The Master Scuba Diver Programme

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Scuba Diver
    The PADI
Master Scuba Diver
   Join the best of the best in recreational
    scuba diving.
   Live the dive lifestyle and explore the
    underwater world like never before.
   A rating that puts you in a class of
    distinction. The Black belt of diving.
   You earn it by diving it writing your ticket
    to endless adventure through experience
    and training that sets you apart .
   Highest non professional level a diver can
   Denotes Superior achievement and

• The PADI Advanced Open Water

• The PADI Rescue Diver (equivalent)

• Any 5 PADI Speciality ratings

• Proof of 50 Logged dives

• A sense of adventure, exploration,
  excitement and a passion for diving
                      Which Speciality?
Cavern Diver, Deep Diver, Equipment Specialist, Ice Diver, Night Diver, Research Diver, Search
  and Recovery Diver, Underwater Navigator, Underwater Photographer, Wreck Diver, Altitude
  Diver, Boat Diver, Drift Diver, Dry Suit Diver, Multilevel Diver, Underwater Naturalist, Peak
       Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Videographer, Distinctive Specialist (varied).

      • It depends on what you
        want to achieve, living in
        Brisbane and diving locally
        we would recommend
        Deep Diver, Enriched Air
        Nitrox, Wreck Diver,
        Underwater Navigation and
        Equipment Specialist.
     that you…
• Try out the most popular
  specialty diving activities

• Increase your underwater

• Explore new environments
             Brisbane Dive Academy
    recommends that you try the following
• Enriched Air Diver
• Deep Diver
• Wreck Diver
• Underwater Navigator
• Equipment Specialist
  A few facts: signing on, time and
       popular specialities ….
• Chat to your instructor who is a diving
education specialist, they will best
inform you as how to go about
embarking on this programme
• The programme can take anything
from several months to several years to
complete, you will decide the pace of
becoming a Master Scuba Diver
• Many divers choose to complete the 50
dives and several speciality courses on
an away trip.
• Which is the most popular
       speciality course? …the one
       that most appeals to you
    Advanced Open Water Diver
•   Exploration, Excitement, Experiences.
•   You don’t have to be “advanced” to take it
     –   it’s designed so you can go straight into it after
         entry level training.
•   Increase your confidence and build your
    scuba skills so you can become more
    comfortable in the water.
•   Build on what you’ve learned and
    develops new capabilities by introducing
    you to new activities and new ways to
    have fun scuba diving.
•   The Fun Part: Your Choice
     –   Choose from 15 types of Adventure Dives to
         complete your course.
     –   Get credit! Each Adventure Dive in the PADI
         Advanced Open Water Diver course may credit
         toward the first dive of the corresponding PADI
         Specialty Diver course.
                           Rescue Diver
•   “Challenging” and “rewarding” best
    describe the PADI Rescue Diver
    course. Building upon what you’ve
    already learned, this course expands
    on what you already know about how
    to prevent problems, and how to
    manage them if they occur.
•   The Fun Part
     –   The fun part about this course is rising to
         challenges and mastering them. Most divers
         find this course both demanding and
         rewarding, and at the end, say it’s the best
         course they’ve ever taken.
                    Enriched Air Diver
•   PADI’s most popular specialty scuba
    diving course, and it’s easy to see
     –   Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives
         you more no decompression dive time.
     –   This means more time underwater,
         especially on repetitive scuba dives.
•   The Fun Part
     –   You can typically stay down longer and
         get back the water sooner. No wonder
         many divers choose this as their very first
•   Ask your PADI Instructor about how
    you can start your PADI Enriched Air
    Diver course during your PADI Open
    Water Diver course.
                               Deep Diver
•   After your first few scuba dives,
    you soon want to explore a bit
    deeper. There’s something
    exciting and mysterious about the
    depth that attracts dives.
•   Learn techniques for diving in the
    deeper range of 18-40 metres/
    60-130 feet
•   The Fun Part
     –   The fun part about this course is the
         opportunity to explore the deep. It’s
Equipment Specialist Course
• Don’t miss a dive due to a scuba
  gear issue.
   – Whether it's a blown o-ring, regulator
     problem, wetsuit tear or a broken
     fin strap, you can learn how to
     manage basic scuba equipment
     adjustments and scuba equipment
• Learn how your gear works, how
  it’s repair and other information
  that helps you with your
  equipment investment.
• The Fun Part
   – The more you know about how your
     dive gear works, the more
        •   Comfortable you are with it
        •   Performance you get from it
        •   You can care for it
             Underwater Navigator
•   Be the diver everyone wants to
    follow and make your sense of
    direction legendary with the PADI
    Underwater Navigator Specialty
•   The Fun Part
     –   Finding your way is not a matter of
         luck! When everyone’s buzzing about a
         reef or checking out a shipwreck,
         they’re having a great time – until it’s
         time to go. Then they turn to you,
         because as a PADI Underwater
         Navigator, you know the way back to
         the boat.
                            Wreck Diver
•   Whether sunk on purpose as an
    artificial reef or the result of
    mishap, wrecks open fascinating
    windows to the past.
•   Most divers find wrecked ships,
    airplanes and even automobiles
    nearly irresistible because they’re
    intriguing to explore, exciting
    avenues of discovery, and usually
    teeming with aquatic life.
•   Learn the ins and outs of
    rewarding, responsible wreck
•   The Fun Part
     –   Visiting wrecks, unlock mysteries and
         starting to gain the knowledge and
         experience that allows you to see
         things that others overlook.
Digital Underwater Photographer
 •   Underwater photography is one of the
     most popular diving specialties, and
     the rise of digital underwater
     photography has made it easier and
     more fun than ever.
 •   The PADI Digital Underwater
     Photographer course gets you going
     quickly with today modern digital
     equipment, whether you use a point-
     and-shoot snap camera or a
     sophisticated D-SLR like the pros.
 •   The Fun Part
      –   The fun part about this course is learning to
          capture images to share with your friends and
          family. It’s a great way to relive the
          adventures you’ve had.
                       AWARE Fish ID
•   Have you ever been scuba diving
    and asked yourself, "What was
•   This speciality course provides
    you with the fish identification
    basics so that next time, you know
    the answer.
•   The Fun Part
     –   You’ll find you enjoy your dives even
         more when you recognize the creatures
         that you see.
     –   Once you learn the main fish families
         and characteristics it will help you
         decipher the species you see all over
         the world.
                                Boat Diver
•   Whether you’ve never made a
    boat dive or you’ve logged
    dozens, the PADI Boat Diver
    Specialty course can benefit
    almost every diver because
    different boats in different parts of
    the world do things differently.
•   The Fun Part
     –   Diving from a boat is fun, especially
         when you look at ease when
         manoeuvring around on it. It’s fun to
         know what you’re doing.
         Coral Reef Conservation
•   The AWARE Coral Reef
    Conservation Specialty course is
    designed to inform you about the
    world’s coral reefs.
•   The Fun Part
     –   As a scuba diver, the health of aquatic
         ecosystems is often what makes a
         good dive. Become aware of the
         fragileness of coral reefs and how you
         can help preserve them.
         Diver Propulsion Vehicle
•   DPVs offer a thrilling way to see a
    lot of underwater territory in a brief
    amount of time. They scoot you
    through the water without kicking.
    Whether making a shore dive or
    diving from a boat, a DPV is a
    great way to see more and have a
    blast doing it.
•   The Fun Part
     –   Fun? Underwater scooters (DPVs) are
         a kick! It’s all fun.
                       Drift Diver Course

