The Origins And Success Of YouTube Music by scott2178


									The Origins And Success Of YouTube Music
Every one today is familiar with YouTube and with YouTube music. What they are not aware of is
how YouTube music and in fact, how YouTube became such a rage in the world.
YouTube is primarily a video sharing site and was set up by three people who had worked together for
PayPal. They were named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. They formed the company in
2005 and since then, YouTube music has become a household word and every child’s plaything.
Interestingly, like many other start-ups, YouTube started out in a makeshift office in a garage.
Within a year or so of the beginning of operations, YouTube was a rage and YouTube music was a
buzzword all over the world. It was even ranked fifth in order of popularity among websites all over the
world. In fact, YouTube music moved so fast that the site was snapped up by Google in 2006 itself and
proved to be Google’s second biggest acquisition at the time.

YouTube Music
What has made YouTube music so phenomenal? Undoubtedly, it is because the concept itself was so
unusual and so fitting to the needs of the time. YouTube music came at a time when sharing music had
already become a trend. YouTube music came at a time when sharing music and music videos was the
need of the hour. It was the time when people were already ready to make the new face of the Internet.
YouTube music came to the Net public when the time was ripe. People had already used the Net for
some years. They were now ready to start shaping the Net. One of the ways in which people shaped the
Net was by uploading and sharing videos from across the world. Suddenly, YouTube music was one of
the ways in which huge distances between continents were being bridged and people living millions of
miles away were connected at the click of a button. You could place a video on You Tube and all your
relatives and friends could be sharing and participating in it, regardless of what part of the world they
lived in. That is the reason why YouTube music is so phenomenally popular.
What is more, YouTube music is now being seen as a platform for making money and getting noticed.
Young musicians and music enthusiasts are placing their music videos on YouTube and are getting
astonishing results. This is also adding to the popularity and the success of YouTube music. More users
for YouTube music just means that further more people get on the site and place their content, which
again means that more people still use the site.
YouTube is definitely one of the greatest technological revolutions of our time. It has changed and is
till changing the way we look at music and enjoy music and music videos. It is bound to go down in
history as one of the most path-breaking changes that the world has seen.

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