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									Episode #: 613

“I Looked Into the Eye of This Island . . .”

LOST “I Looked Into the Eye of This Island . . .” #613 TEASER 1 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DUSK – FLASHBACK AN EYE CLOSES. As we pan out, we see that the eye belongs to JACK SHEPHARD, who sits alone by the ocean, enjoying the cool evening air. CLAIRE LITTLETON walks up behind him, standing behind him for a moment. CLAIRE Jack? Jack turns around, smiling faintly at Claire before offering her a seat next to him. She quickly obliges, joining him by the ocean. JACK Hey, Claire. The two sit in silence for a moment before Claire thinks of what she wants to say. After a moment, she decides on: CLAIRE I wanted to talk to you about what happened earlier. With Aaron. (Off Jack's look:) I just feel like there were things that should have been said that weren't. I mean, I've been trying to come to terms with all of this, but it's been hard. JACK Well, I guess there was probably a better way for me to tell you. (CONTINUED) 1

2. 1 CONTINUED: CLAIRE It's OK, Jack. I know you're not really one for words. Jack laughs to himself, nodding at the truth of Claire's words. CLAIRE (CONT'D) It's just such a shock to the system, you know? To find out something like that in an instant. JACK It seems to happen a lot on this Island. Jack's words seem to have struck a chord, and Claire shifts uncomfortably. Jack notices, placing his hand on her arm. JACK (CONT'D) What is it? Did I say something? Claire turns back to Jack, tears welling in her eyes. CLAIRE I'm sorry, Jack. It's nothing. Really, it's nothing. JACK Claire, what is it? (Claire says nothing, so:) Is it something about me? You can tell me. (Claire shakes her head, so:) Please. Just tell me. Claire sighs to herself, looking into Jack's eyes as she confesses: CLAIRE I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, Jack. I didn't. (CONTINUED) 1

3. 1 CONTINUED: CLAIRE (CONT'D) But you're supposed to be the leader here. And as the leader . . . you're going to have to make a sacrifice. In the jungle, there's a sacrifice you have to make. (A beat, then:) I'm sorry, Jack, but you're not going to make it out of here. Jack's eyes glaze over as he absorbs Claire's news. Claire leans in, embracing Jack tightly. Jack numbly returns the embrace as the flashback WHOOSH starts up, taking us to: 2 EXT. VOLCANO – BASE ENTRANCE – DAY Jack and KATE AUSTEN stand together, holding each other tightly. A ways away, BENJAMIN LINUS, RICHARD ALPERT, and ILANA look on. JACK You shouldn't have come back for me, Kate. KATE I know, but I couldn't leave you. And if this really is the end, I want to be here. JACK This isn't the end. No, I'm not accepting that. Jack turns back to the other three. JACK (CONT'D) You all should start heading for the beach. Get as far away from here as you can. Ben, Richard, and Ilana nod, getting ready to go. looks at Jack worriedly. Kate (CONTINUED) 2 1

4. 2 CONTINUED: KATE What about you? JACK There's something else for me to do here. I don't know what, but(Off Kate's look:) Fine. I'll, um, I'll come with you. Kate nods as the others approach, ready to leave the volcano. Jack nods, leading them all into the jungle. 3 INT. DHARMA HEADQUARTERS – LOBBY – DAY 3 2

SUN KWON and JIN KWON lead their daughter JI YEON KWON into the abandoned lobby of the Dharma Initiative headquarters, stepping carefully into the building. SUN (Subtitled) Do you think anyone else is here? JIN (Subtitled) I doubt it. But keep your eyes open. Sun nods, checking the ammo on a gun she is carrying. Jin does the same, his eyes constantly glancing towards Ji Yeon. As the family moves further into the lobby, Sun murmurs: SUN (Subtitled) You owe me for this. 4 INT. DHARMA HEADQUARTERS – MAP ROOM – DAY 4

Jin, Sun, and Ji Yeon step cautiously into the room, heading towards the large electronic locater at the other side of the room. Jin finds the power switch, flipping on the machine. A large screen flips on in the center, with a design similar to the one on the raft. (CONTINUED)

5. 4 CONTINUED: SUN (Subtitled) How will this find Ben's signal? Jin thinks to himself for a moment, then sits down at the machine, pressing a few buttons and typing in some instructions. While he does this, Sun walks over to the side of the room, looking at a sheet titled “The Valenzetti Equation” with a complicated set of mathematical operations. At the bottom of paper, the Numbers, 4 8 15 16 23 42, have been printed. Sun picks it up and shows it to Jin. SUN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) What do you think this is? Jin looks at the sheet of papers, his eyes widening in recognition as he keeps working on the computer. JIN (Subtitled) This was one of the experiments we conducted. (Off Sun's look:) It's an equation predicting when humanity will destroy itself. Those numbers are the constants. SUN (Subtitled) When does it say that humanity will end? JIN (Subtitled) Soon. (Off Sun's look:) Dharma thought they could change that, but they were never proven right. They kept broadcasting their progress, but they never ended up changing the transmission. (CONTINUED) 4

6. 4 CONTINUED: 4

Jin tries a few more keystrokes until suddenly, the machine gives a soft boop. The screen changes to a digital map of the world; a point in the South Pacific is illuminated with a flashing dot. Jin points to the dot, smiling at Sun. JIN (Subtitled) There it-


Suddenly, the point shifts its location further north, though still in the Pacific. Jin looks at the screen for a moment, dumbfounded, before Sun explains: SUN (Subtitled) The Island is moving. We'll have to keep track of its position if we want to find it. JIN (Subtitled) What about the station that brought you back on the Ajira flight? SUN (Subtitled) I looked it up. Charles Widmore acquired it and burned it down a few months ago. (Off Jin's look:) I guess he didn't want anyone finding the Island. Jin shrugs in defeat as the dot moves once more, this time further south. JIN (Subtitled) How is this going to work?


