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									             A Belief in Excellence
                         July 20, 2011


Trevor M. Joelson I Class of 2009 I I 502-417-9750
To the Inspired,

The ‘Best College Sports Town in America’ must develop a program that bestows students the best
preparation for a career in Sport.

The Sport Administration Scholars program is developed with the intent of attracting elite talent to the
University of Louisville to study Sport Administration. The program will engage students in a holistic,
real-time education, focused on preparing high achieving students for high achieving careers in Sport.

The following document is a concept overview and covers the following:

    1.   Program Overview
    2.   University Partnership
    3.   Student Experience
    4.   Sample Student Calendar
    5.   Director Focus
    6.   Financial Outline
    7.   Donor Base
    8.   Commitment to Sustainability

1.) Program Overview

            Trevor M. Joelson I Class of 2009 I I 502-417-9750
The Sport Administration Scholars concept is focused on bringing elite national and international
student talent to the University of Louisville to receive a holistic sports business education.

                                                        Integrate into             Develop
        Recruit Top            Integrate into
                                                          Corporate              Active Alumni
          Talent               University
                                                           America                    Base

The Sport Administration Scholars concept is a positive step in the direction of three major University
initiatives; Increase(s) in out-of-state students, student engagement in athletics and donor opportunity.

Sport Administration Scholars will be recruited internationally and will leverage the unique equity the
University holds in having a highly rated Sport Administration program as well as one of the most
successful on and off-the-field athletic departments.

The 10 students accepted annually as Sport Administration Scholars will receive a 4-year scholarship,
contingent on GPA, which will obligate them to a certain level of involvement in the program. Their
involvement will focus on gaining experience and expanding their network.

Specifically, Sport Administration Scholars will work in project teams on ambitions of the University of
Louisville Athletic Department. All projects will focus on the student experience of University of
Louisville Athletics and can include roles in Ticket Sales, Marketing, Game-Day Experience, Events, etc.
This revolving door of front-line student talent will significantly increase the U of L Athletics’ connection
to the student population.

The Sport Administration Scholars program will also be keenly interested in developing business
partnerships across the country, with a specific interest in the Louisville, KY area. Students going through
the program will receive unparalleled opportunities to network with executives and sports professionals
and will have a significant advantage when looking for internships and ultimately careers.

Finally, there is sustainability to the concept that will drive lifelong commitment to the U of L Athletic
Department, the SPAD department and the Sport Administration Scholars Program. It is
wholeheartedly expected that Scholars will eventually become season ticket holders, donors and active
supporters to all three.

In summation, the Sport Administration Scholar concept will create a pipeline of talent into the sports
business community of Louisville, KY. The program will continue the progressive ways of two of the
hallmark institutions on the University of Louisville campus, the SPAD department and U of L Athletics,
while delivering on institutional and University-wide goals.

            Trevor M. Joelson I Class of 2009 I I 502-417-9750
2.) University Partnership

The Sport Administration Scholars will be a great connector between the objectives of a number of
University of Louisville departments. The immediate parties involved include:

       Sport Administration Program/ College of Education
       University of Louisville Athletic Department
       University Advancement
       Admissions Office
       Office of Undergraduate Affairs
       Student Government Association

            Trevor M. Joelson I Class of 2009 I I 502-417-9750
3.) Student Experience

The Sport Administration Scholar program will give students a real-time experience of the business of
sports. This will be achieved through:

       Semester Projects
       Monthly Guest Speakers
       Internship Connectivity

* The Semester Projects will champion each class with fulfilling an objective of the athletic department
that specifically targets or impacts the student body. Project Teams will be paired with someone in a
leadership position in the University of Louisville Athletics department whose role aligns with the team’s

A sample scenario for the Fall of 2011 is:

        Project: Develop and implement a promotional plan for getting students to U of L Women’s
        basketball games.

        Project Mentor: Dominick Fitzgerald – Director of Marketing and Fan Enhancement

Through the projects, the Athletics Department will receive real-time student insights and can drive
forward significant institutional goals, with little to no resource expenditure. With ten (10) students
passionately involved in the project, the viral spread of communications to the totality of campus will be
a step-change for Athletic Department campus communication efforts.

Through the entirety of the program, students will achieve:

       8 projects of significance
       8 relationships with executives within the U of L Athletic Department

* The students in the scholarship program will have the opportunity to hear from a Monthly Guest
Speaker at each of their monthly meetings. The speakers will be local and national leaders from sport
business, focusing on a defined theme. Speakers will be open to the campus at-large, but attendance
will be mandatory for students in the program. Following the presentation, students in the program will
be given the opportunity to interact with the speaker in a more personal setting.

* The program will have a pre-eminent focus on providing scholars with Internship Connectivity.
Opportunities will be presented to the students on both a local and national level. Additionally, the
program will work with students on an individual level to network into opportunities of their choosing.
The connectivity will develop through a keen understanding of the contacts had by the athletic
department staff and other local professionals who support the program. If a student is seeking out an
opportunity where no relationships are had, a relationship will be developed.

