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					Music theory – Time To Get Theoretical With
The Music Notes
Music theory defines as the study which deals on how music works. It examines the language and
notations of music. Every individual who deals with music have to know the following terms of music
such as pitch, scales and modes, consonance and dissonance, rhythm, chord, melody, harmony, texture,
timbre and the music theory distils and analyze the terms mentioned earlier. The person who always
deals with the mentioned terms is known as music theorist. It is always advice able from the music
theorist to the up growing musicians to clear the fundamental parameters or else in spite of
hardworking, they will gain nothing. Without perfect pitch, scales and modes, harmony and rhythm the
music will be incomplete and this the basic things which should have to learn from heart by an
upcoming musicians because all the earlier mentioned parameters is responsible for best melody and a
good melody makes pleasant sound more pleasant. Music theory
Pitch of a sound may be defined as the sensation, which generally reflects the slower frequency wave
or the faster wave frequency. Without the perfect pitch one’s sound may become unpleasant and finally
turns into noise, so before going for music, one should clearly practice how to control the pitch of a
sound. Some in music a bad pitch can be controlled by adding some pleasant back ground music to
make fool to create auditory illusions. The next parameter behind the pitch is scales and modes. A
musical note is a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical or fruitful sound and a scale
is a sequence of musical notes in ascending and descending orders. A musical sound cannot be pleasant
or fruitful without the two parameters mentioned earlier. Every musical theorist advice to create sound
on same notes and scale as it makes the musical sound more pleasant. According western music theory,
the octaves are divided into 12 notes and these series is known as chromatic scales. Consonance may
define as the harmonies in whose tones enhance and improve each other’s resonance and the
dissonance is define as those creates more complex beats. Music theory
Rhythm may define as the arrangement of different sounds and silences in time. The rhythm of music
makes it more fruitful and pleasant. Another type of rhythm known as syncopated rhythm is the rhythm
that accents the unexpected parts of the beat. A chord is the set two or more notes which sounds good,
if sounded simultaneously. If the chords are not played together at a time it gives an irritating noise. On
playing altogether with songs gives pleasant music. Harmony is defined as the use of simultaneous
tones, notes or chords. There are two types harmony, close and open harmony. Next comes the texture,
these describes the connection in between parts and lines of music such as monophony, heterophony,
polyphony, homophony. A timbre may be defined as the quality of instrument, and it varies from
instrument to instrument. So, the parameters like pitch, scales and modes, chords etc, makes a music
more pleasant.

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