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Courage is Something Everyone
      Has Inside Them
       By Son Ca Lam
The students will listen in
order to make judgments.
Please write the objective on
your white board and read it
to a partner.
Remember that we are
reading through a theme titled
Courage. In the Read Aloud
you will be listening to an
essay written by a young
person and her courageous
Let’s take a few minutes to share what
you already know.
1. Think about students whose
families have come to the United
States from other countries. It may be
yourself or friends you know. Think
about their or your experiences
moving and adapting to a new culture.
Share them with a partner. Be ready
to tell the group.
Let’s take a few minutes to share what
you already know.
2. If you have had to learn another
language please raise your hand.
Think about some of the difficulties
and successes you have had. Write
them on a white board and be ready
to share with the class.
We need to go over some
 vocabulary with the story.
 please be ready to do the
 following to learn these words.
1. Use your white board.
2. Partner talk the questions and
3. Engage in a group discussion.

Synonym -
remembrance or
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A memorial can be              are need ed to see this picture.

a statue or plaque
or a special service
dedicated to a
person, a group of
people or an event

After 9-ll a memorial was
planned to honor the

Synonym - a country

Vietnam is a
country in
Indonesia.                             QuickTime™ an d a
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                                are need ed to see this p icture .

Many immigrants came
from Vietnam to the United

Synonym - a political

Communists are a
political group of
people who believe
in oppressing                          Quic kTime™ an d a
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                               ar e need ed to s ee this picture .

people of a country.

The Soviet Union was a
strong Communist country.

Synonym - watery

Swamps are wet
land areas that                QuickTime™ and a
have an abundance     TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
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of wildlife such as

Florida has famous
swamps called the
This selection is written as a personal
  essay. Following are three
  characteristics about personal
  essays. As you listen to the
  selection think of how the essay fits
  in with these characteristics.
1. A personal essay is a piece of
   writing that tells about real events
   in the life of the author or his or her
2. A personal essay is
  almost always told in
  the first person, using
  the pronouns I and me.
3. A personal essay
  often expresses the
  author’s feelings and
  opinions about a
  subject or an event.
As a reminder please listen to the
story carefully and think about the
actions of the people in the essay.
You need to then form opinions, or
make judgments based on your own
values and information from the
selection. Turn and tell a partner what your
job is.
Think about whether or not
you agree with Son Ca’s
definition of courage. Tell a
partner what you think and tell
 Use your white board to answer
the following question. Be ready
to discuss your answer with a
Do you think the treatment of Son
Ca’s family by the Communists in
Vietnam was fair? Explain.
Think about your response
to this question and write
your answer on your white
board. I will tell you when
to show the board to me.
Do you agree that fleeing
to America was the best
solution for the family?
Why or why not?
Be ready to discuss this
question with a partner.
What do you think Son
Ca means when she
says her mother and
sister didn’t know
Think about the story and
summarize the following on your
white board. Tell what life was
like for Son Ca Lam’s family
before, during, and after coming to
the United States. Please be
ready to share your response with
the class.
Making judgments is forming opinions
about characters or events. It’s alright
for your judgment to be different from
the author’s. However, it is VERY
important for you to be able to support
your judgments with facts. You must
understand that others have the right to
challenge your judgment by presenting
new or different facts.
Now you are going to make a
judgment about characters in the
story. Be ready to support your
judgment with details and facts from
the story and from personal
experiences. You will discuss your
answer with a partner.
Do you agree that Son Ca’s family
showed courage?
I would like you to evaluate
the author’s use of details to
describe her experiences.
Are there any other details
about Son Ca’s life that you
wish were included? Write
them on your white board
and be ready to share with
the class.
Think about how this personal
essay fits with the first
selection of this theme Hatchet.
Share with the class.

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