The Civil War by yurtgc548


									          The Anaconda Plan

     The Anaconda Plan was created by General Scott.
The Anaconda plan was named after the anaconda
because the Union Army is trying to squeeze the
Confederacy. First the North would form a blockade in the
Southern ports. To keep the Southern ships from entering
or leaving the docks. Secondly, the North had to control
the Mississippi. This would cut of Louisiana, Texas, and
Arkansas from the Confederacy. As for fighting, the Union
would send armies to the east and west to squeeze them
        The Battle of Bull Run
              July 21st
    First the guns fired in Manassas to alert the
Union that the rebels are attacking Fort Sumter.
Fire after fire no side seemed to be winning. Bodies
scattered on the ground and the smell of rotten
flesh infested the atmosphere. Once General
Stonewall Jackson arrived in the trains with fresh
rebels. The Confederacy drove the Yankees out of
Manassas. Most of them were shot and killed. The
others barely survived, and the Southerners took
Fort Sumter.
         The Battle of Antietam
            September 17th
     The battle took place in Sharpsburg, Maryland, near
Antietam Creek. The union army set up camp there.
Before the battle, one of the union soldiers stumbled upon
a piece of paper wrapped in a cigar. The papers were
Robert E. Lee’s plans for the battle. Unfortunately the
Union’s battle was overturned by the South. McClellan
didn’t expect Robert E. Lee’s army to change tactics, but
that didn’t stop the Union. Later in the battle, Lincoln took
a train to McClellan to go after Lee and finish the war, but
McClellan refused. He figured that Lee should live to fight
for another day. Unfortunately that was the opportunity to
end the war.
    Emancipation Proclamation
           January 1st
     Lincoln, at this time, turned this war into more
just a war, he turned it into a struggle for freedom.
The Emancipation Proclamation was designed to
abolish slavery, since most of the Southern states
were filled with slaves, this basically was the
weakness of the south’s economy. If the slaves
moved north, then the slave would be free citizens
and most importantly, able to join the union army.
         Battle of Gettysburg
                July 1st
    Since the battle took place in Gettysburg
Virginia, and Lee beloved Virginia, Lee was
determined to make the North suffer dearly. Back
in the area known as “Devils Den”, is where the
battle took place. This battle, beside Antietam, was
the bloodiest war fought during the Civil War.
During the battle, John Burns, from Gettysburg,
joined the fight, and was the only one to do so.
          Siege at Vicksburg
               July 4th
    When Grant left his supply base to feed his
soldiers food from the farmers in Vicksburg. The
biggest risk of Grant, but at least 30,000
confederate soldiers surrendered to the union army.
Not only that, but controlling the entire Mississippi
        Attack on Fort Wagner
               July 18th
     Since the African Americans ran away to the north to
become contrabands for the union army, but also to
become free citizens, this increased the union army by 10
fold. In Massachusetts, the people organized a regiment,
known as the 54th Massachusetts. In Charleston, the union
attacked Fort Wagner. The confederates were determined
to capture the white leaders who helped the contrabands,
and once the leaders were captured, the contrabands
would be re-sold as slaves, but the south failed.
          Gettysburg Address
            November 19th
    This document was brought forth after the
battle of Gettysburg. This document explains that
the war is not just a war, but people who risked
their lives to bring for the right decision (Slavery
would be abolished) for the United States.
Hopefully the Civil War will end soon. For the
nations cannot last much longer.
     Sherman's March To Sea
            May 4th
    As the union continues to Georgia, the march to
sea was lead by “Uncle Billy” and he is known
because he intends to squeeze its like a giant
anaconda, but he broke the rules , Sherman's army
was never suppose to leave the supply base, but the
siege of Vicksburg left many civilians dead who
may support the Confederacy.
     Surrender at Appomattox
            April 19th
    Since the Union controlled almost the entire
Southern territory, forts, and armies. Robert E. Lee
surrendered, and giving the victory to Ulysses S.
Grant. The victory was unnecessary, but the
surrendered terms include, handing in the guns, the
soldiers going home promising never to hold slaves
again. Otherwise you’d be tried for treason.
       Lincoln’s Assassination
              April 24th
    Six days after the surrender of the Civil War,
Lincoln was assassinated in the theater by John
Wilkes Booth who used to be a Confederate
soldier, stood next to Lincoln, and shot a bullet
through his skull. Total fugitive of the United
States, he was wanted for treason and a total
reward of $100,000 for the assassination of the
President Abraham Lincoln

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