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									Register Google Adsense With Flixya
Register Google Adsense With Flixya
Of how to sign up for google adsense, sign up through flixya which I think is most easily
approved. I repeatedly tried to register through other social networks (third party) but still
not approved. by signing up through flixya, google adsense acount I have been approved.

for those of you who have never tried to sign up for google adsense through flixya please
follow the steps below:
- first, open
- click "sign up" to register
- fill all your data
- confirm your email

after successfully registering at flixya, immediately fill out your profile and make two
article and uploaded 8 pictures. That conten minimum that should be provided to
complete registration and begin to register in google adsense.

note: use a new google email (gmail) to register in google adsense

For the next step, open the email that you use to sign up google adsense had to confirm
from flixya.
after that you will be directed towards the process of filling out google adsense. fill out
the form correctly. use capital letters to fill out a form.

Charging home address is the most important.
format for filling the address is:

address 1: The name of the street, number of house, village, district

notes : without a comma

for example: PEMUDA Street KM.03

if the address does not fit on the first column, put in the second column

submit all your data

all data entered must be valid

for questions about registration problems in google adsense, please leave comments and
good luck

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