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Which Are The Best Free Music Apps For Your Smart Phone


									Which Are The Best Free Music Apps For Your
Smart Phone?
There is hardly anyone anymore who does not own a smart phone or does not aspire to possess a smart
phone. And there is no smart phone available now that does not play the music of your choice.
What a lot of folks who use smart phones face is that after spending a large amount of money on
buying a smart phone, one usually has no or hardly any money to buy apps for the device.
Luckily for the music lover who owns a smart phone, there are a whole lot of free music apps
available for you. Whether you own an Apple iPhone, or a Palm Web OS or a Google Android, or a
Blackberry; if you like to stream music to your phone, you will need some smart and free music apps
for your phone.

Free Music Apps music and videos to your phone
An ultimate streaming device for the Android phone if you have one is the Imeem. This free music app
works in the same way as Pandora or LastFM does, converting your smart phone into your own
personal jukebox. The app allows you to listen to and save your own songs and artist stations and even
make customized playlists. The app has a great engine for recommending music and gives you superb
sound quality as well. Another advantage that this free music app is that it allows you to download
songs to your phone and even pass over songs that you do not like that much.
Tunewiki is another great free music app that comes with Android phones. The app allows you to
download music and videos to your phone and play songs that you have already saved. In addition, like
any other free music app worth its name, it allows you to stream music and video live. There are
several features that make the Tunewiki special. This free music app shows you mapped charts of
music playing across the world. It even has an additional feature that lets you post comments on the
music that is currently playing.
A very popular free music app is the Pandora Radio. This app comes with bonus features like free
album art, bios of artists and a remarkable catalogue of music that you can delve into.

Most popular free music apps
A free music app that comes with the iPhone is OurStage. While this free music app does not does not
come with the massive catalogue of songs that the other free music apps that Pandora Radio and
LastFM do, this free music app does you the freedom of several genres you can choose from. In
addition, it lets you save your favorites in a playlist. What is more, the app even recommends music
based on your choices.
While these are perhaps the best and definitely the most popular of the free music apps available now,
they are certainly not the only ones. Browse among the free music apps available today to see what
works best for you and your smart phone.

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