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					                             Courtney Lee
                        Western Kentucky              Nate Rohnert                         Derek Fisher
        2007-08 Sun Belt Player of the Year   Two-Time All-Sun Belt   1995-96 Sun Belt Player of the Year
2008-09 NBA Eastern Conference Champion       Conference First Team           Four-Time NBA Champion
       The Sun Belt Conference enters its 35th season in 200-20 with several constants                Since 2005 football season, the first year after conference realignment, the Sun Belt
evident during the over three decade span of the league. Success, progress and academic Conference ranks 6th out of  conferences in composite bowl game winning percentage. The
excellence have always been at the core of the league and in the second decade of the 2st Sun Belt Conference set an all-time league high for players selected in the NFL Draft in 200
century those constants could not be more clear.                                                   with seven total players selected - topping the previous record of five in 2007.
       The Sun Belt Conference was founded on August 4, 976 with New Orleans, South                     The world has taken notice of the Sun Belt Conference as well. Proof of that comes as
Alabama, Georgia State, Jacksonville, North Carolina-Charlotte and South Florida the league now has two automatic tie-ins to postseason bowl games. The R+L Carriers New
participating in four men’s sports: basketball, golf, soccer and tennis.                           Orleans Bowl recently extended its agreements with the Sun Belt Conference ensuring that a
       With the onset of the 2st century the Sun Belt Conference began sponsoring football at Sun Belt team will play in that bowl game through 203 (the league has sent a team to that
the Division I-A level (now known as the Football Bowl Subdivision) in 200 and generated an game every year since the game’s inception in 200). The Sun Belt Conference also signed
automatic bowl tie-in for its conference champion in the New Orleans Bowl.                         an agreement this past offseason with the GMAC Bowl, played annually in Mobile, Alabama,
       Prior to the 200 season only Louisiana-Lafayette had competed at the Division I-A that will ensure a Sun Belt team plays in that bowl game through 203. The league also
level for the entirety of its program’s history. New members North Texas, Middle Tennessee has secondary tie-ins with the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl, the St. Petersburg Bowl and the
and New Mexico State would take on the task of maturing into I-A programs along with PapaJohns.com Bowl.
Arkansas State and football only members Idaho and Louisiana-Monroe.                                     There has been no shortage of success in the league’s other sports as well in recent
       The conference’s automatic berth into the New Orleans Bowl gave the league credibility, years.
but wins would be needed to show that the league could contend at the highest level of the               The Sun Belt Conference has sent at least two teams to the NCAA Baseball Tournament
game. North Texas carried that responsibility well in the early years of Sun Belt Conference for 22 consecutive seasons. Since 2000 the Sun Belt Conference has sent three teams to the
football. The Mean Green would represent the league for                                                                                  NCAA Tournament in a season six times – that is six times
four consecutive seasons in the New Orleans Bowl.                                                                                        in the last decade that the Sun Belt has been worthy of
       One of the first shining moments in Sun Belt                                                                                      having three teams in the NCAA Tournament.
football history came in the second New Orleans Bowl                                                                                      In women’s basketball, Sun Belt Conference ranked
in 2002 when North Texas defeated Conference USA co-                                                                                     in the top half of the final league RPI rankings for the
champion Cincinnati 24-9.                                                                                                               2009-0 season – making it the 2th consecutive season
       More memorable moments would soon follow, but                                                                                     that the Sun Belt Conference has placed in the top half
not before the league’s membership took on additional                                                                                    of league RPI. Most impressively In six of those 2 seasons,
changes. Utah State joined the league briefly as a                                                                                       Sun Belt Conference women’s basketball has placed in
football playing member but departed along with Idaho                                                                                    the national top 0 for RPI. The Sun Belt Conference
and New Mexico State following the 2004 season. Troy                                                                                     has also sent multiple teams to the Women’s NCAA
joined the league as a football only in 2004 and would                                                                                   Basketball Championship in two of the last four season.
join as an all-sports member soon thereafter. Florida                                                                                    This past season UALR and Middle Tennessee both
Atlantic joined initially as a football only member in 2005                                                                              represented the league in the NCAA postseason.
