Guidance for Accessing AWP Systems via Citrix

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					Guidance for Accessing AWP Systems via Citrix

Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP) make their IT systems available to PCs with
access to NHSnet located on sites operated by other Trusts (and some Councils) through the use of a
technology called Citrix. This solution allows AWP to publish either specific applications, such as Maracis, or a
full desktop to machines not owned by the AWP.

To access our system in this way you will need to arrange three things

1. Access to a computer on the host organisations site.

To use the AWP Citrix service you will first need to access a PC connected to NHSnet provided by the host
organisation. By contacting the host organisation’s IT department you should be able to confirm that your
proposed use of their system to access the AWP Citrix solutions is acceptable, will not breach any IT policies
they have put in place and that the PC(s) you want to use are capable of accessing the AWP System.

If you do not currently have access to PCs on the site in question or if you need a new PC you will need to
arrange this using the correct processes for the hosting organisation (usually via their IT department).

2. The host organisation’s IT department will need to configure their network and any PCs

You will need to arrange with the host organisation’s IT department to set up their network to allow access to the
AWP Citrix servers and configure any PC you wish to use with the correct client software.

To test the connection:
It is possible that the ability to connect is already in place. To test if it is, please do the following from any PC:
 Open a DOS box.
 Enter “telnet 1494” (without the quotes) and press Enter:
         o If you get a telnet box open with the words “ICA” in it, then the connection is working. You can close
              the box (using the ‘x’ in the corner) and go straight to Step 3.
         o If instead you get a message like “Cannot connect….” then the host organisation’s IT Dept need to
              do the following:

 The web interface server is (
 The presentation servers are to
 Access will be needed on TCP ports 80 and 443 for the web interface and TCP port 1494 for the
 presentation servers.

 For sites that don’t use the NHSnet DNS servers a entry will be needed on the local DNS servers for
 “AWPcitrix” pointing to

 The client PC will either need the ActiveX Plug-in or the full version of Citrix Program Neighbourhood
 installed. The ActiveX component is available from the login screen of the web interface server.

 If you also require the ability to print out to a printer provided by the host organisation you will need to
 get them to contact AWP to determine if this is possible and if so we can arrange to configure the two
 organisation’s systems to support this.

 The technical contact at AWP for this work is:
 Richard Burge
 IT Operations Manager
 Tel 01225 731766
 Fax 01225 731711
3. An AWP IT account and the correct workgroup membership

To access the AWP Citrix system you will need a AWP logon. If you are an existing AWP user and already have
an account (sometimes referred to as an RVN number), all you need to do to gain access to Citrix is complete a
IMT03 requesting access to the “XT_Citrix_Desktop” workgroup.

If you do not currently have an AWP IT account, you first need to complete the appropriate form, either an IMT02
form (for staff employed by AWP), an IMT04 form (for agency temps placed with AWP) or an IMT05 form (for
non-AWP staff) and then a IMT03 for access to the Citrix workgroup. The signatories for this latter workgroup are
Jo Robertson, IT User Support Manager and Dan Newhall, Helpdesk Team Supervisor, both in the IT

Application forms can be found on the AWP Intranet at http://intranet/aup/ and if you or your manager require
help with completing them please contact the AWP IT Helpdesk on 01225 731777.

Accessing the AWP systems

Once the required work has been completed you should be able to access the Trust’s Citrix solution as follows:

   Once you have logged onto the PC at the host
    organisation, open Internet Explorer.

   At NHS sites, enter at other
    sites http://awpcitrix or whatever address has been
    advised by the hosting IT Department.

   You should then be presented with the screen on the

   To log in enter your AWP username (RVN?????) and

Once you have successfully connected you will then be
presented with a screen showing what applications you
have access to. This list will be determined by what
applications you would normally be able to access from a
AWP PC. If you need access to other applications contact
the AWP IT Helpdesk (01225 731777) to arrange access.

You can then start any application by clicking on the
appropriate icon.

    NB: Please be aware that anyone using this method of accessing AWP’s systems will need to visit a
    computer on an AWP site to:
     Get logged on to the system for the first time.
     Change their password if they have not submitted Password Security Q&A’s at first logon.
For SHO’s to obtain access

1.     SHO should complete form Online IMT03 and e-mail to

2.     Eileen will complete form Online IMT02 and forward both IM&T (

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