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					                                   ST. JOHN THE BELOVED SCHOOL
                                            September, 2011
Dear Parents,

As we approach time for a DRESS-DOWN DAY, we are sending you our DRESS-DOWN Code.

Grades 1 – 8 adhere to the following dress restrictions for student Dress-Down Days.


Dress-Down Days

Throughout the school year, the Middle School students (sixth – eighth grades) have a monthly dress-down
day, usually associated with holidays and special events. The dates are posted on the monthly school
calendar. Every so often there is a school-wide dress-down day for all grades. These usually have a theme
requiring students to wear specific colors. In this case, notes are sent home with younger grade students,
while the older children are told what they may wear.

Grades K to eight adhere to the following dress restrictions for student Dress- Down Days:
        • No see through or form fitting material (i.e., spandex, lycra, stretch material, velour)
        • No questionable slogans (i.e., Just Do It… Coed Naked…References to alcohol/tobacco)
        • No sheer or see-through clothing
        • No tank tops, spaghetti straps (entire shoulder must be covered)
        • Girls – no low cut tops, no crop tops or midriff exposure
        • No oversized or undersized clothing
        • No pajamas or pajama-style pants
        • No platform or flip flops or open back shoes
        • No sneakers that convert to skates –“heelies”
        • No holes in clothing
        • Socks must be worn
        • All shirts and tops must reach the hips and have sleeves
        • No faddish haircuts or hats
        • No Biker shorts

When a dress-down or “Tag” day occurs on your child’s gym day, your child may dress down but must
wear the regular gym shoes for gym class – no jewelry.

The consequence for an infraction against the dress-down code is a loss of dress down for the next dress-
down day. Parents will be called to bring proper attire if guidelines are not followed.
School Policy: Warm weather uniform may be worn anytime of the year.

                                  Golden Rule: If you aren’t sure, don’t wear it.


                                   DRESS-DOWN CODE SIGNATURE SHEET                                         9/11

PARENTS, to inform us that you have read the above, please sign below and return the
signed slip to us by SEPTEMBER 16, 2011. Thank you.

____________________________________________                                          ________________________
       PARENT SIGNATURE                                                                         Date

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