7. 4 CONTINUED: JI YEON (O.S.) (Subtitled) Mommy, daddy, look at this! Jin and Sun turn around to find Ji Yeon playing around with a few printouts from a machine off to the side of the room. Sun gets up, taking the papers out of Ji Yeon's hands. SUN (Subtitled) Ji Yeon, don't play with things that aren't . . . Sun suddenly realizes what she is holding: print outs of the Island location maps. She waves Jin over, who picks up a few more from the printer. He then picks up the printer, discovering to his delight that it is wireless. JIN (Subtitled) Do you think this is mobile? (Sun nods, so:) Well, then let's go back to the Island. Sun sighs in fear and anticipation, then nods, leading Jin and Ji Yeon out of the room with the printer, on their way back to the Island. END OF TEASER 4

8. ACT ONE 5 EXT. JUNGLE – FLOCKE'S CAMP – NIGHT The few remaining amongst FLOCKE'S OTHERS, no more than three or four, stand around in a circle, discussing the situation nervously. Suddenly, ADAM enters the circle, walking over towards the group gravely. ADAM (Off everyone's looks:) He's gone. I told him we were leaving, and then I left him. One of the Others, JANE, pipes up: JANE Won't he follow us? ADAM I left him with the Monster. (A beat, then:) Where are the kids? JANE Ken's bringing them. I can't believe we managed to hide them from him for so long. Adam looks over to the tree line, where KEN, another Other, emerges with ZACH and EMMA, the two children from the tail section. The rest of the Others welcome them into the circle. JANE So, now what do we do? LOCKE (O.S.) You make for the shoreline. The Others turn to find JOHN LOCKE standing in front of them. Adam quickly pulls out his gun, but Locke raises his hands to stop him. (CONTINUED) 5

9. 5 CONTINUED: Don't. LOCKE I'm not who you think I am. 5

ADAM Then who are you? LOCKE My name is John Locke, and I've been chosen to lead you. Adam lowers his gun slightly as he continues to interrogate Locke. Lead us. ADAM Where? LOCKE You all have work to

To the beach. do there.

ADAM Why do we need to go to the beach for that? LOCKE Because there's a volcano that's going to explode in twelve hours, and you all need to be as far away from it as possible. The entire camp arches back in fear and apprehension, but Adam remains firm, his hand still gripped tightly on his pistol. ADAM How do you know all this? LOCKE The Island told me. (A beat, then:) You all need to leave now. Head south and you should be fine. (CONTINUED)

10. 5 CONTINUED: ADAM What about you? LOCKE I have work to do here. Adam looks at Locke for a moment, but Locke is clearly unwilling to divulge anything else about his mission. So Adam looks back at the rest of the Others, who seem convinced by Locke's course of action. And so Adam nods reluctantly, hitching up his pack and leading the Others into the jungle, leaving Locke alone. 6 EXT. JUNGLE – CREEK – SIMULTANEOUS DESMOND HUME and HUGO “HURLEY” REYES lead the surviving OTHERS from Richard's camp through the jungle. They come to a stream, and Desmond stops, turning around to the rest of the camp. DESMOND We should stop here for a minute and get some water. The camp nods, taking out canteens and water bottles and heading for the creek. Hurley turns to Desmond. HURLEY I'm gonna go pee. Desmond nods, and Hurley heads off into the jungle. 7 EXT. JUNGLE – TREE CLUSTER – FOLLOWING 7 6 5

Hurley walks through the jungle, trying to find a suitable tree. He picks one, and reaches down to unzip his fly whenMAN'S VOICE (O.S.) Hello, Hurley. Hurley spins around in fright to find (CONTINUED)

11. 7 CONTINUED: 7

SAYID JARRAH. Leaning against a nearby tree, dressed in a sharp leather jacket and slacks. Hurley breathes heavily as he recovers from yet another sudden encounter with a ghost. HURLEY Dude, you all have to stop sneaking up on me. I almost pissed my pants. Sayid smiles, walking forward and placing a hand on Hurley's shoulder. SAYID It's a good thing you didn't. (A beat, then:) I have you to do something for me, Hurley. One final mission. Hurley thinks about Sayid's offer, then cautiously nods. 8 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – A LITTLE LATER Sayid leads Hurley through the jungle. HURLEY So, what do you want me to do? SAYID I need you to bring me to Jack and explain that I'm here to help him fight a great threat. HURLEY And after that I'll be able to go to the beach? Yes. SAYID Your work here will be over. 8

HURLEY (Laughing to himself:) I never thought I'd hear you talking like that, Sayid. (CONTINUED)

12. 8 CONTINUED: 8

Sayid stops and turns around, looking at Hurley quizzically. SAYID Like what? HURLEY Like you actually buy into all this. SAYID When you first met me, I told you I fought in the Gulf War. I saw the look on your face when I said it was for the Republican Guard. (Off Hurley's look:) What you fight for and believe in is never as simple as it seems. Hurley nods and follows Sayid as they continue on their way. HURLEY So, what are you going to do to help Jack? SAYID I'm a soldier. And that's what he needs now. Someone to lead others in battle. HURLEY What battle? SAYID You'll see. Hurley looks at Sayid fearfully, but Sayid looks back, smiling at Hurley reassuringly. SAYID (CONT'D) You'll be fine, Hurley.


13. 8 CONTINUED: HURLEY How do you know that? I don't. SAYID But I have faith. 8

Hurley shrugs trepidatiously to himself as the two continue on their way. 9 EXT. JUNGLE – LARGE CLEARING – SIMULTANEOUS Jack Kate, Richard, Ilana, and Ben step into a large clearing. Jack looks up at the sun then turns back to Ilana, frowing. He speaks to her quietly. JACK When did you say the volcano is erupting? ILANA Hours from now. Maybe half a day if we're lucky. Why? Jack looks back over at Kate, who has stopped and turned around. She looks at Jack and Ilana worriedly. KATE What is it? Jack stares at Kate achingly as he takes a few steps forward. JACK There's something I have to tell you. (A beat, then:) I have something to do out here. I don't know what it is, but I don't think I'll be making it home. 9


14. 9 CONTINUED: Tears welling in her eyes, Kate shakes her head, stepping forward to Jack and placing her hands on his shoulders. Jack bites back his own tears as he says: JACK (CONT'D) You have to go, Kate. You have to leave me behind. KATE No. Jack, don't do this. leaving you. You have to. sorry. I'm not 9

JACK I'm sorry, Kate.