and would also enter competition in all sports a couple                                                                                   Men’s basketball has seen noted highlights as well in
of years later. FIU, a league member since the late                                                                                      recent years, with none greater than Ty Rodger’s magical
990s, began competition in football in 2005 and WKU,                                                                                    last second three-point shot as WKU defeated No. 5 seed
a longtime league member, began competition in 2009.                                                                                     Drake in the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball
Louisiana-Monroe, a founding member of the football                                                                                      Championship in 2008. The Hilltoppers would go on to
league, would join as all-sports member as well.                                                                                         reach the Sweet 6 that season and followed up with
       As the Sun Belt Conference evolved with new                                                                                       a trip to the second round the following year. South
members and new found success – the league earned                                                                                        Alabama also reached the NCAA Men’s Basketball
two bowl berths for the first time in 2004 – the state                                                                                   Championship in 2008 as the Jaguars qualified for an at-
of the Football Bowl Subdivision would also evolve.                                                                                      large bid.
The Sun Belt Conference entered the ranks of the Bowl                                                                                     One of the nation’s all-time greatest softball programs
Championship Series when the BCS restructured prior to                                                                                   resides in the Sun Belt Conference as Louisiana-Lafayette
the 2006 season.                                                                                                                         has advanced to the NCAA Women’s College World
       The Sun Belt Conference now found itself as one of                                                                                Series on five occasions. Most recently, the Ragin’ Cajuns
3 NCAA conferences that sponsor multiple sports, but the                                                                                played in the annuals WCWS in 2008.
league was now one of only  to participate in the Bowl                                                                                  The Denver women’s golf team has been among the
Championship Series (BCS).                                                                                                               nation’s best for a number of years as well. The Pioneers
                                                                 Denver’s Nate Rohnert against North Texas during the Semifinals
       With that lofty standing, expectations for the Sun                                                                                held a national ranking throughout the entire 2009
                                                                 of the Sun Belt Tournament Conference Championship in Hot
Belt Conference are as high as ever and the league and its                                                                               season and capped the year with its first-ever regional
                                                                 Springs, Ark. The Mean Green won the 200 Sun Belt title.
member institutions have consistently delivered in the past                                                                              championship, winning the NCAA East Regional at the
few years.                                                                                                                               Mark Bostick Golf Course in Gainesville, Fla. Denver
       Because of its status as a member of the Football Bowl Subdivision coalition, the Sun Belt came away with a top-five finish in the national competition, taking fifth place at the 2009
Conference has a permanent seat on the NCAA’s 8-member Board of Directors. As a result, NCAA National Championship.
the conference has a crucial voice on some of the most pressing issues in college athletics and          Each of the 9 sports has seen numerous team and individual accomplishments, but
will always have a role in the implementation of any future NCAA legislation and guidelines. in the realm of academic excellence nearly every Sun Belt Conference school is currently
       The conference continues to utilize television to grow and promote the league and graduating its student-athletes at a rate higher than its respective school’s student body.
its member institutions. The Sun Belt Conference signed a new multi-year agreement with                  For the third consecutive year Sun Belt Conference student-athletes topped the previous
ESPN, Inc. in January of 2009 that will result in unprecedented national coverage for the year’s record number of Commissioner’s List and Academic Honor Roll awards winners. ,700
league. Additionally, ESPN televised the conference’s men’s basketball championship game Sun Belt student-athletes earned a GPA over 3.0 for the previous school year and were
for the 30th straight season in 2010, marking its longest affiliation with any conference in the named to either the Sun Belt Academic Honor Roll or Sun Belt Commissioner’s List.
country.                                                                                                 Sun Belt schools combined to have 756 student-athletes land on the Commissioner’s List,
       The conference’s regional television partnership with Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast which honors all student-athletes recording a 3.5 GPA or better during the 2008-09 academic
(CSS) and Cox Sports Television (CST) enables live telecasts of Sun Belt events to reach millions year. The league also had a total of 944 student-athletes named to the Academic Honor Roll,
of households. The addition of volleyball, baseball and softball to the conference’s television which is awarded to those maintaining a 3.0-3.49 GPA.
package has resulted in more national and regional television exposure for the league than at            The total of ,700 student-athletes that were honored tops the previous highs of ,503
any time in its history.                                                                           set during the 2007-08 school year and ,429 for the 2006-07 school year.
