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    icenet recognises that businesses increasingly consider IT services to be a commodity or utility and so
    provides its software as a fully hosted service. Hosting facilities are obtained from NetServices PLC,
    a specialist Aim listed provider of business and enterprise level managed hosting services in the UK,
    which hosts some of the largest and most well known brands and companies in the world.

    icenet’s commitment to the hosting service ensures that customers are insulated from ongoing costly
    capital expenditure and instead are provided with a predictable monthly cost. Additionally, they can
    rest assured that operational management of their IT environment is in safe hands employing best
    practice in data management.

    The key benefits that icenet customers obtain
    from the hosting service include:

    •     Reduced cost - elimination of start up          •     Security – that software and data is subject
          IT investment and insulation from                     the most stringent levels of resilience,
          expensive hardware upgrades                           integrity and protection
    •     Comfort – in the knowledge that systems         •     Independence – from the need to employ a
          are professionally managed and controlled             dedicated IT team

    Access to the hosting environment can either           security and integrity is paramount. In addition
    be achieved through the public internet or             to requiring user name and password logons,
    through your own dedicated private network,            IP addresses are also validated ensuring that
    which can be provided by icenet.                       the systems and data can only be accessed
                                                           from a ‘known’ user community. Where truly
    In either case, extensive security protection          ‘public’ users are granted access, then access
    using SSL 128 bit data encryption, Cisco               is restricted and appropriately controlled.
    routers and firewalls is employed including
    intrusion detection tools to ensure that data

    Data is the lifeblood of your business and             Each of the individual sites has significant
    needs to be protected from every                       in-built redundancy so that the service cannot
    eventuality. That’s why the icenet hosting             be compromised by the failure of a single
    service is provided from twin data centres             component. Additionally, full load balancing,
    located in Manchester and Salford which are            ensuring optimum performance, is provided at
    connected by a high speed network in an                each site.
    active/active configuration, ensuring that data
    on one site is replicated on the other and             Power redundancy is achieved through
    automatically transfers users to the standby           dedicated uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
    site in the unlikely event that the primary site is    in each of the server cabinets, supplemented
    unavailable.                                           by a site UPS and diesel generators. Diverse
                                                           network routing is also provided.

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Naturally, physical and electronic data security                                            anti-ram raid bars at all exposure points.
is vital and as you would expect from a leading                                             Additionally, buildings are constructed with
company such as NetServices this forms a                                                    double skinned wall and roofs. Fire
critical element of the service and includes                                                suppression systems are provided at building
24hour patrolled security, CCTV cameras and                                                 level.

icenet data centre
               outside world

                                                                                      MPLS WAN
               network secutiry/switching

                                            internet               cisco pix 525                  dark fibre
                                            breakout               active/active                  to telecity

                                              primary cisco 2950 switch             secondary cisco 2950 switch

                                                  session state server          network load balanced server
               web services layer

                                                                                                  interfaces to:
                                                                                                  • broker interfaces
                                                                                                  • funder interfaces

                                                                                                  • address validation
                                                                                                  • asset valuation
                                                                                                  • pricing validation


                                                 session state server          network load balanced server
               application services layer

               domain & database services

                                                                                                  • credit agencies
                                                                                                  • document

                                                                                                  • reporting services
                                                                                                  • fax services

To find out more about hosting, or any of the services and solutions that icenet offer, please
contact us on +44 (0)8707 542 323 or visit our website at

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