•   The PADI Drift Diver Specialty
    course introduces you to the
    coolest magic carpet ride you’ll
    ever experience. This course
    shows you how to enjoy rivers and
    ocean currents by “going with the
    flow,” staying with your dive
    partner, communicating with the
    dive boat and knowing where you
    are the whole time.
•   The Fun Part
     –   Drift Diving is nearly effortless and
         relaxing. You simply glide along and
         enjoy the rush of flying underwater
         while the current does the work.
                          Dry Suit Diver
•   Want to stay warm and toasty on
    a dive? Then dive dry. Yes! Unlike
    a wetsuit, a dry suit seals you off
    from the outside water and that
    keeps you warm! Even in
    surprisingly cold water.
•   The Fun Part
     –   Dry suits let you dive more challenging
         dive sites, and extend your dive
     –   When you have the right cold water
         scuba attire, you can stand up to the
         elements and take advantage of the
         generally better visibility offered by
         winter months—especially at inland
         dive sites such as quarries, lakes,
         sinkholes and caves etc.
     –   As a dry suit diver, you’re equipped to
         scuba dive some of the world’s
         incredible dive sites in the world’s
         cooler regions that are best enjoyed in
         a dry suiteven in their warmer months.
                               Night Diver
•   As the sun sets, you don your dive
    gear, slip on your mask and bite
    down on your regulator. A deep
    breath and you step off the boat –
    into the underwater night.
    Although you’ve seen this reef
    many times before, this time you
    drop into a whole new world and
    watch it come to life under the
    glow of your dive light.
•   The Fun Part
     –   Introduce yourself to the whole new
         cast of critters that comes out after the
         sun goes down. See your favourite dive
         sites from a whole new perspective at
           Project AWARE Specialty
•   The underwater world needs heroes.
    You can be one of them by
    championing the causes of the world’s
    most fragile and important aquatic
•   The Fun Part
     –   You can make a difference.
     –   Learn about some of the most pressing
         problems facing these vulnerable
         environments and everyday actions you can
         take to help conserve them. It’s informative,
         interesting and most importantly, you learn
         how to make a difference.
                 Search and Recovery
•   Have you ever dropped something
    in the water? Are you looking for
    lost “treasure”? The course will
    teach you effective ways to find
    objects underwater and bring
    them to the surface. Small, large
    or just awkward, there is a way to
    bring them up.
•   The Fun Part
     –   Find lost items and lift them to the
         surface. It’s fun to use the lift bag
     –   Not only are these skills fun, but very
         practical and ultimately useful because
         eventually, you’ll lose something in the
     Peak Performance Buoyancy
•   Divers who’ve mastered the
    highest performance levels in
    buoyancy stand apart.
•   They glide effortlessly, use less air
    and ascend, descend or hover,
    almost as if by thought.
•   They interact gently with aquatic
    life and affect their surroundings
•    Elevate your buoyancy skills to
    the next level.
•   The Fun Part
     – The fun part of this course is
       giving your dive skills a polish you
       may not have thought possible.
                 Underwater Naturalist

•   Look closer to see more on your next
    dive. Look for symbioses,
    predator/prey and other relationships
    between aquatic plant and animal life.
    Learn not just what fish and animals
    are, but how they interact with each
    other and the environment.
•   The Fun Part
     –   Learn about why some creatures behave the
         way they do and what their role is in the
         aquatic ecosystem.
                                    And more...
•   Ask your instructor about the following
     –   Equipment Specialist
     –   Ice Diver
     –   Multi Level Diver
     –   Semiclosed Rebreather
     –   Underwater Videographer
     –   And various Distinctive Specialities
• Increase you diving
  experience, fun and explore
  new environments, sign up

                            Images courtesy of Peter Driessel and PADI

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