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									Gabrielle Reagan
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Whether you crave smokin’ BBQ, Pad Thai, or a late-night burrito, Syracuse has just

the spot for you. But a hankering for homemade comfort food that fills the stomach

and warms the soul- where do you go?

Opening June TK, Beer Belly Deli & Pub at 508 Westcott Street provides much

needed satisfaction, dishing out cuisine worthy of a heartfelt “made with love” tag

signed mom. Pulling inspiration from Euro-infused gastro pubs, buy local-eat local

delicatessens, and heavenly French patisseries, Beer Belly Deli, owned by Syracuse

locals Lauren Monforte Luzinski and Brandon Roe, offers an eclectic menu boasting

hand-carved deli sandwiches, potpies, savory soups, and homemade baked goods at

an affordable price.

“The heart will be deli comfort food,” Luzinski said.

Luzinski’s dreamt up Beer Belly Deli at the age of sixteen but after college, took a

five-year detour in environmental law. Last year during a midday hate-my-life

moment at the office, Luzinski found Deli space- her escape from law- on Craigslist.

The space, vacant since Seven Rays closed in 2010, is part of a larger neighborhood

renovation headed by Norm Roth. TK

“I want it to be a place a bear would hang out.” Roe said.

Furnished with natural wood accents and big comfy couches, Beer Belly Deli is

something of a den. Head inside this cozy nook, and pair various pub grub; a

sandwich piled high with oven-roasted turkey or slow-cooked beef paired with

deep-fried veggies or retro diner inspired sides like beer-battered green beans, a

favorite of Roe. To quench your thirst, Beer Belly Deli offers both a sophisticated

wine list and craft beer selection pouring from more than a dozen revolving taps.

And satisfy that sweet tooth daily baked goods fresh from the oven including

cookies, cupcakes, and pretzels.

Beer Belly Deli is open Tuesday though Thursday, 11:30 am – 2am and features

daily specials as well as vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. TK Sunday


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Unlike larger cities, in Syracuse hot new restaurant openings are rare.

So go ahead, eat your heart out Syracuse.


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