Jack holds Kate for a moment, then starts to gently push her away. Kate clings on with all her might. Richard and Ilana look on sadly, but Ben takes a tentative step forward. KATE No, Jack, stop it. You're coming with me. We're going to the beach andJACK I have to do this. KATE No, you don't, you can justJACK It's destiny, Kate. I'm sorryJack, please! KATE Just-

Ben suddenly appears behind Kate, gun in hand, and hits her over the head, immediately knocking her out. She slumps against Jack, who looks up at Ben murderously. JACK What the hell did you just do?! (CONTINUED)

15. 9 CONTINUED: BEN I thought a simple thank you would suffice. Jack stares at Ben, mystified, as Ben kneels down, lifting Kate up off the ground and slinging her over his shoulder. He looks up at Jack, breathing heavily as he starts to turn back around. BEN (CONT'D) I'm taking her back to the beach for you. Anything else you want to say to me? JACK No, I . . . thank you. BEN You do whatever it is you think you have to do, Jack. Ben nods curtly towards Richard and Ilana, then turns around, carrying Kate off into the jungle. BEN (CONT'D) I'll see you around! Jack watches Ben go, watches Kate go, leaving him, possibly forever. He holds back his tears as he turns back to Richard and Ilana. RICHARD Do you want us to leave? JACK I don't know. I still don't know what it is I have to do. ILANA We're here to protect the Island, and something tells me that means sticking with you. (CONTINUED) 9

16. 9 CONTINUED: Jack nods gratefully, walking towards Richard and Ilana. 10 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUS 10 9

Locke walks through the jungle, alone and at peace. He stops by a tree, gently running his hand across it, smiling to himself. Behind him, the spirit of BOONE CARLYLE appears, holding a piece of red cloth in his hand. BOONE Hey, John. Locke turns around, smiling at the ghost in front of him, nonplussed. Hello, Boone. a walk? LOCKE Care to join me for

BOONE You don't seem to care that there's an active volcano nearby that can kill you. LOCKE I've gotten everything I want out of this life. I serve the Island now. Boone walks forward a bit, and Locke offers him a seat on two nearby stumps. Boone nods gratefully, and the two sit down. BOONE That's what I wanted to talk to you about. The Island. (A beat, then:) What do you think you're supposed to do, John? LOCKE I have to find Jack. (CONTINUED)

17. 10 CONTINUED: BOONE Right. (A beat, then:) Can I ask you something? How do you know that? Locke looks at Boone for a moment without expression, then smiles as the WHOOSH begins again, taking us to: 11 INT. THE TEMPLE – HEALING CHAMBER – NIGHT – FLASHBACK 11 10

From “Family Portrait”, Locke sits up on the healing slab, grabbing Ilana by the arms. LOCKE How did I get back to the Island? How did I get back to the Island?! Ilana fails to provide an answer quickly enough, so Locke throws her over to the side of the room. She hits the wall, hitting her head and slipping into unconsciousness. Locke looks around the room in fright, then runs out in panic. 12 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – A LITTLE LATER – FLASHBACK 12 Locke emerges in a small clearing, steadying himself against the tree and vomiting into the bushes. He sinks to the ground, still in complete and utter disbelief. LOCKE (To himself:) Why am I here again . . . what do I have to do? Locke is shattered, questioning, looking for any kind of answer. And so he looks up to the skies, extending his hands out as he cries: LOCKE (CONT'D) What am I supposed to do?! Silence. (CONTINUED)

18. 12 CONTINUED: 12

Locke opens his eyes slowly, clearly realizing something. And, after a few moments, he looks around, seeing the wind blowing through the trees, the grass rustling silently. And Locke laughs, smiling to himself, experiencing a moment of unparalleled joy. He then closes his eyes once more as the WHOOSH returns one final time, taking us to: 13 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – NIGHT 13

Boone looks at Locke warily as Locke smiles, finishing his story. LOCKE I was angry. Looking for answers, not realizing the miracle that had just happened. I was alive. This Island . . . it brought me back. And when I realized that, I knew there had to be a reason, and that's when I heard what I had to do. BOONE Heard from whom? LOCKE The Island. (A beat, then:) I can't explain it to you, Boone. Either you have faith in your heart or you don't. BOONE I guess you had enough faith to call me a sacrifice. Locke shifts guiltily for a moment, but then leans in towards Boone, a smile spreading over his face. LOCKE This place healed me, brought me back to life. (CONTINUED)

19. 13 CONTINUED: BOONE Electromagnetism, John. that. I can explain 13

LOCKE It's more than science. You know that, I know you do. It's the connection that each one of us has to this place, how much of ourselves we're willing to give to it. Boone stares at Locke for a beat, then gets up, offering Locke his hand. Locke takes it, noticing that his back is slightly stiff as he rises. BOONE So, you believe all your sacrifice was rewarded. (Locke nods, so:) I hate to tell you this, but not even the Island can play with life and death. (Off Locke's look:) You were dead for weeks. Your body began to decompose, and nothing can change that. (A beat, then:) I'm sorry, John, but that pain you felt when you got up is a sign of what's to come. Even with what's happened to you . . . you don't have more than a day to live. And off of Locke's reaction to Boone's grim news END OF ACT ONE


The sun rises over the beach as the few remaining Others mill around, talking worriedly about the situation. At one corner of the camp, Desmond speaks quietly with his wife PENNY HUME while their son CHARLIE HUME makes a sandcastle. PENNY So, Hurley just took off? DESMOND He was there with Sayid, said he had something important to do. Who was I to stand in his way? PENNY Well, where does that leave us, Des? All of us. Desmond shrugs hopelessly, unsure of what to do next. And as Penny looks at her husband morosely, Ben emerges from the jungle behind them, Kate still slung over his back, out of breath as he sets her down on the sand. Desmond gets up, checking Kate's vitals as he looks at Ben. Is she OK? DESMOND What happened?

