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									          The Secret Relationship between Women and Shoes

Shoes will always catch a woman’s attentionNo matter what the state of the economy is in,
women will never give up their fetish for shoes.Women look forward to the next time they shop
for shoes to add to their existing shoe collection.

One example of this is style icon Beyonce.A single person can possess thousands of pairs of
shoes.She takes pleasure in her shoe collection. It seems that some women just display shoes
instead of use them.Carrie Bradshaw is another example.This attachment between a woman
and Her shoes (sandals) is ever so strong that it fulfills her deepest needs and satisfies her
soul.Women can be judged by the shoes they wear and feel the need to own a lot of shoes.

For the men, or the women who are not as crazy as the others over owning a myriad of pairs of
shoes, this is simply not understandable.In some way, there is an irresistible charm that entices
women to go out and purchase a pair.So what is it, then?What gets women excited over shoes?

Shopping did not just begin today. Retail therapy has existed way before people know as of it
todayPositive feelings overcome negative ones when people go out to shop.Everything is
smooth sailing until it’s time to pay.Shoes are an exceptional case.The utility of Sandals is
greater compared to other retail items and because of this, women tend to feel less guilty and
more satisfied. Shoes were able to distinguish themselves from other retail items.

For any woman, a pair of pumps or stilettos can go a long way.Heels can work wonders because
it has been said that extra height increases the feeling of empowerment.It is not - it boosts
confidence in ways that people never thought would connect.

Heels help make a woman look more attractive.Somehow, it makes her bottom look better and
gives her a stance or aura of knowing what she wants - something that attracts a lot of
men.Miranda Priestly of the Devil Wears Prada can be the epitome of the alpha female: the
editor in chief of a high fashion magazine with often unreachable standards.Wearing heels
      1   Women, Shoes, and their Unconscious Associations | © 2012
paint the picture of a woman who dominates in power, sex, status and wealth.Although most
girls may not be aware of it most of the time, this is what is often embedded in their psyche
when it comes to Discount Shoes. Symbolizing what they want and aspire for themselves, they
make the most out of their footwear purchases.Looking and feeling good are one of the many
things that a person aims for this kind of retail therapy.

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      2   Women, Shoes, and their Unconscious Associations | © 2012

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