A Citrus Face Wash for Refined Ageless Skin

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					                       A Citrus Face Wash for Refined Ageless Skin

 After daily contact with the debris ever-present in city terrain, we all want our skin to be resistant
to damage from environmental factors. At the same time our goal is to attain clean and clear skin
that glows in spite of the ravages of urban living. Natural approaches to face care have become
more popular because they promote optimal health and undeniable ageless radiance without the
use of harsh degrading chemicals. The Vitamin C of a citrus wash refines and protects the skin as
it builds strength and resilience.

Celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas of New York City has crafted a superior Vitamin C Face Wash
that features nourishing grapefruit for a gentle yet thorough cleanse that leaves the skin refreshed
and glowing. Celebrities and business professionals have become so enamored with this unique
holistic facial cleanser because it is an effective way to brighten the skin while reversing the signs
of aging. They choose this high-quality face care because it delivers immediate results that
cannot be achieved with common skincare products.

What are the active ingredients in the face wash?

Aside from face-brightening properties of grapefruit in this daily cleanser, there are other vitamin C
rich fruits including mandarin, acai and goji berries. It packs a soothing aromatherapy and skin
therapy in one nutrient lush wash. Medicinal galactoarabinan (GA) derived from larch resin is
proven to be highly reliable for treating blemishes, scars and wounds when applied topically.
When mixed with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, fine lines and wrinkles recede to promote an
ageless appearance. Joanna Vargas blended these supreme natural ingredients to create the
ultimate daily cleanser that ensures healthy flawless skin.

How do these ingredients reverse the signs of aging?

The fortifying antioxidants present in these fruits, abundant in vitamin C, prevent harm from the
intense solar rays of the summer season. They neutralize the roaming free radicals that can
penetrate dermal tissue and throw cellular function off balance.

Galactoarabinan (GA) is a reparative compound that boosts cell regeneration while stimulating the
production of collagen and elastin proteins for youthful look.

Hyaluronic acid actually draws moisture for the environment to keep skin cells buoyant with age-
reversing hydration. Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is inhibited and absorption is improved to
alleviate dryness and flaking. The skin has a softened luster with each topical application of a face
wash that includes this vital nutrient.

If there is season we are most likely to pay close attention to our skins health, it is in the extreme
wilting heat of summer. At this time, and hopefully otherwise, we are less likely to rely on or settle
for average face care products. In choosing leading natural skincare, such as the Vitamin C Face
Wash, there is awareness that flawless exuberance is the desirable outcome that we can depend

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