Ben sinks down into the sand, looking out into the ocean as he gasps out his response to Desmond. BEN Give me a second to catch my breath and I'll tell you. Desmond nods, moving away from Kate and sitting next to Ben. 15 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUS 15

Jack leads Richard and Ilana aimlessly through the jungle. After a moment, Richard walks up to him. (CONTINUED)

21. 15 CONTINUED: RICHARD Jack, we've been at this for hours. Do you have any idea what you're looking for? JACK No . . . maybe we should stop. LOCKE (O.S.) That's the best way to find something. Jack, Richard, and Ilana all spin around to find Locke standing behind them, knife in hand, every bit the heroic hunter he always tried to be. Jack takes a step forward, but Richard and Ilana remain transfixed, unable to move. JACK Locke . . . you're back. LOCKE I am. (To Ilana:) And I believe I have you to thank. Ilana nods slowly, still unable to believe that Locke has suddenly returned to her after their last encounter. But Locke simply smiles, nodding towards the jungle ahead. LOCKE (CONT'D) If you and Richard head that way, you can make the beach in a couple hours. (Off Ilana's look:) You've both done what you needed to. You can go now. Ilana and Richard look at each other for a moment, then back at Locke, who nods again towards the jungle with encouragement. After a beat, Richard and Ilana resolve themselves to head for the beach, nodding to Jack as they depart. Jack nods at them, then turns back to Locke. (CONTINUED) 15

22. 15 CONTINUED: JACK And what about me? Locke smiles, walking towards Jack and leading him to a nearby log. LOCKE You and I have a lot to talk about. Talk? to do? JACK That's what we're supposed 15

LOCKE The end may be coming for all of us, Jack. Isn't it important that we say what needs to be said before that happens? Jack glares at Locke for a moment, then nods reluctantly, following him to the log. As we PAN UP above the trees, we see the volcano bubbling in the distance. 16 EXT. OPEN OCEAN – SIMULTANEOUS 16

A LARGE BOAT sails through the ocean, and as we PAN IN, we see a small figure standing on the 17 EXT. RESCUE BOAT – DECK – CONTINUOUS 17

Ji Yeon watches the waves lapping against the sides of the boat as it moves through the water. She looks up to the 18 INT. RESCUE BOAT – MAIN CABIN – CONTINUOUS Jin and Sun steer the boat carefully through the waters, the portable printer constantly generating new maps with the Island's location. JIN (Subtitled) We're still on course? (CONTINUED) 18

23. 18 CONTINUED: SUN (Subtitled) We should be there in the next 18

Yes. hour.

Jin smiles bracingly, then turns back to his work. Sun looks at the Dharma logo on the printer, then back at Jin. SUN (CONT'D) (Subtitled) That equation. How was Dharma trying to fix it? JIN (Subtitled) They thought if they could establish a society where people work together, help each other, they could figure out a way to offer their findings to the world. (A beat, then:) The Island was a model for all of humanity. But you know what happened. SUN (Subtitled) Do you think the constants can be changed? (Jin shrugs, so:) Maybe that's why we were brought there. (Off Jin's look:) I once believed that we were brought to the Island to be punished for what we had done. But maybe there was something else. Something for us to do. Jin looks at Sun questioningly for a moment, then nods to himself, smiling as he looks back out at the ocean. (CONTINUED)

24. 18 CONTINUED: JIN (Subtitled) Maybe. After a moment, Sun leaves the cabin to check on Ji Yeon. 19 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUS 19 18

Jack and Locke sit together on the log, both unsure of what to say. After a beat, Locke breaks the silence with: LOCKE You believed me. JACK Yeah, John. I believed you. (A beat, then:) Everything I've done to get me to this point, I did because I believed you. LOCKE Do you still? JACK No. Not the way I did. I can't give everything up to faith now. LOCKE Why not? JACK Ghosts, healing powers, miracles . . . this place does miraculous things. But it also judges, kills . . . and I just don't know how it adds up. LOCKE Who ever said it did? Who ever said that all of it had to add up? That everything came together in one neat explanation? (CONTINUED)

25. 19 CONTINUED: LOCKE (CONT'D) I mean, that's life. Nothing is ever done perfectly right, the way you wanted it to be. But, somehow, it works, doesn't it? We're here. The world's still going around the sun, the tides are coming in, just like they always do. JACK So, what are we supposed to do? If everything keeps working, why is it that we're here? LOCKE What makes you think I know? Jack rises angrily, standing over Locke. Locke remains calm, though his eyes do drift for a moment in the direction of the volcano, which issues a low rumble. JACK What makes me think you know? You were dead, and now you come walking out of the jungle. For so long, you've been going thinking that there's some purpose here. So, what is it?! LOCKE Don't you see, Jack? That's the joy in it, not knowing. If we were meant to know everything, we would. (A beat, then:) Maybe we're just here to fit in and live our lives as best we can. Isn't that what you've learned here? Jack pauses, thinking about how much he has changed since the plane crashed, how much he has learned and evolved. But after a few moments, he looks back up at Locke, shaking his head. (CONTINUED) 19

26. 19 CONTINUED: No, John. anymore. JACK I can't believe that 19

Jack turns around and heads to the tree line, following Ilana and Richard's route, but Locke stops him with: LOCKE Do you know what you're walking away from, Jack? (Jack stops, so:) The Island still needs you. Jack turns back around, marching towards Locke. JACK The Island needs me? How do you know that? How do you know what a piece of land wants?! LOCKE Sit down and I'll tell you. Jack looks back towards the jungle behind him, towards the beach, towards Kate. And then he looks back at Locke, the one man who may be able to answer the questions that have tortured him for years. And so Jack nods curtly, stepping towards Locke and sitting back down. 20 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – SIMULTANEOUS Desmond, Ben and Penny stand with the Others, waiting. Waiting for any sign of a rescue, or an end. Waiting, unsure of what to do next. AMELIA, one of the Others, pipes up: AMELIA Maybe we'll be safe here on the beach. BEN Maybe we won't. (CONTINUED) 20

27. 20 CONTINUED: 20

Desmond looks down the beach as VANESSA, another Other, jogs up towards him. DESMOND You see anything? VANESSA Nothing. Desmond looks down grimly, but Penny's eyes drift towards the ocean, where a distant object is visible. Hey! PENNY There's something out there!

