The Best Drum Solos Of All Time by scott2178


									The Best Drum Solos Of All Time
The drum is an instrument associated with the finest in rock and with the most glamorous of musicians.
The drum solo has been the hallmark of rock and roll music. From the earliest days onwards, drum
solos have been used to allow the rhythm section of the band to work out some their excess energy
while the rest of the band rests and waits for the main part of the concert to start off again.
Some of these drum solos, meant to be just interludes, have become legendary pieces of music in
themselves. One of these most memorable drum solos is the composition Moby Dick by led Zeppelin.
Played by the star guitarist John Bonham, this composition is by far, considered to be the best drum
composition of all time. Legend has it that Bonham composed the entire song only so that he could
demonstrate his ability to play the guitar. True to his ambition, the song is all about Bonham and his
guitar. Another great drum solo by the master John Bonham is the piece Heartbreaker. While not as
unique and as path breaking a composition as Moby Dick, Heartbreaker is marked by the same genius
as Moby Dick itself.

Other famous drum solos
While Moby Dick is a legendary drum solo, no doubt, it is by no means the only one. The composition
In-A-Gadda-Va-Gida by Iron Butterfly is perhaps the very piece that the band iron Butterfly and the
drummer Ron Bushy is known by. However, to enjoy the song to the fullest, it is imperative that every
music lover and drum enthusiast play the longer version of the song.
Other famous drum solos come to mind. One is Wipeout by The Ventures. Unfortunately, this song has
come to be known chiefly for its melody and its guitaring, even though the truth is that the drumming
made the composition what is was.
The drum solo that made and marked Keith Moon as one of the greatest guitarists of all time is the
piece My Generation. Moon belonged to the well known band, The Who. The song My Generation is
definitely one of the best The Who songs of all time and set aside Keith Moon as one of the finest
guitarists and a force to reckon with.

Drum Solos
The list of great drum solos carries on with pieces such as Hot for Teacher by Alex van Halen and Rush
by Neil Part. All of these drum solos are great and fantastic pieces of composition and are all unique in
their own ways. For the music lover to enjoy these pieces of music, it is best that they make a collection
of these famous tracks and listen to them, pondering over the composition and the skill of the
drummers. Needless to say, these drum solos are likely to be particularly enjoyed by drummers who are
aspiring to be great and are looking for their role models. So if you love the drum, get hold of some of
these drum solos and enjoy the beat!

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