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									Travis Pastrana
    By: Randon
   Travis has competed in many different
    motorsports. He has done freestyle, motocross,
    supercross, rallying, Nascar, and he has even
    started his own reality TV show on mtv. He is a
    person that does not walk away when he gets
    hurt. He has sustained many injuries and has
    undergone 20 surgeries, yet he still is
    committed to what he loves to do and that is to
    entertain America and to be a star. He is my
    favorite motorsport driver.
Travis at a public appearance before
racing his open class ’09 subaru at the
2009 lake superior performance rally
   Was born on October 8, 1983 in Annapolis,
    Maryland to Robert and Debby.
   At the age of 19 he was seriously injured
    when he wrecked his corvette into a tree.
Travis’s wreck at the age of 14
   He was in the fmx competition and jumped
    his dirt bike of the metal ramp and went to
    do a double back flip and stood his bike up
    in the dirt and he let go of the bike he fell off
    and dislocated his spine form his pelvis.
After the wreck
   After his wreck that put him in a wheel-chair
    for three months he had three blood
    transfusions and while in recovery would do
    pop wheelies in his wheel-chair and he
    vowed to keep jumping motorcycles.
Travis’s injuries
   He has had surgery at least 20 times for
    instants he has had surgery on his right
    knee 9 time.
   His left knee 6 times and his thumb 1 time
    and 1 on his right elbow.
   2 times on his back and his left wrist 1 time.
One of Travis's record jumps
   In January Travis officially set a new world record
    in a ramp-to-ramp car jump. He jumped his rally
    car off the Pine Street Pier onto a floating barge
    anchored in long beach’s rainbow harbor,
    shattering the existing mark of 171 feet and
    establishing a new world distance record of
    269 feet. To celebrate, after getting out of his car,
    he performed a gainer from the landing ramp into
    the harbor below.
Travis at the x-games
Travis and the rest of his friends.
   Travis and the rest of Nitro Circus
    appeared in the music video for Spaceship
    by Puddle of Mudd
Rallying and his TV show
   In 2003 he opened his rallying car career.
    Then in 2009 he started a show on mtv its
    name is nitro circus the director’s name is
    Johnny Knoxville and he put some of his
    friends in it to.

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