Everyone looks towards the ocean to find 21 EXT. RESCUE BOAT – DECK – A LITTLE LATER 21

Sun and Jin exit the cabin and open a rope ladder onto the sand, climbing down to greet the joyous survivors on the beach. 22 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – CONTINUOUS 22

Desmond heads right for Jin, embracing him tightly, as the rest of the camp runs towards the boat. Charlie Hume is left alone on the beach, finishing his sandcastle. JIN Where's Sawyer? Desmond's face falls as Jin realizes what has happened to Sawyer. Heartbroken, he steps back as Sun steps forward. SUN I'll take care of it. Jin nods gratefully, walking away down the beach. back to Desmond. Sun turns


28. 22 CONTINUED: SUN (CONT'D) Is this everyone? DESMOND Might be. We'll have to wait and see, but . . . SUN Good. Everyone should start getting on board as soon as possible. I want to leave her in the next hour, andCharlie? PENNY (O.S.) Charlie?! 22

Desmond turns around to find Penny on the beach, right where Charlie had made his sandcastle BUT CHARLIE IS GONE. Desmond runs up the beach, joining Penny as he looks for any sign of his son. DESMOND Where is he?! PENNY I don't know, he was here and I looked away for a moment, and thenDESMOND Where did he go? (To everyone else:) Does anyone know where Charlie is? BEN He was taken. Desmond looks over at Ben, who gestures at several foot prints leading away from Charlie's sandcastle into the jungle. And as the news of his son's kidnapping sinks in for Desmond END OF ACT TWO


Desmond grabs Ben by the collar, lifting him into the air. DESMOND You saw them take my son?! BEN No. But there's no other explanation. It must have been the last of Jonah's group. (A beat, then:) Now, if you want to put me down, I can help you find him. The entire camp, especially Sun, looks on in sympathy as Desmond slowly lowers Ben to the ground. DESMOND Why should I trust you? BEN If I had a nickel for every time someone's asked me that . . . DESMOND Do you swear to take me to them? BEN Yes. Sun steps forward, taking out a pistol from her back pocket. SUN If you don't believe him, I'll go with you. Desmond nods in gratitude as Sun joins the pair. DESMOND Aye, thanks. (CONTINUED)

30. 23 CONTINUED: Sun looks back to Jin, who has rejoined the main group. SUN Can you make sure everyone else gets on board? Jin nods as Penny walks over to Desmond, tears of panic in her eyes as she embraces him tightly. PENNY Bring him back, Des. Desmond nods, breaking away from Penny and leading Ben and Sun into the jungle. As they go, Jin looks on warily, then heads over to lift Kate up and carry her onto the boat. 24 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUS Jack and Locke remain on the log, deep in discussion. JACK I guess I've never understood why you find it so easy to believe. LOCKE I told you, Jack. It's never been easy. (A beat, then:) But I also told you that when I looked into the eye of this IslandJACK That was the Monster. LOCKE I know that. And I know that my faith has been misplaced sometimes. (A beat, then:) I'm not always right. In fact, I was usually wrong. That's why it was good to have you around. (CONTINUED) 24 23

31. 24 CONTINUED: Jack leans back in surprise, trying to process this admission from Locke. LOCKE (CONT'D) This place, for whatever reason, has some unknowable power. And I tried to find that for myself. (A beat, then:) I thought the Island spoke to me. Telling me what to do. Kill Jonah. Send his people out to the beach. (A beat, then:) Who knows? Maybe it did. And maybe that was just me. But if good things came of it, does it really matter? Locke speaks now with a certain humility and understanding that has never been heard from him, something that Jack picks up on. Something that makes him, for once, listen a bit more to what Locke has to say . . . JACK So, you still believe in the Island? LOCKE I always will. JACK Why? Locke smiles, wincing in pain as he does so. of thought, he responds: After a moment 24

LOCKE You probably think that I look at this Island as a God to follow unquestioningly. (A beat, then:) But that's not how I see it. To me, this is a place that allows us all to become what we've always wanted to be. The best that we're capable of. (CONTINUED)

32. 24 CONTINUED: LOCKE (CONT'D) It gave me that chance, and I do whatever I can to repay it. (A beat, then:) Didn't it do the same for you, Jack? Jack nods slowly without even realizing it. But after he thinks about it for a moment, he realizes that Locke is correct, about him, about everyone. And now Jack can finally see where Locke's faith comes from, where is own faith came from. And now, finally, these two have reached an understanding. A middle ground that they can agree on. And so Jack raises his hand, taking Locke's and shaking it lightly. JACK Thank you, John. LOCKE You're quite welcome. Locke starts to rise, but finds it difficult, so Jack gets up, offering his hand. Locke takes it, leaning on Jack for support as he stands unsteadily, looking towards the volcano. LOCKE (CONT'D) Not much longer now. JACK What are we supposed to do? LOCKE I'm not sure. EKO (O.S.) Now you wait for the destruction of this Island and everyone on it. (CONTINUED) 24

33. 24 CONTINUED: 24

Jack and Locke turn around to find MR. EKO standing in front of them, still dressed in the clothes of a priest. LOCKE That isn't Eko . . . EKO You are the one who said it, John. I am the eye of this Island. And as Jack realizes he is speaking to the MONSTER . . . 25 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – SIMULTANEOUS Ben leads Desmond and Sun across a small clearing. SUN How do you even know where they're going to be? BEN I led these people for twelve years, Sun. I know their hideouts. The three push onward a bit, into 26 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – CONTINUOUS Ben slows his pace, motioning for Sun and Desmond to be quiet. The three kneel down in the grass as Ben peeks through the bushes to see Adam and the rest of Flocke's Others with Charlie. Desmond crawls forward to Ben. DESMOND Is that them? BEN Yes, now just wait, andDESMOND I'm not waiting, brother. (CONTINUED) 26 25

34. 26 CONTINUED: Desmond gets up, heading through the bushes into 27 EXT. JUNGLE – LARGE CLEARING – CONTINUOUS Desmond rises, confronting the Others. LITTLE CHARLIE Daddy! The Others all spin around, guns drawn at Desmond. Ben and Sun emerge from the bushes, their own guns pointed at the Others. And from this standoff ADAM What do you want? DESMOND My son. ADAM We can't give him back to you. (Off Desmond's look:) We took him because none of you can leave yet. We were all brought here for a reason, and we still have work to do here. What work? destroyed. SUN Everything is about to be 27 26

