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					                           Event 2: Conveyor Belt
In Conveyor Belt, teams must take 9 of their teammates and lay them down on the
ground shoulder to shoulder behind the designated starting position. The members will
alternate male and female forming a human conveyor belt. The 10th member will be laid
on their back, across the top of their teammates at the start of the conveyor, perpendicular
to the direction that the other 9 members are laying. Generally, this works best to choose
the smallest and lightest member to be the 10th to lie across the top. (See Figure 1)

       Figure 1:

                                                                                  Starting Line
                   10th Member

 Team      1       2       3      4       5       6       7      8       9

When prompted to begin, each team will start to roll their bodies together across the
playing field towards the finish line. By doing so, your bodies will act as a conveyor belt,
carrying your 10th member across the top of you in the direction of the finish line. As
soon as the 10th member passes your position, you must get up, run to the front of the
conveyor, lie down and begin rolling to continue the conveyor belt. In figure 1, this
would mean Team Member 1 would be passed first and need to run up to the front to
continue the conveyor. The team to have their 10th member’s entire body across the
finish line wins.

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