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					1 Encylaped Encyclopedia of rap and Hip-Hop      B-Boying of brake dancing
  a         Culture, 2006                       represents a great element of
                                                Hip-Hop Culture.
2 scol.     (2009). Home Office Freestyle      The contest is held between
  Article   King.                              young growing MC’s to be
                                               crowned Freestyle King 2009.
3 scol.     (2009). Music for the Masses. Hip- He then digs deeper into raps
  Article   Hop Must-Haves.                    history and found that there is no
                                               outrageous consumerism or
                                               gangsta posturing, just more of
                                               jazz rebels

4 pub       Craig (2005). Why hip-hop is        Watkins (2005) said that Hip-
            like no other                       Hop is like no other because
                                                Hip-Hop not just music but also
                                                is attitude and culture
5 pub       (2009)Blame It on Hip-Hop: Anti-    Reyna, Brandt, Viki (2009) believe
            Rap Attitudes as a Proxy for        that this research they have done
            Prejudice.                          shows stereotypes associated
                                                with rap music and hip-hop
                                                culture in three studies.

6 pub       Calvin (2010). Street Lit: Augustus He said that Hip-Hop Lit has come
            Publishing Speaks Hip-Hop.          under criticism from some in the
                                                African-American community who
                                                charge that Hip-Hop glamorizes
                                                crime and exploits teen readers.

7 google    Promoting Academic Literacy with Morrell and Duncan-Andrade
            Urban Youth through Engaging Hip- (2002) said that in class they
            Hop Culture.Vol.91, Pp.88-89, No.6 witness a change in students that
            (Jul., 2002)                       dependent on what race they
                                               were and music they listen to.

8 google    The State of Rap: Time and Place in Decker (1993) said that rapper Ice
            Hip Hop Nationalism. Pp.53-55,      Cube shows that hip-hop has
            No.34 Retrieved from                political power due to Ice Cube
                                                song “Fuck The Police”, that let
                                                the world know the feeling of
                                                being an African American when
                                                dealing with the law.
 9 brakken                                        Downbeat.Vol.77, Pp.36-39, (Apr.,

10 innner
11 audio
12 audio     (2009, December 13). [Radio          Craig said about how he wants to
             Broadcast].                          build a Museum for Hip-Hop but
                                                  not just the now nations Hip-Hop
                                                  but the start of Hip-Hop.

13 disser    Dark matter in b-boying cyphers: He also mentions other forms of
             Race and global connection in hip- hip-hop dancing like Capoeria,
             hop. Retrieved from ProQuest       vogueing, and house.
             Dissertation and Theses.

14 disser
15 these     (2009) Krump or Die:                 They then say that Krumping
             Representations of krumping in       alone is broken down into four
             contemporary film and the process    groups. The first section is called
             of assimilation, racism, narration   Muscle Memory, in which shows
             and co modification. Retrieved       a movement analysis of krumping
             from ProQuest Dissertation and       that seeks to dismantle
             Theses.                              “LaChapelle’s” claim to

16 these
17 video     (1983). Style Wars [video             He also showed how most
             recording].                          Graffiti Artist just wants their
                                                  work to be seen by other artist
                                                  and not just for gang reason or
B-Boying started with one of            Popping was created in 1976 by Electric
James Brown’s hits “Get on the          Boogaloo Lockers, famous Soul Train
Good Foot”.                             performers.

Moyer (2009) said there is definitely
a hip-hop core cannon most libraries
should carry.

He also said that Hip-Hop has           . Hip-Hop was influenced in the late
become the voice of choice for          1950s by Bossa Nova (American Jazz
young people who find                   Artists).
themselves on the margins.

They believe that anti-rap attitudes
were also associated with
discrimination against Blacks,
through both personal and political

Yet others say that Hip-Hop Lit
inspires others in such a setting to
better themselves and allow them to
know where they are headed in life.

They also believe that hip-hop does
cause a huge problem in today’s
word but hip-hop is her to stay
because hip-hop is the voice of our
young and troubled youth.

Decker also said that when Ice Cube
mentions black kings he is talking
about three individuals, “Martin
Luther King”, “Rodney King”, and
“kings of Africa”.
Murph (2010) said that artist Robert    He also said that Robert believes that a
Glasper wants to combine Hip-hop        component is always missing when other
and jazz and be the first artist to     artist try to combine the two, either 100
completely to combine them unlike       percent not given to Hip-hop or Jazz.
previous artist.

Craig also said that the Museum will
consist of more than Rap music, but
the four elements of Hip-Hop. They
are rap, graffiti, DJ’ing, and Break
He believes that these dances along
with others in hip-hop have evolved
and will continue to do so until hip-
hop is wiped from earth.

The second part explains how
krumpers are marked by the color of
their skin, which is then re-marked
upon by the film directors of 2006
(Stomp the Year).

Even thought the artist does not      Most Graffiti Artist just wants their work to
believe that they are doing harm they be seen by other artist and not just for gang
do admit to stealing most of the      reason or fun.
paint they use because paint coasts a

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