Adam pauses for a moment, then takes a step forward towards Sun. ADAM You came here by accident, I know that. And whenever you returned, it was to save someone. (A beat, then:) But imagine coming here because you believe in this place. Following it for your entire life, and then being (CONTINUED)

35. 27 CONTINUED: ADAM (CONT'D) told that all your sacrifice, all your work was meaningless. And that now you have to leave the home that you have protected for so long and start over. (A beat, then:) I don't accept that. None of us do. We still have work to do here. Understanding enters Ben's eyes, but he steps forward to challenge Adam nonetheless. BEN If I remember right, the last man who showed you what work you had to do here ended up getting most of you killed. ADAM We made a mistake with Jonah. anymore. Not 27

Ben and Sun are both left without any answers, but Desmond steps forward, lowering his gun, at the end of his rope. DESMOND I've made mistakes too. I was the one who brought Charlie here in the first place. But now all I want to do is to keep him safe. Is that too much to ask? (Adam does nothing, so:) Look, I know what it's like to have your faith rewarded and then shot down. I was alone in a hatch for months pressing a button. I had to tell a man that he had to die. I waited years to find the woman I loved, only to have her taken away from me. I just want a little happiness now. (CONTINUED)

36. 27 CONTINUED: DESMOND (CONT'D) I want to be with my family. You tell me. Is that too much to ask? Adam's hand quivers on the trigger as he and the rest of the Others are moved by Desmond's words. Desmond smiles slightly through the tears in his eyes as he takes another step forward, raising his hand slightly to Adam. DESMOND (CONT'D) There's a lot of ways to find purpose in this world, and I think I know what mine is now. So, please. Please. Just give me Charlie. Adam looks back at the Others, nodding silently. They release Charlie, who runs towards Desmond, jumping into his father's arms. LITTLE CHARLIE Daddy! DESMOND Charlie! Thank you. (To Adam:) Thank you. 27

Adam nods, then turns around to the rest of the Others. ADAM If anyone else wants to leave with them, I suggest they do so now. After a moment, Ken, Emma, and Zach step forward towards Desmond, siding with them. Adam lets them go, ushering his group further into the jungle. After a moment, Ben leads his group back where they came from.


37. 28 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUS Jack and Locke face the Monster. JACK What did you say? EKO This has been the site of a great debate for thousands of years. Now that it is over, the board must be cleared. LOCKE And that means killing everyone? EKO You have all been judged. have all failed. And you 28

LOCKE How can you say that we've failed? EKO I am a creature of judgment. It is my purpose. I feed upon the memories and fears of humans and use them to judge what makes a good person. I can become whatever I need to be to see how you act: a horse, a bird, a girl, a priest. I can take away people's wills, make them sick. I can kill if I have to. (A beat, then:) I can do all of this to show that humans are weak. That when given free will, they choose only themselves. And, when the time comes, to judge them as inferior to live here, or anywhere else. (A beat, then:) And you have all, like those before you, proven me right. (CONTINUED)

38. 28 CONTINUED: JACK You're wrong. There's good in those people on the beach. There's good in us. EKO I have not seen it. LOCKE Or you've seen it and chosen to ignore it. EKO It does not matter. The end has come, and nothing can be done to stop it. Eko looks upwards, behind Jack and Locke. The two men follow the Monster's gaze, above the tree line. And as we PAN UP to follow them, we see the VOLCANO. Smoke billows out from it, and a constant rumble reaches a crescendo as THE VOLCANO ERUPTS. END OF ACT THREE 28

39. ACT FOUR 29 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – DAY Sayid leads Hurley into a clearing, then turns around, speaking to him quickly. SAYID We're almost there, Hurley. HURLEY So, what am I supposed to do? Sayid pauses, looking around Hurley, as countless SPIRITS emerge from the bushes around them. Hurley jumps back in fear as many of the ghosts walk towards them – ghosts from Ancient Egypt, from Richard's ship, from the Black Rock, from the U.S. Army, even from the Dharma Initiative. Hurley looks back at Sayid, who nods to the ghosts. SAYID You have to bring us all to Jack. (A beat, then:) You have a power, Hurley. A connection to the world of the dead. We need you to bring us to the living. HURLEY Why do you need to see Jack? SAYID He needs our help to defeat the Monster. (A beat, then:) Will you bring us to him? (Hurley nods, so:) Thank you. Sayid places his hand warmly on Hurley's shoulder, then steps behind him. SAYID (CONT'D) Lead the way. (CONTINUED) 29

40. 29 CONTINUED: Hurley breathes in slowly, then out. the other ghosts into the jungle. 30 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – FOLLOWING He leads Sayid and 30 29

Jack and Locke back slowly away from the advancing Monster. EKO I have waited a long time for this. The end of humanity on this Island. Eko stops, his arms and legs dissolving into black smoke, his entire body dissolving until the SMOKE MONSTER looms above Jack and Locke, ready to kill. HURLEY (O.S.) Stop! Jack and Locke turn to the rest of the ghosts they charge forward at Jack and Locke. Sayid Hurley, go! see Hurley at the edge of the jungle, behind him. Sayid leads them as the Monster, stopping it from killing turns back to Hurley as he runs in. SAYID Make for the beach!