       The Sun Belt Conference has also partnered with JumpTV Sports, Inc. to deliver a full-            Prominent Sun Belt alumni include former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza
service, customized, public and premium website to provide fans with a broad range of real- Rice (Denver), NFL Hall of Fame football player “Mean” Joe Greene (North Texas), Florida
time information and content about the conference’s athletic teams. The Sun Belt is one of Marlins All-Star baseball player Luis Gonzalez (South Alabama), Boston Red Sox baseball
the few conferences in the nation to provide video highlights and features on its website from player Mike Lowell (MLB All-Star and 2007 MLB World Series MVP, FIU), former member of
each of the league’s respective championships. This technology serves as a great recruiting the United States Senate and House of Representatives John Breaux (Louisiana-Lafayette),
tool for schools by enabling anyone in the world with internet access to view the conference’s country music superstar Tim McGraw (Louisiana-Monroe), and actor Andy Garcia (FIU).
championship events.                                                                                     The conference’s first 34 years have also produced numerous individual national
       Success has been easy to find in recent years. Over the last four seasons the Sun Belt champions along with Olympic track medalists including Earl Bell, Tom Hill and Al Joyner
Conference has represented itself well in the football postseason. In fact the Sun Belt Conference (Arkansas State), Hollis Conway (Louisiana-Lafayette), and Tayna Lawrence (FIU). Old
boasts a winning record of 4-3 in its seven bowl appearances in the last four seasons. With Dominion’s Anne Donovan, who received the Naismith Trophy recognizing the nation’s top
Middle Tennessee’s victory in the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, the Sun Belt Conference has women’s basketball player in 983, helped the United States win the Olympic gold medal in
now won four bowl games in its last seven appearances.                                             984 and helped the Lady Monarchs capture the national championship in 985.

60                                                                                                                                             www.DENVERPIONEERS.com
                                                                                                        2009-0 SBC REVIEW
THE SUN BELT CONFERENCE                                          2009-10 SUN BELT CONFERENCE STANDINGS
60 Poydras Street, Suite 2355                                   EAST DIVISION         CONFERENCE                 OVERALL
New Orleans, Louisiana 7030                                     Standings             W L Pct                    W L Pct
Phone: (504) 299-9066                                            Troy                  3 5  .722                 20 3 .606
Administrative Fax: (504) 299-9067                               Middle Tennessee      3 5  .722                 9 4 .576
Media/Championships Fax:                                         Western Kentucky      2 6 .667                  2 3 .68
(504) 299-9068                                                   Florida Atlantic      0 8  .556                 4 6 .467
Web: www.sunbeltsports.org                                       South Alabama         8  0 .444                 7 5 .53
                                                                 Florida International 4  4 .222                 7  25 .29
Commissioner ....................................Wright Waters
                                                                 WEST DIVISION                 CONFERENCE         OVERALL
   ext. 2 .........................waters@sunbeltsports.org    Standings                     W L Pct            W L Pct
Assoc. Commissioner/CFO ....................Bert Carter          North Texas                   3 5  .722         24 9 .727
   ext. 23 ......................... carter@sunbeltsports.org   Arkansas State                 7  .6         7 4 .548
                                                                 Denver                        0 8  .556         9 3 .594
Assoc. Commissioner ....................Dr. Kathy Keene
                                                                 Louisiana-Lafayette           0 8  .556         3 7 .433
   ext. 22 .........................keene@sunbeltsports.org     Louisiana-Monroe              6 2 .333          2 9 .387
Assoc. Commissioner ....................... John McElwain        Arkansas-Little Rock          4  4 .222         8  22 .267
   ext. 25 .................. mcelwain@sunbeltsports.org        New Orleans                   3  5 .67         8  22 .267

Assist. Commissioner ......................Robin Bordelon        ALL-SUN BELT TEAM                          2009-10 SBC TOURNAMENT
   ext. 27 ................... bordelon@sunbeltsports.org       FIRST TEAM                                 Saturday, March 6
Assist. Commissioner .........................Bryant Carter      Brandon Hazzard (Troy, Sr., G)             First Round (at Hot Springs, Ark.)
