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Delaware by hedongchenchen


Delaware is
located in the
State Capital


                        The First State
                                     State Nickname
Delaware became a state on December 7, 1787.

               Delaware was:
                      • the 1st state added to the United
                      • one of the original 13 colonies.

                                  Abbreviation: DE
State Flag
What the symbols mean…

                         •The sheaf of wheat and ear of
                         Indian corn ~ Delaware’s
                         •The ox ~ animal husbandry
                         •The farmer holding his hoe ~
What the symbols mean…

                         •The sailing ship ~ the ship-
                         building industry
                         •The musket-toting American
                         soldier ~ the military
                         •The Delaware River ~
                         Delaware's Atlantic coastal
Official State Flower
                         The Peach Blossom
       Delaware was once the leading
       producer of peaches in the United

                                           They are light pink in color.
                                           They usually grow to be 15-25
                                           feet high and will bear fruit once
                                           they are 3-4 years old.
State Song
                                                 Our Delaware
                                            Written by George B. Hynson
                                             Composed by M. S. Brown
 Oh the hills of dear New Castle,              Dear old Sussex visions linger,         Oh our Delaware! Our beloved
 and the smiling vales between,                Of the holly and the pine,              Delaware!
 When the corn is all in tassel,               Of Henlopens Jeweled finger,            For the sun is shining over our
 And the meadowlands are green;                Flashing out across the brine;          beloved Delaware,
 Where the cattle crop the clover,             Of the gardens and the hedges,          Oh our Delaware! Our beloved
 And its breath is in the air,                 And the welcome waiting there,          Delaware!
 While the sun is shining over                 For the loyal son that pledges          Heres the loyal son that pledges,
 Our beloved Delaware.                         Faith to good old Delaware.             Faith to good old Delaware
 {Chorus}                                      {Chorus}
 Where the wheat fields break and billow,      From New Castle's rolling meadows,
 In the peaceful land of Kent,                 Through the fair rich fields of Kent,
 Where the toiler seeks his pillow,            To the Sussex shores hear echoes,
 With the blessings of content;                Of the pledge we now present;
 Where the bloom that tints the peaches,       Liberty and Independence,
 Cheeks of merry maidens share,                We will guard with loyal care,
 And the woodland chorus preaches              And hold fast to freedom's presence,            Click to hear
 A rejoicing Delaware.                         In our home state Delaware.                     Our Delaware
 {Chorus}                                      {Chorus}                                         on YouTube
State Bird

                              The Blue Hen Chicken

         •Became the official state bird on April 14, 1939
         •Used during the Revolutionary War by the men of Captain Jonathan
         Caldwell's company for entertainment by making the chickens fight
         •This group of men fought so bravely during the war that people began
         comparing them to these fighting cocks.
State Marine Animal

                             The Horseshoe Crab

       •Chosen as Delaware’s official marine animal on June 25, 2002.
       •Live primarily in shallow ocean waters on soft sandy or muddy bottoms
       •Delaware Bay is the home to more Horseshoe Crabs than any other
       place in the world
State Marine Animal

                                The Horseshoe Crab

                                 Important to humankind:
                                    •Eyes are used in vision studies (their 10
                                    eyes have a structure similar to the human
                                    •Blood is used to detect bacterial poisons in
                                    some human medications
         Click to view movies       •Shell contains a natural polymer used to
         about the horseshoe
                                    make bandages.
               Delaware Memorial Bridge
                          •The second longest twin span suspension bridge
                          in the world
                          •Opened in 1951
                          •Stretches 13,200 feet to connect Delaware and
                          New Jersey

•Over 80,000 cars drive
over the bridge daily

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