referee and gestured at the crowd. Camera flashes
also means they can include him in the squad that will defend        had put him off and he had scored a disappointing 75.6.
the ICC World Twenty20 title in Sri Lanka next month. But                The judges allowed a re-dive, he composed himself,
nobody will be entirely convinced until his name is included in      completed his backward two-and-a-half somersaults with
the squad announced on Sunday – now at 2.30pm, having been           twists to boot – and scored 91.8. From there, he didn’t look
put back by five hours in yet another intriguing twist.              back.
                                                                         Daley had been building up to this moment for years.
                                                                     The 18-year-old is already a veteran – sporting prodigy at 13,

                                                                     Olympic finalist at 14, world champion at 15. But for Plymouth’s
                                                                     favourite son (give or take Francis Drake and Michael Foot) the
                                                                     focus over the past few years has been London 2012 – not simply
                                                                     qualifying, but doing himself proud. His father’s death earlier
  Eat right                                                          this year only seemed to add to the pressure.
  Join the Guardian’s health and dieting                                 Diving is the most unforgiving of sports. Not only is there
  club, Eat Right and we’ll design you a                             the absurd difficulty of the twisting, somersaulting and non-
                                                                     splashing, there is also the danger. Many divers have caused
  personalised healthy eating plan from
                                                                     themselves hideous injuries throwing themselves from a
  just £2.99 a week. Membership includes                             10m board, attempting to strike the water head first at almost
  shopping lists, menus, expert advice and                           40mph. Daley has a scar on the top of his head, one on his
  24 hour support to help you achieve your                           forehead, and a weird muscular stalactite on his upper arm from
  health and fitness goals.                                          a torn triceps. He has said that every time he gets on the 10m                                            board he is terrified. So are we, watching.
                                                                         Every diver dives six times – if he dives brilliantly five times © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page  G24 Sport                                                                      Sunday August 12 2012              03:30 GMT

and screws up the sixth, it’s Goodnight Vienna.
    Watching Daley is a reminder of the transience of it all. The
boy wonder is already talking about life post-retirement. Daley
                                                                      London 2012: Tom Daley’s bronze
says each dive is like having a car crash and that he will be lucky   sparks the Olympics’ best pool party
to squeeze in two more Olympics. By 2020, and at 26 years of
age, his body will have taken such a battering it is impossible to    The vocal crowd were on-brand with their
know what state it will be in. This is not so much a young man’s      Team GB chants as the night ended with
game as a boy’s – when Qiu Bo received 25 perfect 10s to score a
                                                                      noisy celebrations at the Aquatics Centre
record-breaking 609.20 in the 2011 Diving World Series, he was
only 18.                                                              Emma John at the Aquatics Centre
    Each new dive takes around three years to perfect, and Daley
says he often screams in pain. His coach, Andy Banks, recently
said that as a youngster Tom got so lonely and distressed away
from home he threatened to jump out of the window if he was
left alone.
    But he is a character of immense strength. At school he was
bullied for his celebrity; and earlier this year his dad, Rob, died
after a five-year battle with cancer. Yet he has come through
everything with dignity and charm. Sometimes he sounds so
mature that it is easy to forget he is still a kid living at home
with his mother and brothers, waiting for his A-level results.
    In the pool, he was every inch the adult as he crept up the
field. The fourth dive was his most difficult. Daley took his time,
placed his arms by his side with military precision and scored
                                                                      Great Britain’s Tom Daley celebrates his bronze medal with
his highest of the competition, 98.05. After the fifth dive he had
                                                                      team-mates by jumping into the pool at the Aquatics Centre.
a 0.15 lead. Daley returned to the shower strutting.
                                                                      Photograph: Andrew Boyers/Action Images
    But for his final dive he had chosen a low tariff. He executed
it almost perfectly, scored 90 points, but Boudia and Bo came         You may think that diving is all about the quest for physical
back with dives of 100+. It was the best of possible bronzes for      perfection, the application of science in the defiance of gravity.
Daley.                                                                Or you may think that it is, to quote Woody from Toy Story,
    While world champion Bo was inconsolable, Daley’s team            “falling with style”. Either way, it is an activity with one
threw him in the diving pool and he made the biggest splash           ultimate aim: to impress people.
of his career. On the podium, he couldn’t stop grinning. He              It is probably why Tom Daley is so well suited to it. Ever
held up his medal, showed it around the arena and lifted it to        since he emerged as a precocious 14-year-old, the cheeky
heaven.                                                               water sprite has always looked like someone who enjoys the
    This one’s for you, Dad.                                          attention. And, frankly, in this sport you had better, because
                                                                      there is nothing intrinsically enjoyable about hurling your
                                                                      body into a wet wall at 30mph. Critics had said before this
                                                                      competition that the attention would be Daley’s undoing
                                                                      – and for a short while they were right, though not in the way
                                                                      they anticipated. The greedy flashes of cameras distracted the