                                                                 Tyren Johnson (ULL, Sr., F)                (9) South Alabama 52, (8) Florida Atlantic 5
   ext. 223 .......................bryant@sunbeltsports.org                                                 (4) Western Kentucky 83, (3) New Orleans 58
                                                                 Nate Rohnert (DU, Sr., G)
Assist. Commissioner ..................... Travis Llewellyn      AJ Slaughter (WKU, Sr., G)                 (5) Arkansas State 89, (2) UALR 82
   ext. 26 ....................llewellyn@sunbeltsports.org      Desmond Yates (MT, Sr., F)                 (6) Denver 7, () Florida International 64
                                                                                                            (0) La.-Monroe 76, (7) La.-Lafayette 75
Director of Media Relations ..............Keith Nunez
                                                                 SECOND TEAM
   ext. 28 .........................nunez@sunbeltsports.org     George Odufuwa (UNT, Jr., F)               Sunday, March 7
Media Relations Assistant ........... Christiana Johns           Steffphon Pettigrew (WKU, Jr., F)          Quarterfinals (at Hot Springs, Ark.)
                                                                 Brandon Reed (ASU, Fr., G)                 () Troy 67, (9) South Alabama 55
   ext. 220..........................johns@sunbeltsports.org                                                (4) Western Kentucky 65, (5) Arkansas State 64
                                                                 Michael Vogler (Troy, Sr., G)
Chief Administrator ...................Chauntrell Shelby                                                    (2) North Texas 69, (0) Louisiana-Monroe 66
                                                                 Tim Williams (USA, Jr., G)
                                                                                                            (6) Denver 73, (3) Middle Tennessee 58
   ext. 20.........................shelby@sunbeltsports.org
                                                                 THIRD TEAM
                                                                                                            Monday, March 8
                                                                 Greg Gantt (FAU, Fr., G)
                                                                                                            Semifinals (at Hot Springs, Ark.)
                                                                 Ray Taylor (FAU, Fr., G)                   () Troy 54, (4) Western Kentucky 48
                                                                 Tristan Thompson (UNT, Jr., G)             (2) North Texas 63, (6) Denver 56
                                                                 Eric Tramiel (UNT, Sr., F)
                                                                 Josh White (UNT, Jr., G)                   Tuesday, March 9
                                                                                                            Finals (at Hot Springs, Ark.)
                                                                 PLAYER OF THE YEAR                         (3) North Texas 66, () Troy 63
                                                                 Tyren Johnson (ULL, Sr., F)
        Wright Waters                  John McElwain
        Commissioner                Assoc. Commissioner/         DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR
                                      Communications             Brett Royster (FAU, Jr., F)

                                                                 FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR
                                                                 Brandon Reed (ASU, Fr., G)

                                                                 COACH OF THE YEAR
                                                                 John Brady, Arkansas State

       Travis Llewellyn                  Keith Nunez
   Director of Multimedia/            Director of Media
         New Media                        Relations

www.DENVERPIONEERS.com                                                                                                                                       6
NOVEMBER                                             DECEMBER                                           2/29   Tennessee State at Middle Tennessee          2/0 * Louisiana-Lafayette at Florida International