            Trevor M. Joelson I Class of 2009 I I 502-417-9750
4.) Sample Student Calendar

August 2012
                                                 January 2013
City of Louisville Retreat
Receive Fall Semester Project                    Receive Spring Semester Project
                                                 Monthly Speaker/Program Meeting
September 2012                                   Four (4) Team Meetings
Monthly Speaker/Program Meeting                  Meet with Director of Program
Four (4) Team Meetings
Meet with Director of Program                    February 2013

October 2012                                     Monthly Speaker/Program Meeting
                                                 Four (4) Team Meetings
Monthly Speaker/Program Meeting                  Meet with Director of Program
Four (4) Team Meetings                           Basketball game with President’s Tailgate/Suite
Meet with Director of Program
Football Game at President’s Tailgate/Suite      March 2013

November 2012                                    Monthly Speaker/Program Meeting
                                                 Four (4) Team Meetings
Monthly Speaker/Program Meeting                  Meet with Director of Program
Four (4) Team Meetings
Meet with Director of Program                    April 2013
Execution of Project
                                                 Execution of Spring Project
December 2012                                    Monthly Speaker/Program Meeting
                                                 Two (4) Team Meetings
Monthly Speaker/Program Meeting                  Meet with Director of Program
Team Exit Meeting
Team Evaluations                                 May 2013
Meet with Director of Program
                                                 End of Year Banquet
                                                 Team Exit Meeting
                                                 Team Evaluations

                                                 June – August 2013

                                                 Remarkable Internship Opportunity

            Trevor M. Joelson I Class of 2009 I I 502-417-9750
5.) Director Focus

The Director of the Sport Administration Scholars program will focus on the following competencies:

       Recruiting
       Development
       Mentorship
       Connecting

* The Sport Administration Scholars program is set up to bring top-level talent to the University of
Louisville. The Director will be responsible for the quality of students and will Recruit through various
vehicles. Recruiting will include:
          Strategic partnership with the Admissions office
          Relationships with high school administrators at alma mater of SPAD grads
          Connectivity with high schools with sport business classes
          Online promotions
          Significant word of mouth

* Financial Development will be crucial for the sustainability of the program. Ultimately, the vision is to
evolve from a hand-to-mouth program to a sustained endowment, similar to the McConnell Center at
the University of Louisville. The program will receive financial support through a number of avenues:
         University of Louisville Advancement efforts
         College of Education
         ULAA
         Grants
         Business Relationships

        Ultimately, the program will receive a significant boost from Alumni Support

* Sport Administration Scholars will have a direct relationship with the Director of the program.
Mentorship is a variable term, but within the program, it is understood as uncovering individual student
goals and championing and supporting the students to achieve these goals through short term

* The Director will be responsible for being the great Connector between the Sports World and the
students. This will include items such as internship development, speaker solicitation and creating one-
of-a-kind opportunities for the students to network and receive real-time experience.
6.) Financial Outline

The objective of the Sport Administration Scholars concept is to develop an ever-growing endowment,
which will allow the program to operate independently by Year four (4). The program will strive to
create an endowment that produces at least $400,000 for annual operation.

In order to root the program, the initial financial strategy will be ‘hand-to-mouth’, with the Director
responsible for raising the funds to sustain the effort on an annual basis.

The initial financial needs of the program are as follows:

     Leadership
     Office Space and Supplies
     Recruitment Resources (Donor and Student)
          o Travel
          o Prospecting costs (meals, etc.)
          o Website
          o Marketing Materials

Year 1 estimated cost: $95,000

As the program develops and the ability to raise capital increases, the donor support will be re-invested
into the student experience, including:

       Increased scholarship
       Opportunities for travel
       Renowned speakers
       Staff-up

The achievable goal of developing an endowment which produces $400,000 of annual operating costs
could be invested in the following fashion:

       $150,000 in 3 staff members
       $100,000 in scholarship
       $100,000 in day-to-day operations
       $25,000 in speakers
       $25,000 in travel opportunity
7.) Donor Base

The Sport Administration Scholars vision depends on the ability to align with the University Capital
Campaign, in order to gain fiscal stability. The program will strive to be a hallmark of the Student
Excellence component.

The lofty fundraising goals are obtainable because of the unique donor audience the program resonates

Sport Administration Scholar program fuses University of Louisville athletics with the student
experience in a way that has not been seen before.

There will be an able-audience of potential major and contributing donors, including:

       Louisville-based corporations (e.g. Yum!)
       Athletic properties (e.g. PGA)
       Former University of Louisville athletes
       Current ULAA donors (e.g. Joe Season-Ticket Holder)
       ULAA Board Members and Leadership
       Sport Business professionals
       Successful SPAD Alumni
       College of Education donors
8.) Commitment to Sustainability

The Sport Administration Scholars program has been developed with the full intention of being a
hallmark program at the University of Louisville for decades to come. From the beginning, the program
will take roots with an emphasis on long-term viability. Fiscally, the program will strive to quickly evolve
from a hand-to-mouth annual development to a sustained endowment model. In order to achieve this in
an accelerated manner, all entities outlined in the University Partnerships will provide a certain level of
support and connectivity. Within four (4) years, the Sport Administration Scholars program will strive to
be a self-sustaining entity, continuing to grow its impact on students, the University of Louisville and
Sport Business.

Sustainability will be achieved by:
     Highlighting SPAD Scholars as a Hallmark program of the Capital Campaign
     Engaging students in advancement work
     Rooting graduates in fruitful careers and maintaining high-touch relationships

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