Tips to a good songwriting

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					Tips To A Good Songwriting
Songwriting refers to the process of writing down the lyrics of a song. It is the very first step of the
entire process involved in making a musical work. A songwriter is the one who basically writes down
the song. In the past, it were the songwriters who themselves wrote down the songs, composed them
and played them. But with the passage of time the trend of music increased which started putting
pressure to the songwriters. It became difficult to execute the entire process of making a musical work
individually. Hence came up the concepts of composer, recorder and etc.

Songwriting – the art of writing
Some songwriters are publishers themselves. Hence, it does not become much difficult for them to
publicise the music to the market. But there are other songwriters who resort to outside publishers.
Fortunately, with the advancement of technology it has become possible for many songwriters to record
their songs at home. Songwriter is a course which many students want to learn. The course of song
writing has been included in the curriculum of universities and colleges. A sound on the modern music,
the recording technology associated is all needed for a good career as a songwriter. A number of music
colleges provide diplomas and degrees on this course.
Songwriting can prove to be a good source of profession in case the song strikes a hit record. But for
that the song has to be good enough for everyone to like its lyrics. Songwriting is perhaps the toughest
part of making a musical work. The songwriter has to be creative and he has got to be sure of bringing
out the thoughts he wants to depict through the song. He has to make sure that the listeners get to
understand the inner thoughts expressed through the song. In musical industries, this process is
subjected to copyright law protected so that no one makes an attempt to copy the lyrics of the song.
Professional songwriters possess the right to write for or alongside a performing artist. They may even
show their lyrics to industries, publishers for consideration. A songwriter should always try to focus on
the question: ‘What is the song about?’ and the embedded thoughts.
Sometimes songwriters are made to sign a contract with the publishers of the songs, after which they
are known as ‘staff writers’. Staff writer means within the duration of the contract the music publishers
will have to publish the songs written by the songwriters. The songs written by the songwriter will
automatically be published by the company with whom the songwriter has signed the contract. Some
songwriters even tend to open s publishing company of their own in case they encounter a series of
hits. Songwriting is a profession quite different from others. It is absolutely an individual’s work, his
creativity and his power of expressing his feelings. Basically songwriters often take up personal
experiences as the content of the song. There are individuals who feel happy while writing down songs
and derive immense pleasure from it.


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