/2 Henderson State at North Texas                 2/  Louisiana-Lafayette at McNeese State         2/29   Louisiana-Monroe at Stephen F. Austin        2/0 * Middle Tennessee at Western Kentucky
/2 Arkansas State at Ole Miss                     2/  Arkansas State at Memphis                    2/30   * South Alabama at Arkansas State            2/0 * Troy at South Alabama
/2 Florida Memorial at Florida International      2/  Arkansas-Little Rock at Missouri State       2/30   Manhattan at Florida Atlantic                2/0 * Arkansas State at Louisiana-Monroe
/2 Tennessee Temple at Middle Tennessee           2/  Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt               2/30   * Arkansas-Little Rock at North Texas        2/0 * North Texas at Arkansas-Little Rock
/2 Louisiana-Monroe at Texas Tech                 12/1 Utah State at Denver                          12/30   * Louisiana-Lafayette at Denver              2/10 * Florida Atlantic at Denver
/2 Huntingdon at Troy                             2/  South Alabama at Alabama                                                                          2/2 * North Texas at Western Kentucky
/2 New Mexico State at Louisiana-Lafayette        2/  Florida International at Louisville          JANUARY                                              2/2 * Florida International at Middle Tennessee
/2 Spring Hill at South Alabama                   2/2 Louisiana-Monroe at Kent State                /  * Western Kentucky at Arkansas State            2/2 * Arkansas-Little Rock at Louisiana-Monroe
11/12 (1) Denver at Oregon                           2/2 Grambling State at North Texas                /  * Louisiana-Lafayette at North Texas            2/2 * Louisiana-Lafayette at Florida Atlantic
/2 Arkansas-Little Rock at SMU                    12/4 Cal State Northridge at Denver                /2  * Florida International at Louisiana-Monroe     2/12 * Denver at Troy
/2 Western Kentucky at St. Joseph’s               2/4 Louisiana-Monroe at Louisiana Tech            1/2  * Arkansas-Little Rock at Denver                2/4 Florida Gulf Coast at Western Kentucky
/2 (2) Florida Atlantic at UC Davis               2/4 Middle Tennessee at SIU-Edwardsville          /2  * Middle Tennessee at South Alabama             2/7 * Western Kentucky at Arkansas-Little Rock
11/13 (1) Denver vs. UC Santa Barbara                2/4 Louisiana-Lafayette at Tulane                 /3  Florida Memorial at Florida Atlantic            2/7 * South Alabama at North Texas
/3 (2) Florida Atlantic vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee   2/4 North Texas at Texas Southern                 /4  Union College at Louisiana-Monroe               2/7 * Arkansas State at Louisiana-Lafayette
/4 Arkansas-Little Rock at St. Bonaventure        2/4 South Florida at Florida Atlantic             /5  St. Bonaventure at Arkansas-Little Rock         2/7 * Middle Tennessee at Troy
11/14 (1) Denver vs. North Dakota State              2/4 Troy at Arkansas                              /6  * Arkansas State at Florida International       2/17 * Louisiana-Monroe at Denver
/4 (2) Florida Atlantic at Portland               2/4 Florida International at Jackson State        /6  * North Texas at Middle Tennessee               2/9 * Florida Atlantic at Florida International
/5 Barry at Florida International                 2/4 South Alabama at Louisville                   1/6  * Denver at Western Kentucky                    2/9 * Middle Tennessee at Arkansas-Little Rock
/5 Alabama A&M at Western Kentucky                2/4 Western Kentucky at Memphis                   /6  * South Alabama at Florida Atlantic             2/9 * Louisiana-Monroe at North Texas
/5 Louisiana College at Louisiana-Lafayette       2/5 Tulsa at Arkansas-Little Rock                 /6  * Troy at Louisiana-Lafayette                   2/9 * Western Kentucky at Louisiana-Lafayette
/5 Troy at Alabama                                2/6 Lyon College at Arkansas State                /8  * South Alabama at Florida International        2/9 * Arkansas State at Troy
/6 Missouri State at Arkansas State               2/7 Philander Smith at Arkansas-Little Rock       1/8  * Denver at Louisiana-Monroe                    2/20 * South Alabama at Denver
/6 Texas Tech at North Texas                      2/7 Middle Tennessee at Belmont                   /8  * Arkansas State at Florida Atlantic            2/22 Middle Tennessee at Houston Baptist
