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					Power point by: Melissa
 Mashburn and Maddie
What is Global Warming and
   why is it happening?
 Global warming is an increase of the average
temperature of Earths surface. It is happening
  because the burning of fossil fuels and coal
cause greenhouse gases to escape into most of
 the warming. The fossil fuels names are: oil,
   coal, and natural gas. Now you might be
  wondering what are the symptoms of global
    warming? Well ice caps melting, getting
      warmer, animals dying, and floods.
More about Global warming
 and what to do about it!
      These are the names of the Green house gases
    Carbon dioxide, Water vapor, methane, and nitrous
      oxide these can also effect the earth!! Now the
     moment I have been waiting for! What can we do
  about Global Warming? Well we can walk, ride a bike,
     or take a bus and not waste electricity or you can
   reduce, reuse, and RECYCLE!!!! Or planting a tree in
   your yard or neighbor hood! Some other facts about
  Global Warming are: Sometimes the temperature can
   change in a way that helps us! And the Greenhouse
          gases can make it appropriate to live on!
Our Biome is Temperate Broadleaf
       Deciduous Forests !
This biome is located Eastern half of the USA, Canada,
  Europe, Parts of Russia, China, and Japan! A world map of
  this biome can be found at!

The average yearly rain fall of my biome is: 30-60 inches of
  rain a year that is a lot! And the average temperature is
  about 50 degrees F. Other interesting or unique facts about
  this biome are: Many, Many plants and animals live here.
  Also many of these forests are here in Missouri!! Maybe is
  you go hiking with your family and go to a forest look around
  and see if you can see any unique plants!
      Plants that are common in our
                Biome are:

Some plants that are common in our biome are: Sweet gum trees,
  Oak trees, Moss, and Ferns. All of these trees and plants adapt to
  where they live! Like the trees adapt by having thick bark so that
  animals can not scratch through the bark and kill the trees but
  can still live on the branches!! And the smaller plants like moss
  adapt to the forest because the temperature is just right for that
  plant. Pictures of plants can be found at:, or
   Animals that are common to my
             biome are:
Some animal that you would find if you went to my biome
  would be: Raccoon, Gray squirrel, and the Aspic Viper!!!
  These animals have to adapt to this forest by adapting to
  cold winters and hot summers! Leaves fall off trees in the
  fall witch gives the tree animals less to hide and they must
  find a way to stay warm that is why they do not shed in the
  winter. And have thick fur. This goes for the Gray squirrel
  and the Raccoon. The Aspic Viper has to find somewhere to
  stay in the ground to keep cool in the summer.
If there was a rise in temperature
what would happen to our biome?
We were just wondering what would happen to our biome if the
  temperature rose what would happen to all the animals and
  plants? Well the ice caps would melt and that would be a big
  deal because there would be floods. And then animals would die
  because the animals that eat the animals that died would go
  hungry and also die and then it would go on and on like that. So
  everyone you need to know that if you do not take care of the
  Earth then our whole biome be destroyed and many other
We could not do this power point with
 out these helpful websites!
            We need to recycle and
save the forests!
By: Melissa ( Line leader) & Maddie
            Taylor town 2009
   Made possible by: Mrs. Taylor and
the support of friends!

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