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									UNIT 7

 A Rose Is A
   The history of Valentine's Day -- and its
    patron saint -- is shrouded in mystery. But we
    do know that February has long been a
    month of romance. St. Valentine's Day, as
    we know it today, contains vestiges of both
    Christian and ancient Roman tradition.
               IN ECUADOR

Ecuador has been blessed with an incomparable geography. Ecuador
boasts a beautiful coastline, fantastic biological diversity in the Amazon
Jungle and, of course, a breathtaking scenery of the Andes Mountains.

   As a newly discovered destination
    for the adventure traveler, much
    of Ecuador remains untamed and
    largely uncharted, yet it is
    surprisingly easy to enjoy. An
    extensive infrastructure is quickly
    being developed to accommodate
    the increasing demands of
    tourism, making Ecuador just as
    amenable to shoestring
    backpackers looking for
    serendipitous adventure as it is to
    luxury travelers.
   Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged
    from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others
    being Ecuador and Venezuela). A 40-year insurgent
    campaign to overthrow the Colombian Government
    escalated during the 1990s, undergirded in part by
    funds from the drug trade. Although the violence is
    deadly and large swaths of the countryside are under
    guerrilla influence, the movement lacks the military
    strength or popular support necessary to overthrow the
    government. An anti-insurgent army of paramilitaries
    has grown to be several thousand strong in recent
    years, challenging the insurgents for control of territory
    and illicit industries such as the drug trade and the
    government's ability to exert its dominion over rural
I.   Reading Comprehension

     1. Why selling roses is
     no longer a beautiful
     experience for traditional
     flower-shops? up. & dis.

     2. Which shop is
     typically a discount rose
                 Rose only
3. What is the lowest price for a
dozen short-stem roses in 90s?

4. What is the lowest price for a
dozen of longest stem?

5. What is the highest price for a
dozen roses?
6. How many colors of roses
does the market supply in the
USA? Over 50
7.What is the Rose Only
company’s formula for success?
To hold down the prices

8. How does the Rose Only
promote its selling in a special
way? Via overnight mail
9. Why are US rose growers
going bankrupt? Foreign rose growers from
Colombia and Ecuador…

10. What is the best way to deal
with the overseas rival in rose
industry? To work with them
II. Language Points
distribute contribute
attribute tribute
distribution contribution

  The company aims eventually to ________its
  products throughout the European Union.
  The doctors have ______ the cause of the
  illness to an unknown virus.
  The minister paid ______ to the men who
  had fought the blaze.
  This invention made a major _______ to
  road safety.
Anticipate, participate

   The police are anticipating trouble at
    tomorrow’s football match.
   They anticipate having several applicants for
    the job.
   It’s always better to anticipate a problem
    before it arises than to search for a solution
   The anticipated inflation figure is lower than
    last month’s.

 Once the goods have been paid for they will
  be delivered at your convenience.
 We chose a modern house for
  convenience’s sake – an old one would
  have meant too much work.
convenience store
convenience food

   Unlike normal health-insurance schemes there is
    no discount for group membership.
   Discounts on the price of travel, meals, home
    furnishings, car parts, etc. are available to club
   I bought these shoes at a 40% discount.
   Will you give me a discount for quantity?
    Transform, convert, alter

   A few mirrors will ______ a dark room, making it look
    larger and lighter instantly.

   I took the coat back to the shop to have it ______ed.

   He ______ to his wife’s religion when he got married.

   Whenever a camera was pointed at her, Marilyn would
    instantly transform herself into a radiant star.
contemporary modern
present      current

   Most of the writers he was ________ with
    were interested in the same subject.
   In some schools children study _____ affairs
    as a subject.
   Her attitudes are very ______, considering
    her age.
   Please state your _____ occupation and
    salary on your application.

   Hot water circulates through the heating system.
   The bad news quickly circulated round the office.

 They are studying a group of people with poor
 The old banknotes are being taken out
   of/withdrawn from circulation.
 The paper has a circulation of 150,000.
as if they spent a fortune

   Subjunctive mood

   He lost a fortune gambling.
   The dress cost a fortune.
   Any painting by Van Gogh is worth a fortune.

   a fortune hunter: someone who tries to
    marry a person who has a lot of money

   You can pay for the carpet on delivery.
   We expect to take delivery of our new car next week.

 We’re having pizza delivered for dinner tonight.
 Professor Jones will be delivering a lecture/talk on
  Roman architecture at 5:00 p.m.

   All night long fireworks soared into the sky.
   Soaring property prices have put many people off

 The fall in demand for the company’s products has
  caused its share prices to plunge.
hold down

   We believe wage settlements must be held down to
    avoid inflation.
   He’s never been able to hold down a steady job.

   hold up
   Traffic was held up for several hours by the accident.

   hold on
   Will you hold on while I see who’s at the door?
spray scatter

   He opened a bottle of champagne and it
    _____ all over my dress.
   The policemen blew the whistle and the
    students _____ in all directions.
   The pipe burst and water was spraying
   The car was sprayed with bullets.

 The recession has led to many small
   businesses going bankrupt.
 He believes that modern society is morally
They feared that the loss would bankrupt them.
n. bankruptcy
The toll of bankruptcies was rising daily.
import export

   the import of coffee from South America
   The fashion for wearing baseball hats was
    imported directly from the States.

   American culture has been exported all over
    the world.
   Coffee is one of Brazil’s main exports.
across the entire breadth of

   The breadth of her political vision has long
    been recognized.
   He showed an astonishing breadth of
    learning for one so young.
   He was not known for his breadth of mind.

   Surveys of housing show a trend away from home-
    ownership and towards rented accommodation.
   Sales were 20% lower than last year, continuing the
    downward trend of the last few years.
   Certainly among the middle-classes, there’s a trend
    towards having children in the early or mid-thirties.
   I can’t keep up with all the latest music trends---
    they come and go so rapidly.

  The poll shows that the government is leading by the
   narrowest of margins.
 The august deadline for the project leaves us with no
   margin for error.
 Many small companies operate on very narrow
a. marginal
 The TV channel aims to show programs about
   subjects of marginal interest which will appeal to a
   limited audience.

   Early last year the company researched the
    possibility of launching a new late-night show.
   A devastating attack was launched on the
    rebel stronghold, leaving many of them dead.

 Unemployment in this part of the country is
  virtually non-existent.
a. virtual
 Ten years of incompetent government had
  brought about the virtual collapse of the
  country’s economy.
 Now that the talks have broken down, war in
  the region looks like a virtual certainty.
chase… out of business

   It’s depressing how many people there are
    chasing so few jobs.
   It was one of those boring films with endless
    car chases.
   She’s always chasing cats out of the garden
    to protect the birds which come to the bird

   The president called upon the army to help
    crush the rebellion
   France crushed Wales by 4 to 1 in last
    Saturday’s match in Paris.
   The news that his wife had been killed in the
    accident completely crushed him.
   The news came as a crushing blow.
    good old days

   Tomorrow’s a big day for her---she’s getting
   The latest opinion polls suggest that his days
    as leader are numbered.
   They used to be very popular, but now they
    have had their day.
   “I can remember when you could buy a cinema
    ticket and a big bag of popcorn and still have
    change from a pound.” “Ah, those were the

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