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In association with the Danish Cultural Institute


									                     LECT INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES 2006/7

                        UK/ Denmark Job Shadowing Programme
                       In association with the Danish Cultural Institute

This job-shadowing programme, will offer the successful applicants the opportunity
to work in a Danish school alongside their job-shadowing partner, for up to two
weeks. They will observe the school they are visiting, will share their skills and
interests with the host school, teach classes, and will be given the opportunity to visit
other local schools during their stay.

Denmark has long had historical and trading links with the British Isles. English is
widely spoken to a high level of fluency, which together with its close proximity to the
UK makes Denmark an ideal partner for educational collaboration. UK participants in
this programme will have the opportunity to:

      Explore potential school links.
      Witness another European education system in practice.
      Benefit their school by hosting a teacher from another European country.

There is no language requirement for UK participants. All Danish participants
                            speak fluent English.

This is a reciprocal initiative and the successful UK applicants must be able to host
the Danish teacher in their own school. Applicants must have the support of their
head teacher. This has been designed as a home stay programme, with visiting
teachers living in the homes of their hosts, and applicants should be able to provide
their partner with suitable accommodation.

The precise date and duration of the visits will be agreed between the partners.

LECT will fund:

      An economy class ticket to Denmark
      Onward travel within Denmark to the host school
      Any commuting costs between your host’s home and school

LECT will not fund

      Supply cover costs - visits are expected to take place in school holidays
      Any personal travel costs (i.e. not related to your school visits)
For further information and an application pack please contact Mirkka Juntunen Completed forms (3 copies as indicated on the form)
should be sent to:

Mirkka Juntunen
7 Lion Yard
Tremadoc Road
Fax: 0870 770 2637

Please note that this programme is ongoing and as such there is no deadline
for receiving applications. However, you should not expect an immediate
response as applications have to be sent to Denmark for assessment /
matching. We will contact you as soon as we have heard from our Danish
partners whether your application has been successful.

Further information about all LECT programmes is available on our website

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