                                                                      teenager on his first dive and he climbed out of the water to a
                                                                      dream-shattering score of 75. But Daley does not mind causing
                                                                      a fuss, so he and his coach stopped the competition until they
                                                                      won a do-over. The crowd were given a stern warning – they
                                                                      were so keyed up, they even applauded when they were told off
                                                                      – and there were no more flashes for Daley.
  Fantasy League Classic                                                 With his perfect white teeth and skater boy hair, Daley
                                                                      always looks like he is on his way to the kind of party you
  Manage a squad of 16 players                                        are too old and uncool to get into. And there was a festive
  and a budget of £75 million.                                        atmosphere here. That is not too difficult to create in diving,
                                                                      what with the hot tub, the bursts of indie rock filtering through
  £75,000 worth of prizes to be                                       the muggy air, the voyeuristic underwater camera, and the line-
  won in weekly, monthly and                                          up of very fine bodies, all but a postage-stamp area of them on

  overall competitions. Beat your                                     display. The trunks here are so tiny that not even the scientists
                                                                      at Cern know how they stay on.
  nearest and dearest in a friends                                       After the second round Daley was in fifth. He appeared at

  league.                                                             the back of the platform, the way divers do, as if they’ve been
                                                                      beamed there by a teleporter. He wiped himself with his multi-                                        coloured flannel – the one that looks like a comfort blanket
                                                                      – and threw it over the railing to the floor, a million miles away,
                                                                      where it landed with a thwock. He fiddled with his trunks, © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page  G24 Sport                                                                       Sunday August 12 2012             03:30 GMT

the ones that Stella McCartney had such difficulty designing
because of their modest size.
    At the end of the platform Daley turned and doubled over,
                                                                       London 2012 Olympics: Today at the
slowly unfolding his legs above his head like a yogi. And then he      Games
pushed. He pushed away, rotated backwards and span to earth
with his arms tucked behind his knees, drawing gyroscopic              Look out for gold medal boxing hopes Fred
shapes in the air. At the end of that dive, he went into first place   Evans and Anthony Joshua, the men’s
– the revelation on the scoreboard was greeted with a noise like
                                                                       marathon and the closing ceremony
an explosion.
    Immediately, with the next dive, David Boudia of the USA           Observer Sport staff
topped him with a near flawless display. The story was the same
the next round. Two rounds left. Daley performed a brilliant
backwards dive with three and a half somersaults and entered
the water so smoothly that he seemed to suck the water back
in with him. Many of the punters here were in tiered seating far
higher up than the board itself, embedded under the curves of
the whaleback roof; some were at the other end of the racing
pool, a good 80 metres away, from where Daley can have been
only a dust mote settling gently on a glass table. But it did not
matter. They knew their role: they had ooohed when a diver’s
head skimmed perilously close to the concrete cliff edge,
and they were on-brand, chanting repeatedly for “Team GB”.
Now, the tension ratcheting, they applauded every dive – but
especially when the score was lower than Daley’s. By the final
                                                                       Fred Evans (left), seen beating Ukrainian Taras Shelestyuk
round, Lord Coe must have been rueing the missed opportunity
                                                                       in the welterweight semi-final, is one of two British boxers
of official London 2012 ear protection.
                                                                       fighting for gold medals. Photograph: Julien Behal/PA
    One by one the challengers had fallen away. Even Ivan
Garcia Navarro, the Mexican who had denied Daley a medal               THE END
in the synchronised event, could not impress the judges with              The Olympics comes to an end today, but there are still 15 of
his pioneering “forward two and a half somersault with three           the 302 gold medals to be dished out.
twists”, also known as the all-you-can-eat buffet of diving.           PUNCHING THEIR WEIGHT
Boudia went above Daley with his final dive, and so did Qiu Bo,           There are two last opportunities for GB boxing golds,
the Chinese favourite, but Daley had his bronze.                       courtesy of Fred Evans and Anthony Joshua. Evans, inspired to
    Comedian Miranda Hart had threatened to strip down to her          reach the Games after watching Amir Khan win silver at Athens
bra and knickers and jump in the pool if Daley won gold. As it         2004, beat the world champion, Taras Shelestyuk, to reach the
was, Daley’s support team mobbed him and threw themselves              men’s welterweight final while Joshua, who only began boxing
in en masse, trainers still on, wallets, presumably, still in          four years ago, must beat the defending champion, Roberto
pockets. While Qiu hit the showers and turned his face to the          Cammarelle, to take super-heavyweight gold.
wall in anguish, Team GB produced the most enviable pool               GB’S FINAL MEDAL HOPE
party this Olympics will host, to the teentastic soundtrack of             Mhairi Spence can be Britain’s final medallist of the Games
Don’t Stop Believing. Daley hadn’t, and neither, it seems, have        at around 6.30pm in the modern pentathlon. She won gold at
we.                                                                    May’s world championships. There’s fencing (Copper Box) and
                                                                       swimming (Aquatics Centre) before we head to Greenwich Park
                                                                       for riding and the combined events. “I got to 16, saw Steph Cook
                                                                       and Kate Allenby [bronze medallist] win medals in Sydney and
                                                                       thought: ‘I’d like to give that a go,’” she says.
                                                                       FROM SHOE SHOP TO CHAMP?
                                                                          Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang won the London marathon in April