/6 Louisiana-Monroe at Iowa                       2/8 Western Kentucky at Bowling Green             /8  * Troy at Arkansas-Little Rock                  2/24 * Florida International at Western Kentucky
/7 Louisiana-Lafayette at Creighton               2/8 North Texas at Sam Houston State              /8  * North Texas at Western Kentucky               2/24 * Troy at Florida Atlantic
/7 UAB at Middle Tennessee                        12/8 Denver at St. Mary’s                          /8  * Middle Tennessee at Louisiana-Lafayette       2/24 * North Texas at Arkansas State
/7 South Alabama at Southern Miss                 2/ Southern Illinois at Western Kentucky        /3 * Florida Atlantic at Middle Tennessee          2/24 * Arkansas-Little Rock at South Alabama
/7 St. Gregory’s at Arkansas-Little Rock          2/ Ole Miss at Arkansas-Little Rock             /3 * Western Kentucky at Troy                      2/24 * Denver at Louisiana-Lafayette
/7 Tennessee at Arkansas State                    2/ Florida Atlantic at Hofstra                  /3 * Louisiana-Monroe at Arkansas-Little Rock      2/26 * Troy at Florida International
/7 Warner Southern at Florida Atlantic            12/11 Portland at Denver                           /3 * Florida International at North Texas          2/26 * Louisiana-Lafayette at Louisiana-Monroe
/8 Florida State at Florida International         2/ Centenary at Louisiana-Monroe                /3 * Louisiana-Lafayette at Arkansas State         2/26 * Western Kentucky at Middle Tennessee
/8 (3) Western Kentucky vs. Minnesota             2/ Jackson State at North Texas                 1/15 * Florida International at Denver               2/26 * Denver at North Texas
11/18 Colorado State at Denver                       2/ Alabama State at Arkansas State              /5 * Louisiana-Lafayette at Arkansas-Little Rock 2/26 * Arkansas-Little Rock at Arkansas State
/9 (4) Middle Tennessee vs. Campbell              2/ Troy at Miami (Ohio)                         /5 * Florida Atlantic at Western Kentucky          2/27 * Florida Atlantic at South Alabama
/9 North Texas at Kansas                          2/2 Florida International at Bowling Green       /5 * Middle Tennessee at Arkansas State
/9 Cleveland State at Louisiana-Lafayette         2/2 Houston Baptist at South Alabama             /5 * Louisiana-Monroe at South Alabama             MARCH
/9 Troy at Georgia State                          2/2 Texas College at Louisiana-Lafayette         /5 * North Texas at Troy                           3/5-8 (9) Sun Belt Conference Tournament
/9 (3) Western Kentucky vs. TBA                   2/2 Furman at Middle Tennessee                   /7 Arkansas State at Lamar
/20 American at Florida Atlantic                   2/3 Florida Atlantic at Siena                    /9  Centenary at Louisiana-Lafayette               Tournament Legend:
/20 (4) Middle Tennessee vs. Samford               12/14 Denver at Wyoming                            /20 * Arkansas-Little Rock at Florida International () Oregon BTI Tournament – Eugene, Ore.
/20 Utah Valley State at Florida International     2/5 Louisiana-Lafayette at UCF                   /20 * Troy at Middle Tennessee                      (2) MTE Classic – Portland, Ore.
/20 Central Michigan at South Alabama              2/5 Louisiana-Monroe at UTEP                     /20 * Western Kentucky at South Alabama             (3) 4th Annual Puerto Rico Tip-Off – San Juan, P.R.
/20 SE Oklahoma State at Louisiana-Monroe          2/6 * Florida Atlantic at Troy                   /20 * North Texas at Louisiana-Monroe               (4) Global Sports Hoops Showcase – Auburn, Ala.
/2 Illinois State at Arkansas-Little Rock         2/6 Arkansas-Little Rock at Rice                 1/20 * Arkansas State at Denver                      (5) Global Sports Roundball Classic – Normal, Ill.
/2 (4) Middle Tennessee at Auburn                 2/8 Middle Tennessee at Evansville               1/22 * Denver at Middle Tennessee                    (6) Coors Classic – Mobile, Ala.
/2 (3) Western Kentucky vs. TBA                   2/8 South Alabama at Georgia Southern            /22 * Troy at Western Kentucky                      (7) Las Vegas Holiday Hoops Classic – Las Vegas, Nev.
/22 Troy at UTSA                                   2/8 Arkansas State at Georgia                    /22 * Arkansas-Little Rock at Florida Atlantic      (8) World Vision Basketball Invitational – Logan, Utah
/23 Louisiana-Lafayette at Houston                 12/18 Northern Colorado at Denver                  /22 * Arkansas State at North Texas                 (9) Sun Belt Championships – Hot Springs, Ark.
