The Breadwinner Glossary

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					By: Anna, Selin, Alex, and Lane
A long tent-like garment, which the Taliban have
  decreed women must wear when going outside. It
  covers them completely and even has a narrow mesh
  screen over their eyes.
A piece of cloth worn by women and girls to cover their
  hair and shoulders. Girls wear this outside.
One of two main languages spoken in Afganistan.
A Muslim festival coming at the end of Ramadan, the
  month of fasting.
A cart on wheels, pushed by hand, used to sell things in
  the market.
Pieces of meat on a skewer, cooked over a fire.
A small body of citizens, enrolled for military service
  and called out periodically for drill but serving full
  time in emergencies.
A bomb planted in the ground, which explodes if it’s
  stepped on.
Afghan bread-flat, sometimes long and sometimes
A grey or brown woolen blanket shawl worn by Afghan
  men and boys.
One of the two main languages spoken in Afghanistan.
Long, loose shirt and trousers, worn by both men and
 women. Men’s are all one color, with pockets in the
 side and on the chest. Women’s are different colors
 and patterns, sometimes elaborately embroidered or
The Soviet Union before its break-up, including Russia
 and other communist countries.
Members of the ruling party in Afghanistan.
A narrow mattress used in many Afghan homes instead
  of chairs or beds.

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