Happy Thanksgiving catering menu

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					Happy Thanksgiving
catering menu
This year relax and let us do all the work.
Chef Chris Holloway has assembled a menu that fuses the
classics with a bit of flair.
Pick up your meal and follow the chef’s simple reheating tips.
Your holiday meals will be delicious and delightfully easy.

     University Mall • 201 S. Estes Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 ph (919) 929-7133 • Fax (919) 942 9274
          Hours: M-Th 10-7, F 10-9, Sat 10-7, Sun 11-6
             Appetizer Platters                                            Salads
    Great for parties, light suppers, and open houses.
                                                                    Blood Orange Salad
                                                             with olive oil and shaved red onion
      Handmade Miniature Potato Latkes                                       $9.99/lb
    with sour cream and our own apple sauce                  Fennel, Apple, and Arugula Salad
                     $1.00/ea                                             $9.99/lb

  A Southern Season Country Ham Biscuits
                                                              1 quart serves approximately 4 people
                                                               Bill Neal’s Apple and Celeriac
           Miniature Beef Wellingtons                                       $7.75/qt
    with rosemary demi-glace or horseradish
                                                                     Butternut Squash

                  Pâté Platter                                         Side Dishes
Medallions of black truffled foie gras, coarse pork           1 pound serves approximately 4 people
pâté, duck mousse, duck rillettes, vegetable pâté,
        brandied cherries, and cornichons                Chestnut and Pancetta Stuffing $6.99/lb
               Sm $45, M $60, Lg $75
                                                         Rustic Porcini and Onion Stuffing $6.99/lb

               Charcuterie Platter                                   Mashed Potatoes
     A sampling some of the finest meats in               with sour Cream and horseradish $6.99/lb
 the world—Ibérico Ham, Cantimpalo Chorizo,
Toscano Salami, Speck Alto Adige, Soppressata,                 Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
      Prosciutto di Parma San Daniele, and                 with fresh chives and tarragon $6.99/lb
    Jamón Serrano—garnished with roasted
            peppers, figs, and olives                            Whipped Sweet Potatoes
               Sm $45, M $60, Lg $75                     with brown sugar and pecan crust $7.99/lb

                                                            Roasted Brussell Sprouts $7.99/lb
      American Artisan Cheese Selection
     An assortment of hand-crafted cheeses                    Green Bean Casserole          $5.99/lb
          from North Carolina, Virginia,
           Washington, and Wisconsin                        Roasted Root Vegetables          $8.99/lb
              Sm $45, M $60, Lg $75
              Smoked Fish Platter                                       Turkey Gravy
Smoked Scottish and Norwegian salmon, sable,                            $4.99/pt $7.99/qt
sturgeon, peppered bluefish, and whitefish salad,
 garnished with olives, caperberries, salmon roe,            Apple, Leek and Cranberry Relish
          crème fraîche, lemon, and dill                              $5.99/pt $8.99/qt
               Sm $45, M $55, Lg $65                         Fresh Cranberry - Orange Relish
                                                                      $6.99/pt $9.99/qt
                                                                    Persimmon Chutney
          We also have a full array of
 caviars, blinis, and accoutrements available.                          $6.99/pt $9.99/qt

       Fresh Local Heritage Breed Turkey                          Boneless Honey-Cured Ham
 Triple B Farms, in Bullock, NC, provides turkeys       Traditionally cured, hickory-smoked, and patiently
    that are pasture-raised, antibiotic free, and        aged to intensify the hearty flavor, this delicious
hormone free. Take a delicious bird home to cook             ham is fully cooked and ready-to-serve.
   yourself or allow us to get it ready for you to                          $55.00/5-6 lb
simply reheat. We suggest 1½ pounds per person.
              8 guests = 12-lb turkey.
         $7.99/lb oven ready $11.99/lb roasted                  North Carolina Smoked Turkey
                   While Supplies Last.                     Slow-smoked to moist, tender perfection,
                                                             these grand gobblers are ready-to-eat,
                                                          whether you go cold turkey for sandwiches or
                                                            serve your bird hot with all the trimmings.
           Vegetarian Stuffed Pumpkin                     $35.00/Breast, 5-6 lb $45.00/ Whole Turkey, 8-10 lb
     With local root vegetables, chanterelle
  mushrooms, fennel, and a white wine sauce.
         A beautiful and edible centerpiece!                Call for availability of geese, turducken,
 Small (feeds 8-10) $24.99 Large (feeds 12-14) $34.99         whole ducks, rabbits, and capon.

              Braised Pheasant                                           Bread & Rolls
       With apricots, white wine, and gin.
                    $15.99/lb                                            Assorted Scones

                                                                            French Rolls
                      Tronchetta                                               99¢/ea
   A traditional Italian entrée. Natural pork loin
  stuffed with garlic, rosemary, and sage slow-                          Butter Croissant
roasted and served over a bed of fennel, apples,                             $1.79/ea
                  and cider vinegar
                        $10.99/lb                                          Harvest Bread

                                                                     Cranberry Pecan Bread
                Heavenly Ham
      Bone in, whole-roasted, spiral sliced.
                                                                        Mini Corn Muffins
      We suggest 1 ½ pounds per person.

                                                              Don’t forget our Wine Department
                                                              with over 2000 wines, including the
                                                                   perfect one for your meal.
              Cakes & Pies                                            In the Case
                                                     In addition to this menu we will have the following
                                                    items in the chef’s case the week of Thanksgiving.
           New York Cheesecake                        Stop by and pick up that side dish that will really
            6” $24.99 10” $39.99                       round out you meal, or just sample to help plan
                                                    you Thanksgiving celebration. Also, check out our
                                                      cheese and charcuterie selections, which make
           Egg Nog Cheesecake                                  easy and delicious appetizers.
       Laced with rum and nutmeg, and
      topped with white chocolate curls.                               Autumn Slaw
             6” $24.99 10” $39.99
                                                               Roasted Brussels Sprouts
                                                                     with pancetta
       NC Apple & Cranberry Gallette
         In house-made puff pastry.                           Cranberry-Pecan Orzo Salad
           Small $22.99 Large $34.99
                                                                     Beef Tenderloin

         Flourless Chocolate Cake                                   Fennel & Apples
 With hazelnuts and candied orange peel and                        with cider vinaigrette
    topped with dark chocolate ganache.
          Small $24.99 Large $39.99                              Coca-Cola Glazed Ham

                                                                Port-Glazed Pearl Onions
                   Bûche de Noël
A holiday tradition—moist yellow Génoise cake                         Chorizo Hash
is rolled and filled with succulent raspberry jam
   and rich chocolate filling. Our hand-poured          Pumpkin & Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée
   chocolate glaze is decorated with holly red
  berries, buttercream pinecones, and perfect                    Egg Nog Crème Brûlée
             marzipan mushrooms.
            Small $22.99 Large $42.99                            And Much, Much More

               Red Velvet Cake
          With cream cheese frosting                  Our platters are perfectly prepared, garnished,
             6” $24.99 10” $49.99                   and ready to serve—bring in your favorite serving
                                                     piece or use ours! Cancellations made within 24
                                                    hours of your date will incur the full charge of the
                   Pies                             order. Larger orders may incur additional charges.
       Apple with Latice; Key Lime;
  Pumpkin; Pecan; Sweet Potato-Buttermilk                            To place an order:
                  $22.99                                        call 919-913-1218 or email

            Ricotta Cheesecake                                Orders must be placed by
        With orange and pine nut crust                   Monday, November 23nd for pick up on
             6” $24.99 10” $49.99                            Wednesday, November 25th.

                                                     We will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas,
                                                                  and New Year’s Day.

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