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					                                                                                                     CURRICULUM VITAE
       PERSONAL DETAILS:                                                                                          Style Definition: Default Paragraph Font
                                                                                                        SIMON J HAINES
       Address      :                  Forestville

       Mobile Telephone                0410 717 285
       Date of Birth:                  05.12.1974
       Marital Status:                 Married
       Dependants                      1

        Technical Leadership
        Project Management
        ITIL Knowledge and understanding of BS150000
        Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate technically and in the boardroom
        Thorough technical understanding of all aspects of infrastructure & messaging
        Internet Security Standards
        Strong technical ability of server builds and network implementation
        Experienced in broadband network architecture
        Network administration including DNS Administration and Security Concepts
        Technical understanding of Industry Standard Firewalls
        Ability to diagnose faults quickly and calmly and take necessary action
        Strong knowledge and understanding of network protocols
        Practical knowledge of Routers, Bridges and cabling etc.

        Lotus IBM – Diamond – Devised architecture plan for Philips Business Electronics Sector
        Solvay Pharmaceuticals – Global hosting of 27k Mailboxes throughout 50 countries.
        HP & Critical Path – Author of Hosted Messaging Technical Guide & Sales Guide
        Rexam PLC – Migrated Domino R4-R5 globally and implemented acquired Exchange backbone
        Wilh. Wilhelmsen Shipping – Global hosting including ship to shore email

       Simon has over 12 years within the IT industry, specializing in unified messaging and infrastructure,
       delivering technical services to SMB and Enterprise customers, with user’s bases ranging from 500 to
       over 100,000 users. A natural technical leader with the ability to guide less experienced staff in best
       practices and always willing to assist others where possible and appropriate. He has the ability to
       think dynamically in challenging situations; providing innovative and technical solutions.

       Simon was born in England and has had an extensive and successful IT career in London, and
       throughout Europe and the USA.. He migrated with his Australian wife in 2003 and is living in
       Sydney. He is looking to regain his career success he achieved within the European market.


       Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) August 2000
       Certified Lotus Professional R5 (CLP) November 1998
       Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) 1995
                                                                                                   CURRICULUM VITAE
                                                                                                      SIMON J HAINES


Volante Group                     Senior Systems Consultant         Sydney                       4-6 Week
Primary Applications              Windows Server 2003
                                  Microsoft Exchange 2003

Main Responsibilities:
    Design multiple sites Active Directory with low bandwidth over 17 sites for large hotel group.
    Ensure smooth migration process and provide technical detail to a low level.
    Provide Implementation & Migration Plan
    Provide a site architecture template, to enable the acquisition and disposal process

His role is to provide a extensive technical and business driven Active Directory design for a large
Australian hotel group, to enable centralised management and a central Exchange 2003 service liaise
with key staff members from CFO to IT general managers to obtain required information at a business
and technical level for design. He has gathered information by holding workshops with the client, and
also site surveys have been sent to remote sites to complete.

Fiduciary Portfolio               Messaging Manager              Tasmania &           Feb 04 to Feb 05
Management Corp.                                                 Tokyo
FPMC are a international portfolio management company, dealing with clients who have a personal
net worth in excess of US$5m, Primarily based within Tokyo and London, attracting a CEO client base
of major international blue chips

Primary Applications:             Microsoft Exchange 2003 E2K3
                                  Windows Server 2003 (RC1, RC2, RC3, RTM)
Main Responsibilities:
     Design and implement Global Messaging and Distributed File Store
     Ensure anti-spam and virus protection.
     Administer and provide 24/7 support for a global user base of 1500
     Provide Sun Java Extensions and a SOAP XML Platform for sales applications

Design and Implement hosted mail service and ensure 24/7 server availability at 2 datacenters
London and Tokyo, and provide mail only support to users, he implemented a support pocket book to
assist users before calling in country support,. He has been able to support the platform from his
remote location. He has traveled overseas when required.

United Messaging Inc.              Pre/Post Senior Consultant – London - Dec 2000 to Dec 2003
United Messaging a success story, an independent messaging company, founded by former
Lotus UK VP hosting mainstream applications Exchange and Domino mail to companies such as
McDonalds, GM Ford, complimented by a professional services team, servicing Barclays, Equant and
those alike.

Primary Applications:             MS Exchange 5.5/2k Lotus Domino R4 R5 R6
                                  Message Control
                                  Critical Path/HP Hosted Messaging Platform

Main Responsibilities:
     Leading the implementation of messaging services to key EMEA accounts.
     Technical liaison with clients, including management of incidents with the US based NOC
                                                                                                    CURRICULUM VITAE
       Delivering best practice guidelines for US bases Engineering and Operations staff.              SIMON J HAINES
       Technical Account Management – from Full DNS evaluation – including best practice and security.
       Firewall Architecture and security.
       Liaison officer and technical representative to ITIL co-ordination team
       Liaising with third party ISP’s regarding DNS management and change control.
       Provide Account Managers with Technical sales support.
       Provisioning of Bandwidth requirements over global Wide area network topology.

