The Facts About Keyboard Music

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					The Facts About Keyboard Music
With the increasing popularity of the keyboard and of keyboard music, it becomes important for
beginners and enthusiasts to understand first, what the keyboard is and how it is used to make keyboard
music. The musical keyboard, as it is technically known, is basically a set of depressible keys or levers
arranged on a musical instrument. By this definition, even the piano is a musical keyboard and
therefore can be said to produce keyboard music.
The levers or keys on the instrument we call the musical keyboard usually contains keys for playing the
notes, numbering twelve, of the western musical scale. It is built out of a combination of longer and
bigger keys and some smaller, shorter keys. Keyboard music is produced by depressing these keys on
the instrument. Keyboard music may imitate the sounds of the piano, electric piano, clavichord; or by
plucking a string to produce the sound of the harpsichord or the making the sound of air blowing
through the pipe or organ or even striking a bell. This certainly is a wide variety of keyboard music,
evidently making for a great deal of listening pleasure and accounting for the popularity and success of
keyboard music.

Keyboard music
What a lot of beginners and keyboard music enthusiasts do not understand is that various types of
musical keyboards require varying playing techniques. This fact accounts for a great many keyboard
music enthusiasts to give up after a short period of time, assuming that keyboard music, is in fact, not
for them.
For instance, the piano hammer system will give out a louder note if the key is pressed faster. On the
other hand, the harpsichord’s plectrum system does not display this sort of difference and continues to
produce the same kind of keyboard music whether the keys are touched hard or softly.
A lot of people choose to play the keyboard because they are under the impression that the keyboard is
a simple instrument and that keyboard music is easy to make. What beginners do not realize is that
playing the keyboard needs some amount of skill and that skill is easy to master. This is because the
sequence in which in the hands move is hard to master. The keyboard players must be able to
coordinate the hands and use them independently. Often pieces that require wide-spanned chords can
be troublesome for people with small hands. Likewise, chords that need complicated movements can
also be very difficult.

Master keyboard music
However, like all musical instruments, the musical keyboard too can be mastered to a degree of skill of
students, especially beginners, take it upon themselves to practice hard and concentrate on the right
techniques. If the correct methods are followed, there is nothing that will stop musicians and students
from making the finest of keyboard music. So play on, learn the correct methods and techniques and
practice till you are sore. That is the only way to produce fine keyboard music.

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