Hurley looks towards Jack, but cannot see him anymore. Resigned to leaving alone, Hurley runs back into the jungle. We now JUMP CUT TO: The battlefield, as the dead charge the Monster, trying to keep it away from Jack and Locke. Sayid breaks away from the battle, running to the pair who now stand up against a tree. SAYID (CONT'D) Run! We'll hold it off as long as we can, but you're the only ones who can finish it! (To Locke:) John, you know what to do. (CONTINUED)

41. 30 CONTINUED: 30

Locke looks at Sayid questioningly, but Jack drags him into the jungle behind them. Sayid pauses, looking back towards the Monster and charging in for a final battle. 31 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – LATER 31

Jane ushers Zach and Emma aboard the rescue ship to join most of the Others, Jin, Sun, Ji Yeon, VINCENT the dog, and an unconscious Kate. Desmond helps Penny and Charlie on board, then turns back to Ben, Amelia, and a few remaining Others. Ben steps forward to get on board. DESMOND Thanks, brother. Ben simply nods, boarding the ship. Desmond turns back to the final few on the beach, but they seem reluctant to board. DESMOND (CONT'D) Aren't you coming? Before any of them can say anything, Richard Alpert and Ilana emerge from the jungle, Adam's camp behind them. Richard walks forward to the boat. RICHARD Everyone! Ilana and I found a few canoes on the eastern shore. If anyone wants to remain here, we're leaving for the Hydra now! The Others look hopefully at Richard, then follow him back to the jungle. Amelia turns back to Desmond as she leaves. AMELIA Thank you for all that you've done, but this is where we belong. Aye. DESMOND Good luck. (CONTINUED)

42. 31 CONTINUED: 31

The Others head into the jungle. Richard and Ilana pause as they enter, nodding in farewell to the survivors on the boat. The survivors wave farewell, and Richard and Ilana depart. Desmond turns back to the boat. Jin! DESMOND (CONT'D) Are we ready to leave?

Jin looks down from the cabin, offering a thumbs up. Desmond smiles, climbing up onto the boat. DESMOND (CONT'D) Then let's headWait! HURLEY (O.S.) Wait, stop, don't leave yet!

Desmond turns back to see a panicked Hurley dashing down the beach, throwing himself at the ladder as he reaches the boat. Desmond helps him onto the ship, and Hurley falls against the deck as he boards, clearly out of breath. HURLEY Thanks. DESMOND You think we'd leave without you? HURLEY You should go now. The volcano . . . it's erupted. Desmond nods, turning back to Jin and giving him the “OK” to leave. Jin starts the ship up, and it sails away from the shoreline. 32 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUS 32

Jack and Locke run through the jungle, Locke quickly losing strength. They soon fall to the ground, unable to go any further. (CONTINUED)

43. 32 CONTINUED: JACK You think it's coming back? LOCKE Yes. JACK How are we supposed to fight it? Before Jack can say anything, the Monster BURSTS THROUGH THE GROUND BEHIND LOCKE. A ring of smoke wraps around Locke's waist, and he is dragged back into the hole. Jack jumps forward as Locke slides back, grabbing his hand just as he falls into the hole. Locke screams in pain as Jack tries desperately to hold on. JACK (CONT'D) Hold on, John! Don't let go! I can't! LOCKE I . . . 32

Jack's nails dig into Locke's hand, causing a cut to appear. Locke looks up to see not blood, but a wisp of white smoke emerge from the wound. And now the wheels start turning in Locke's head as he realizes what he must do. LOCKE (CONT'D) Let me go, Jack. Just let me go. Jack looks down at Locke, who looks back up at him pleadingly. No way. JACK I'm getting you out!

LOCKE Jack, this is what I have to do, I know it is! Now let me go! I can't! JACK Just hold on! (CONTINUED)

44. 32 CONTINUED: LOCKE Don't do this! Hold on, John! JACK Hold on! 32

The Monster's grip tightens as Locks looks into Jack's eyes, speaking to him softly: LOCKE Jack. You can't fix this. You just have to let me go. (Off Jack's look:) Believe, Jack. Believe me. Jack, in inner turmoil, looks down at his hand holding Locke, then into Locke's eyes, and makes his decision. HE LETS GO. Locke falls down into the hole, disappearing into the darkness as he dies. And then silence. Jack sits back against the ground, tears in his eyes as he mourns the loss of John Locke. But he is soon distracted by a distant rumble below him. Jack stands up, looking down into the hole below to see a BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT. Jack is transfixed by the sight for a moment, until The ground bursts open, sending Jack flying back, revealing a CLOUD OF WHITE SMOKE consuming the Monster, destroying it. The Monster lets out cries of pain as it is extinguished, leaving only the white smoke behind. Jack stares at the scene before him in awe as the white smoke moves down to the ground, becoming JACOB. And now we know . . . Locke died to allow Jacob to leave his body and destroy the Monster. JACOB Run, Jack. (CONTINUED)

45. 32 CONTINUED: 32

Jack nods, numbly getting up off the ground and running into the jungle. 33 EXT. RESCUE BOAT – DECK – SIMULTANEOUS 33

As the boat sails away into the ocean, Kate lies unconscious on the deck. Hurley sits next to her, looking back at the Island mournfully. Suddenly, Kate awakes, looking up at Hurley. KATE Hurley, where are we? HURLEY Leaving. KATE Where's Jack? Hurley frowns, and Kate slowly gets up, looking back towards the Island. 34 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUS 34

As flames engulf the jungle behind him, Jack dashes through the jungle, trying to make it towards the beach. 35 EXT. RESCUE BOAT – DECK – SIMULTANEOUS 35

Kate runs towards the rails, screaming for Jack as she grabs onto them. Hurley runs up to her, embracing her tightly and holding her back, tears in his eyes as he looks back towards the Island. Smoke and flame rises in the air. Kate looks towards the Island for a moment before it disappears in a BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT. HURLEY We left the barrier. (A beat, then:) I'm sorry, Kate. (CONTINUED)

46. 35 CONTINUED: 35

Kate doesn't answer Hurley, but instead looks to where the Island once was, a tear running down her cheek. 36 EXT. THE ORCHID – FRONT ENTRANCE – SIMULTANEOUS 36

Jack emerges from the jungle to the Orchid, running towards the main door. As he reaches it, he says to himself: The wheel . . . JACK turn the wheel.