Key Achievements:
     Lead on messaging services to the biggest EMEA accounts for United Messaging, over 25,000 seats.
     Guided Network Operations and Engineering staff in the implementation of DNS and firewall systems.
     Produced best guidelines for US Help Desk staff, to aid rapid resolution of messaging related incidents.
     Provided training to third-party helpdesk in TCPIP and general first line messaging troubleshooting.
     Designed a Global Exchange network under ITIL guidelines for a large global pharmaceutical company.
     Author of Hosted Messaging specification and technical sales guide of Critical Path’s /HP Hosted service

Key Accounts Held:

       Hilton Hotel Group (London, Miami, Chicago, Singapore.)
        Objective: Provide a s Secure Reliable and user friendly communications platform.
        ‘Messaging       Strategy’ project for    World Wide Hotel Group. He delivered a proposal
        to Executive Board        and     key technical staff within the organisation. Proposal was
        built from technical surveys and interviewing staff across the organisational structure.
       Wilh. Wilhelmsen Shipping (Oslo, Norway)
        Hosted Service comprising of 10,000 mailboxes on a Exchange 2000 Platform - Provided
        DNS and Firewall Analysis – Worked with client to achieve ‘Best Practice’ Firewall and
        DNS configuration and security.

       Solvay Group (Brussels, Paris, Houston, London)
        Hosted Service comprising of 25,000 mailboxes on a Exchange 2000 Platform. Attended
        Pre-Sales meetings and lead implementation, provide assistance to HR and Chief Security
        officer with regards to ‘Best Practice Messaging’ Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer Notices,
        and content filtering guided via United Messaging’s legal representative when required.

Rexam PLC - Stevenage Group Messaging Manager                                 June 99 – Dec 2000
The world’s largest consumer packager with an annual turnover in excess of US$ 5Bil employing over
100k employees throughout 60 countries, manufacturing consumer products like the Coke-Cola can
and Absolute Vodka Bottle, a silent household brand,
Reporting to:                      European Network Director
Primary Applications:              Lotus Notes 5.0x Domino 5.0x cc:Mail DB8 - MimeSweeper
                                   Window NT 2000 – Domino 4.6 to 5.0x Exchange 5.5/2000

Main Responsibilities:
    Provide 24/7 Global Email System
    Key Driver of Single Platform Solution
    Proposed and delivered R5 Global Migration Project
    Provide Policies System Procedures and Guidelines under ITIL BS150000 regulations
    Provide Global Message Virus Protection
    Provide Anti-Spam Solution
    Obtain LCP Accreditation

Rexam consist of six business sectors spanning the globe and operates two network centres in the
UK and USA. As Messaging Manager and a member of the ITIL accredited European Network
Centre , He was responsible for the group Messaging service – on a mixed platform consisting of:
Lotus Domino, ccMail and Exchange. He provided Rexam’s businesses with Messaging Support. and
had over 53 remote administrators reporting to him.
                                                                                                            CURRICULUM VITAE
                                                                                                               SIMON J HAINES

Allied Domecq , Bristol -               Notes Implementation Co-ordinator                     Nov 98     Mar 99
Lotus IBM, Netherlands                  Lotus Domino Consultant                               Apr 97     Sep 98
Origin UK, Cambridge                    Lotus Domino Consultant                               Jan 97     Apr 97
Specialist Computer Centres,            Lotus Notes Consultant                                Nov 95     Sep 96

Further IT contracts details available on request,

Contact details available on request after interview.

Skills Matrix

                                                                                                             - 5 Expert   Formatted Table
 Platform                                           Skills                                                     Grade
 Mail Platforms
 Lotus Domino 4x 5x 6x                              Design, Implementation, Migration, Administration.            5
                                                    Migration to Exchange
 cc:Mail DB8/9                                      Domino                                                        5
                                                    Migration, Co-
 Exchange Server 5.5                                existenceexistance                                            4
                                                    Design Implementation, co-
 Exchange Server 2000                               existenceexistance                                            4
 Exchange Server 2003                               Design Implement, Administration                              3
                                                    Migration to Exchange
 GroupWise 4.x 5.x                                  Domino                                                        4

 Server Platforms
 Windows Server 2003 (RC1, RC2, RC3, RTM)           Design Implementation, Administration                         4
 Windows 2000 Advanced Server                       Design Implementation, Administration                         5
 Windows 2000 Server                                Design Implementation, Administration                         5
 Windows NT                                         Design Implementation, Administration & Migrations            5

 Back Office
 SQL Server 2000                                    Implement                                                     2
 Internet Information Server (IIS)                  Implement                                                     3
 Internet Acceleration & Security Server (ISA)      Implement                                                     3
 Routing & Remote Access Services (RRAS)            Implement                                                     3

 Directories                                                                                                      4
 Active Directory                                   Design Implementation, Administration                         4
                                                    Working Migration
 NDS                                                Knowledge                                                     3
 CP META Directory                                  Design Implementation Administration                          4

 Perimeter Solutions
 DNS Security & Config                              Config & Best Practices                                       5
 Firewall Security & Config                         Best Practices                                                5
                                          CURRICULUM VITAE
Cisco Routers   Config & Best Practices      SIMON J HAINES
Cisco Pix       Best Practices               5

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