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									A Hero’s Journey

By: Chris Tully
            The Ordinary World

 This is the hero’s environment where his
  friends and family are located. The story
  starts here so that the separation becomes

-Lighting McQueen lives on the race track, in
   the fast lane. His ordinary world is either in
   his trailer of on the race track.
           Call to Adventure

There is an awakening to the “self” to an
 unknown, un expected, and/or old world.

- McQueen’s call to adventure comes when the
  Piston Cup final race ends up in a three way
  tie. The tie-breaker is scheduled at the
  California Speed Way and he has to get there
  before Chick Hicks.
          Refusal of the Call

A refusal to give up what one thinks to be his
 own interest.

           Supernatural Aid

This can come in the form of a protective
 figure, usually an elder.

- McQueen’s super natural aid comes from doc,
  who ends up showing McQueen what racing
  is really about.
       Crossing the Threshold

The hero ventures into an unknown world
 which breaks tradition and the hero meets
 some dangerous presence.

- Lighting McQueen crosses the threshold when he
  decides to go to California to race in
  the tie-breaking race. He gets lost on
  Route 66 and ends up in a little town
  called Radiator Springs.
       In the Belly of the Whale

The sphere of rebirth; a realm of darkness;
 the hero is swallowed into the unknown,
 womb-like darkness.

- The belly of the whale is in Radiator Springs because
  this is where McQueen under goes all of the changes
  which result in the new Lightning
          The Road of Trials

 Hero experiences miraculous tests or ordeals on the
  road. The hero finds a part of himself he was
  unaware of and assimilates his unexpected self.

- The road of trials that McQueen under goes are when
  he is taught to make the left turn on the dirt track.
  This new lesson ends up helping
  McQueen in the Piston Cup race, which
  is where he ends up achieving his goal.
      Meeting with the Goddess
 This is when the goddess offers promise of
  perfection, everything the hero wants.
 The goddess represents the totality of what can be
 The goddess is the promise of perfection.

- The goddess comes to McQueen in form of the
  sponsor Dinoco. Dinoco is the top
  sponsor in NASCAR and McQueen wants
  to be their race car.
   The Woman as the Temptress
 Woman as the temptress- anti-life attitude; woman is
  evil and will lead the hero astray.
 Woman, as the great symbol of life and tainted with
  the odor of the flesh, is intolerable to the pure soul of
  the hero.

- The temptress is McQueen’s agent. The agent is always
  pressuring McQueen to do things that are
  going to be better for himself, not always
  McQueen. The agent is never introduced in
  person, but always talks to McQueen on
  the phone.
       Atonement with the Father
 Father symbolizes judgment; the hero
  overcomes fear and judgment.
 This stage shows growth and the ability to
  take on adult responsibilities.
 Movement from the realm of the mother to
  that of the father.

- The atonement with the father occurs
  on the race track during the final tie-breaker
  race, when McQueen uses his new skills to
  overcome his fears. He turns into the skid
  and ends up pulling out of it and into 1st
 The hero is in a divine state (ecstasy).
 The hero goes beyond the last terrors of ignorance.
  The hero recognizes the big picture (spiritual
  understanding can be known)

- The apotheosis occurs when McQueen is just about
  to finish the race but decides to go back and help his
  friend “The King” who just got
  knocked out by Chick Hicks.
  McQueen ends up pushing “The King”
  through the finish line and is
  recognized as a hero.
            The Ultimate Boon

 The hero seeks the grace of the imperishable Being
  (often possessed by gods.)
 The hero partakes of the sustaining substance that
  makes his mind/body imperishable.

- The ultimate boon is when McQueen is applauded by
   the crowd for pushing “The King” through the finish
   line and allowing him to finish his last race.
          Refusal of the Return
 The hero should bring their wisdom back to their
  kingdom of humanity.
 Hero can refuse; attains or experiences death in
 The hero often wishes to remain in isolation with his

- The refusal of the return is when McQueen
is approached to by the owner of Dinoco
and is asked to be apart of their team.
McQueen refuses his offer and sticks with
his old sponsor Rust-Eze.
                   Magic in Flight
 If the hero has the blessings of the goddess or god,
  his final adventures will be supported by all the
  powers of his patron.
 If the hero has achieved his trophy against the
  opposition of his guardian, the final stage of his
  adventure may become a lively, sometimes comical
-The magic in flight is when Lighting
   McQueen, Chick Hicks and “The King”
   are battling for the Piston Cup in the
   tie-breaking race. McQueen is in 1st
   and is being chased by Chick Hicks
   and “The King.”
            Rescue from Without

The world may have to come to retrieve the
The hero loses and regains his ego.
- The rescue from without is in the beginning of the tie-breaking
   race when doc ends up coming to the race and becomes
   McQueen’s pit chief. Doc ends up getting McQueen to believe in
   himself and ends up leading McQueen to his goal.
  Crossing the Return Threshold
 There is a difficulty in the hero’s return; the world
  has changed and so has the hero.
 The hero assimilates the self (ego) with the other; he
  is now capable of fusing opposites (life and death,
  good and evil.)

- McQueen crosses the return threshold when he
  returns to the race track after being in
  Radiator Springs. He has the new
  knowledge and maturity he will need
  to win the Piston Cup.
      Master of the two Worlds
 Hero has attained wisdom in both spiritual and
  material world.
 The hero gives up completely all attachment to his
  personal limitations, hopes and fears.
 The boon that the hero brings restores the world.

- McQueen becomes the master of two worlds
  when he gains the support of his new
  friends in Radiator Springs and becomes the
  champion racecar in NASCAR.
               Freedom to Live

The hero reconciles the fact that every
 creature lives on the death of another.
The hero learns never to be afraid of the next

           - In the end McQueen realizes that
           winning isn’t everything and that
           winning the Piston Cup isn’t as
           important as having friends.
  The End

The end
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