Jack presses the button to call the lift, but it obviously takes a long time to ascend from the actual station. And as he waits, Jack looks back towards the jungle, towards the lava and flames that are inching towards him, coming closer, and closer . . . And now Jack must make the choice of whether or not he can risk waiting for the elevator, or continue on his way. As the flames now come within sight, as a burning tree crashes onto the ground, JACK CLOSES HIS EYES. HE IS ACCEPTING HIS FATE. END OF ACT FOUR

47. ACT FIVE 37 EXT. THE ISLAND – DUSK Smoke rises from the Island, covered in lava and fire, completely destroyed. 38 EXT. HYDRA BEACH – SIMULTANEOUS JONAH sits alone on the beach, looking towards the ocean ahead, where Richard and Ilana lead the Others on canoes towards the Island. Jacob walks up behind him. JACOB 'Evening. JONAH 'Evening. Jacob sits down next to Jonah, admiring the view. JONAH (CONT'D) I don't know how you pulled it off, but you did. I just have one last question. (Off of Jacob's look:) How'd you get the dog from the 1977 to 2007? JACOB I gave him a pat on the head while I walking through the jungle. Jonah nods to himself, offering his hand to Jacob. shakes it. JONAH Well, you win this round. give you that. I'll Jacob 38 37

JACOB If it works here, it'll work anywhere. (CONTINUED)

48. 38 CONTINUED: JONAH So, you think the constants can be changed? That the equation can be fixed? JACOB I have hope. Jonah smiles, looking out towards the ocean. JONAH Well, that's something. Jacob nods, following Jonah's gaze. 39 EXT. OUTRIGGER CANOES – SIMULTANEOUS Richard and Ilana paddle towards Hydra Island. Richard looks to where Jacob and Jonah were just sitting, but it is now empty. He looks back at Ilana instead. RICHARD I figure we'll make camp tonight. Go find the folks from the Ajira flight and bring them into the camp tomorrow. ILANA Sounds like a plan. (A beat, then:) I found a gray hair earlier. I guess that means we're aging now. RICHARD I guess so. (A beat, then:) I wouldn't have it any other way. ILANA Me, neither. (CONTINUED) 39 38

49. 39 CONTINUED: Richard grasps Ilana's hand softly as the sun sets behind them. 40 EXT. RESCUE BOAT – DECK – SIMULTANEOUS 40 39

The boat cuts through the ocean, heading home. Most of the survivors lounge around on the deck, including the few Others on board, Zach, and Emma. Ben sits alone, thinking about where he is headed, when Hurley walks up behind him. HURLEY I guess we're heading home now. BEN Wherever home is. HURLEY So, what are you gonna do? BEN Well, Hugo, I was thinking about volunteer work. HURLEY Come on, dude. There's something out there for all of us. Hurley pats Ben on the shoulder and walks away. A moment after he leaves, Ben smiles slightly, genuinely, to himself, for the first time hopeful about what's coming. JUMP CUT TO: 41 EXT. RESCUE BOAT – DECK – FOLLOWING 41

Sun, Jin, Desmond, and Penny sit around together, watching Ji Yeon and Charlie play. DESMOND They've really taken a liking to each other. (CONTINUED)

50. 41 CONTINUED: SUN They have. JIN So, are we going to tell everyone the truth about what happened? Aye. DESMOND I think that's for the best. 41

PENNY No one's going to be hunting us down anymore. All of that's over. SUN We can live our lives. I ever wanted. That's all

Jin smiles, taking Sun's hand and kissing it lightly. Desmond and Penny look happily at each other as they watch the sun set in front of the boat. JUMP CUT TO: 42 EXT. RESCUE BOAT – DECK – FOLLOWING Kate sits alone at the front of the ship, staring out at the ocean ahead. Hurley walks up, taking a seat next to her. HURLEY So, I guess you'll be talking to Claire's mom? KATE Yeah. Hopefully we can work something out. What are you gonna be doing? HURLEY I wanna help people. I mean, if I can talk to the dead, I might as well (CONTINUED) 42

51. 42 CONTINUED: HURLEY (CONT'D) use it for something good. (A beat, then:) I'm sorry about Jack. KATE I am, too. HURLEY You never know. Maybe he's still out there. KATE Maybe. Although Kate's mind would tell her that Jack is gone, her heart still holds some hope that they may find each other. KATE (CONT'D) I've got a lot to do right now. But yeah, maybe someday. Hurley nods, getting up and letting Kate be. Kate looks out to the ocean, thinking about Jack, about Claire, about Aaron, thinking about all that has happened to her . . . And she breaks down, allowing herself to do so for the first time in a long time. 43 EXT. HYDRA BEACH – SIMULTANEOUS Richard, Ilana, and the Others start to set up camp when Ilana sees a canoe paddling into shore. ILANA What's that? Richard follows Ilana's gaze to see, climbing out of the canoe and onto the beach RICHARD Jack? (CONTINUED) 43 42

52. 43 CONTINUED: 43

JACK SHEPHARD gets off of the canoe, walking towards Richard and Ilana. JACK Hey. Thanks for leaving a spare canoe. RICHARD How did you get here? Jack pauses, looking back towards the ruined Island behind him. 44 EXT. THE ORCHID – FRONT ENTRANCE – FLASHBACK Jack stands in front of the Orchid, unsure of what to do. JACK (V.O.) I had a choice to make. Whether or not to try and turn the wheel and leave, or make it here. (A beat, then:) And then I realized something. Jack takes off into the jungle, away from the Orchid. 45 EXT. HYDRA BEACH – DUSK Jack finishes his story to an amazed Richard and Ilana. JACK I've grown so much here, been given so much . . . and maybe I still have more to learn. More work to do. (A beat, then:) So, if you'll let me, I'd like to stay with you. ILANA Don't you want to leave? your people? With Kate? Be with (CONTINUED) 45 44

53. 45 CONTINUED: JACK How could I leave now? (A beat, then:) It doesn't matter. Maybe one day I'll find a way off, but I'm here now. And I'm glad to be here. Richard and Ilana nod, welcoming Jack into the camp. As he walks onto the beach, Jack looks back at the ocean behind him. As he smiles slightly to himself, Iz's “Over the Rainbow” starts, carrying us to: 46 EXT. RESCUE BOAT – DECK – SIMULTANEOUS 46 45

Kate looks out towards the ocean as well, smiling slightly at the thought of Jack. As she wipes her tears away, Vincent walks up behind her, climbing up and laying his head in her lap. Kate pats him on the head as we PAN OUT across the ship, across all the survivors, ready to start a new life, to the boat sailing across the open ocean, the vast expanse of natural blue, extending endlessly towards the setting sun. END OF ACT FIVE

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