speak anticipation guide by hedongchenchen


									                                       Anticipation/Reaction Guide

         Part 1 Directions: Before reading Speak, in the “Before” column, respond to each statement
         by putting a plus sign (+) if you agree with it, a minus sign (-) if you disagree, and a question
         mark (?) if you are unsure of your belief.

         Part 2 Directions: For one of the statements below, respond on a separate sheet of paper
         as to why you have the belief that you do. Post your response on nbjenglish.wikispaces.com

         Part 3 Directions: After reading Speak, in the “After” column respond again to the

         Part 4 Directions: Once again, post to the wikispaces page. This time, choose a statement
         where your belief has changed and write about why your belief changed.

Before                           Statement                                                               After

1.____             The pressures of fitting in at high school are                                       1.____
                   greater than any other point in one’s life.

2.____             Students who are depressed are simply afraid to deal with                            2.____
                   their real or perceived problems.

3.____             There is a difference between being afraid and being withdrawn.                      3.____

4.____             Students should not tell teachers about their personal problems,                     4.____
                   no matter how serious.

5.____             A girl who dresses provocatively deserves any negative                               5.____
                   attention she gets.

6.____             Girls are more likely than guys to say they have been sexually                       6.____

7.____             Whatever happens at a party should stay at the party.                                7.____

8.____             If someone is drunk or high, she or he is not responsible for                        8.____
                   her or his actions.

9.____             Parents simply don’t understand the problems teenagers go through.                   9.____

10.___             People who are quiet have something to hide.                                         10.___

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