                                                                       and, along with his countryman Abel Kirui, could be among the
                                                                       medals again. It may be far-fetched, but Team GB would love
                                                                       an Overall winner – Scott Overall, to be precise. Last summer
                                                                       he was selling shoes in the Clapham branch of Sweatshop. In
  Are you getting the best deal on                                     his first marathon in Berlin last September, he finished in 2hr
  your mortgage?                                                       10min 55sec, the fastest time by a Briton in six years. Today is
                                                                       his second marathon.
  Compare over 8500 mortgages
                                                                       WATCH FOR FREE
  online to find the best deal for you.                                   The men’s marathon is the non-ticketholder’s final chance                                                to see the Games. After the (ticketed) Mall start at 11am it does
  compareandbuy                                                        an (unticketed) 2.2-mile loop via Westminster Bridge and
                                                                       Buckingham Palace. Then three circuits of an eight-mile course
                                                                       around Trafalgar Square, Embankment, St Paul’s Cathedral, © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                                     Sunday August 12 2012            03:30 GMT

Bank, Embankment, Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace
before finishing on the Mall.
                                                                      Rio picks up torch for samba Games, but
   The finalists in the men’s basketball are unsurprising – the
                                                                      there are shadows in the sunshine
latest incarnation of the USA’s Dream Team against the side
they beat to win gold in Beijing, world No2 Spain. Argentina          As Brazil promises an Olympics like no
play Russia earlier in the day for bronze.                            other, a bribery scandal erupts while
CLOSURE: THE CEREMONY                                                 the problem of guns and drugs has been
   A Symphony of British Music is the title of Kim Gavin’s            shelved rather than solved
show, which will be on a smaller scale than Danny Boyle’s
                                                                      Jonathan Watts in Rio de Janeiro
opening epic. “It’s an aftershow party, not anything desperately
profound,” says Lord Coe. It doesn’t sound too profound: the
(reunited) Spice Girls have been photographed rehearsing at the
Ford car plant in Dagenham, while Brian May, Jessie J, Annie
Lennox, Tinie Tempah, George Michael and the Pet Shop Boys
are expected to play a part. Rio gets eight minutes to promote
2016, during which 225 performers display Brazilian colours and
   Highs of 25C in mid-afternoon and still above 20C for the
closing ceremony. Dry and bright with some cloud cover.
   8am Women’s modern pentathlon gets under way with
fencing … 11am Start of men’s marathon, the men’s basketball
                                                                      Copacabana beach will host the swimming marathon, beach
bronze final and handball bronze final … 1.30pm Men’s
                                                                      volleyball and kite surfing in 2016. Photograph: Db/David Bank
mountain bike race, men’s volleyball final and rhythmic
gymnastics, women’s group all-around final, plus the first of         Rio de Janeiro’s 700m-long Sambadrome promises to be one
five men’s boxing finals … 2.30pm Men’s water polo final …            hell of a party venue. For four nights each southern summer,
3pm Men’s basketball and handball finals … 6.30pm Final event         the city’s samba schools parade here in a spectacular contest
in women’s modern pentathlon: combined event … 7.30pm                 of music, colour and dancing. Today, however, it is being
Closing ceremony begins                                               revamped for a still bigger festival and a very different series
                                                                      of competitions, as Brazil’s “City of Marvels” gears up for one
                                                                      of the most intense bursts of international sport, partying and
    London was awarded the Olympic Games on 6 July 2005,
                                                                      – many locals fear – chaos in history.
2,594 days ago, and when the flame is extinguished on Sunday
                                                                          Tonight Rio will receive the Olympic torch as the host of the
life will feel a little strange. For seven years we had a countdown
                                                                      2016 Games, the first to be held in South America. Two years
clock to watch, for 10 weeks we had a torch to track and for the
                                                                      from now, the city will stage the World Cup. Organisers hope
past fortnight round-the-clock sport to gorge on. It’s over, but
                                                                      these two mega-events will transform the city, charm the world
don’t despair yet. The Paralympics begins on Wednesday 29
                                                                      and highlight Brazil’s diversity and achievements.
August and, with more than 2m tickets sold, will be the most-
                                                                          An eight-minute taste of what to expect will be revealed
watched ever. Seventeen days to go …
                                                                      this evening when hundreds of dancers, singers and musicians
                                                                      will try to capture the spirit of the Sambadrome during the
                                                                      Rio segment of London’s closing ceremony. The city’s mayor,

