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									Windows phone 7 is amongst the smart phones and is in the great demand in
this world. All the other window mobile phone also had a very good fan
following but are not customer friendly as compare to Android and iphone
services. The improved version of this smart gadget is incorporated with
Face book, understandable, touch friendly boundary, efficient functions
of multimedia, Xbox live games and superb internet connectivity. Moreover
you would also find emails and the mobile OS along with the authorized
office apps. This superb gadget has a little for everyone to derive
maximum benefit.

 On the other hand Window Phone 7.5 has struck the mobile market with
lots of great advancements which involves Multi tasking, enhanced
efficiency and superior live tiles. Before getting this must checkout the
modernized list of Windows Phone. Window Phone 7 is a perfect gadget for
performing some official tasks from outside the office. Now a days touch
screen software is accessible on almost every gadget but the touch screen
is not comfortable for writing long documents. So HTC 7 Pro fills this
gap by offering a QWERTY keyboard which helps in typing the document in a
fast speed or the fingers are quite comfortable in such keyboard.

 It carries a big screen of 3.6inches so the user may see or read the
document very clearly. On the other hand Window phone 7 has a 1GHz
processor, 5 MP camera and 8GB memory. Also Samsung Omnia 7 has a
capability to record or playback 720p video but you would find that
Windows Phone 7 is also very efficient in taking great videos. But the
outer boundary of the Omnia 7 is superb due to AMOLED screen. It has a 4
inches screen with a resolution of 480x800 however it glorifies bright
colors and its unbelievable black color catches the attention of a mobile
lovers and the credit goes to OLED technology. It has a 16 GB storage
memory which helps in storing lots of data and games and it has 5MP
camera for shooting the memorable events of your life. Also Nokia Lumia
800, HTC Titan, LG Optimum 7, HTC Radar and Dell Venue Pro all are
fantastic gadgets.
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