                                                                      Eduardo Paes, who will take the torch from Boris Johnson, has
                                                                      vowed 2016 will be an Olympics like no other.
                                                                          Brazil is planning to spend £13bn on public transport,
                                                                      construction and urban renewal projects – half as much again
                                                                      as London spent on its Games, but less than half the amount
  Mystified by mortgages?                                             invested by Beijing.
  Perplexes by pensions? Confused                                         Set against a backdrop of golden beaches, lushly forested
                                                                      hills and lagoons lined with palm trees, the next Games has the
  about your consumer rights?                                         potential to be among the most visually stunning ever staged.
  Our experts are on hand to answer                                       Copacabana, a must for sun-worshippers for decades, will
  all kinds of financial and legal                                    host the swimming marathon, beach volleyball and kite surfing.
  questions, so you don’t need to be                                  Rowing will take place in the lagoon below the statue of Christ
                                                                      the Redeemer. The 82,000-capacity Maracanã stadium, which
  baffled any more. Read their advice,                                staged the 1950 World Cup final, is being expensively refitted
  or put a question to them, at                                       and – infuriating many local fans – gentrified by the addition                                                of executive boxes. With golf due to return after a 110-year-
                                                                      absence, officials are also looking to ensure that a local course
                                                                      meets the standards of the organising committee. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page 11 G24 Sport                                                   Sunday August 12 2012   03:30 GMT

   A bigger project is planned further along the coast, where
the city’s Formula One track at Interlagos – part of the Grand
Prix circuit since 1978 – is being demolished, along with several
neighbourhoods, to make space for the Olympic Park. And, of
course, the Sambadrome has been expanded so it can stage
the start and finish of the marathon, as well as the archery
   “The Olympics is going to be much better than the Carnival,”
said Junior Faria, a local resident, as he picked up his daughter
from the school inside the Sambadrome. “It’ll be a festival for
the whole world.”
   But where will they stay? Faced by a dire shortage of tourist
beds (there are currently only 20,000), Rio has offered tax
breaks and other incentives to encourage hotel operators to
expand. The old port looks set to be the major beneficiary
of government spending. As London used the Olympics to
revitalise swaths of the East End, Rio plans to redevelop a five
million square metre area in its long-neglected docklands.
Whether everything on this and other projects will be
completed on time remains to be seen.
   According to the local media, 41 of the 101 projects listed
for the World Cup are still on the drawing board, prompting
increasingly anguished warnings from Fifa about the slow pace
of preparations. Olympic organisers say they are on schedule.
   But the World Cup and Olympic Games will also throw a
light on some darker corners of national life. Crime is a major
concern. Soon after Rio won the right to host the World Cup and
Olympics, thousands of troops and police were dispatched to
“pacify” the city’s favelas. Residents near the Catumbi favela,
which is close to the Sambadrome, say that they feel safer, but
the problem of guns and drugs has been pushed out of sight
rather than solved.
   Olympic organisers have also been accused by Amnesty and
others of riding roughshod over residents’ rights and cultural
heritage in their rush to clear land for venues and hotels.
   The authorities stress that their actions are within the
law. It is harder, however, to dismiss the endemic problem of
corruption and maladministration. Watchdog groups say that
the velodrome, built just five years ago for the Pan-American
Games, may have to be demolished and rebuilt because it does
not meet Olympic standards.
   The Maracanã stadium is having to undergo another £280m
facelift, which has been partly disrupted by a bribery scandal
involving one the country’s biggest construction companies,
   Britain and Brazil were at the same level in the medal table
for Atlanta 1996, but there has been a big change since, due
largely to UK lottery funding. Brazil’s minister for sport, Aldo
Rebelo, said his country would improve training programmes
for athletes so that it could improve its podium performance,
but stressed that the legacy of the Games was about more than
medals and infrastructure projects.
   “We want Brazil to be seen as a country that balances
economic progress with social wellbeing,” he said. “This will be
a very important message for the world.” © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                               

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