/23 Stephen F. Austin at Louisiana-Monroe          2/8 Sam Houston State at Florida International   /22 * Louisiana-Monroe at Louisiana-Lafayette
/23 South Alabama at UAB                           2/8 Belmont at Troy                              /22 * Florida International at South Alabama
/23 Rice at North Texas                            2/8 Western Kentucky at Murray State             /27 * Western Kentucky at Florida International
/23 Florida Atlantic at Florida                    2/9 Lamar at Louisiana-Lafayette                 /27 * Louisiana-Monroe at Arkansas State
/24 Evansville at Middle Tennessee                 2/9 * Florida Atlantic at Louisiana-Monroe       /27 * South Alabama at Troy
/24 Arkansas-Little Rock at Oral Roberts           2/9 Texas State at North Texas                   /27 * Middle Tennessee at Florida Atlantic
11/24 Alcorn State at Denver                         2/20 Savannah State at Arkansas State             /27 * North Texas at Louisiana-Lafayette
/26 Louisiana Tech at Arkansas-Little Rock         2/2 Vanderbilt at Middle Tennessee               1/29 * North Texas at Denver
/26 Troy at Mississippi State                      2/2 Alcorn State at South Alabama                /29 * Middle Tennessee at Florida International
/26 (5) Louisiana-Monroe vs. Jacksonville State    12/21 Arkansas Pine Bluff at Denver                /29 * Troy at Louisiana-Monroe
/27 North Texas at Texas State                     2/2 Louisiana-Lafayette at New Mexico State      /29 * Arkansas State at Arkansas-Little Rock
/27 Chattanooga at Florida International           2/2 (7) Arkansas-Little Rock vs. Akron           /29 * Western Kentucky at Florida Atlantic
/27 (5) Louisiana-Monroe at Illinois State         2/2 (8) Troy vs. Western Michigan                /30 * Louisiana-Lafayette at South Alabama
/27 South Carolina at Western Kentucky             2/22 Florida A&M at Florida International
/27 Arkansas State at Southeast Missouri State     2/22 Northern Colorado at Louisiana-Monroe        FEBRUARY
11/27 Denver at Boise State                          2/22 Arkansas State at Missouri State             2/  Savannah State at Arkansas State
/27 Florida Atlantic at George Mason               2/22 Louisville at Western Kentucky               2/3  * Louisiana-Monroe at Middle Tennessee
/28 (5) Louisiana-Monroe vs. South Dakota          2/22 North Texas at LSU                           2/3  * Denver at Arkansas-Little Rock
/28 (6) LSU at South Alabama                       2/22 (7) Arkansas-Little Rock vs. Oral Roberts    2/3  * South Alabama at Western Kentucky
/29 UAB at Troy                                    2/22 (8) Troy vs. Idaho State                     2/3  * Florida Atlantic at North Texas
/29 Florida International at Marshall              2/22 Florida Atlantic at DePaul                   2/3  * Florida International at Troy
/30 Florida Atlantic at Mississippi State          2/23 (7) Arkansas-Little Rock vs. Stetson         2/5  * South Alabama at Middle Tennessee
/30 Texas-Arlington at North Texas                 2/23 (8) Troy at Utah State                       2/5  * Louisiana-Monroe at Western Kentucky
/30 Middle Tennessee at Tennessee                  2/27 Mobile at South Alabama                      2/5 * Denver at Arkansas State
                                                     2/28 Oklahoma Panhandle State at North Texas      2/5  * Florida International at Florida Atlantic
                                                     2/28 Central Baptist at Arkansas State            2/5  * Arkansas-Little Rock at Louisiana-Lafayette
                                                     2/28 Florida International at Utah Valley State

62                                                                                                                                                       www.DENVERPIONEERS.com
         ALCORN STATE                                     COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Alcorn State, Miss. (87)   Head Coach: Larry Smith, Alcorn State              2009-0 Overall Record: 2-29                    Basketball SID: Augustus Howard
         Enrollment: 3,3252                               Record at ASU (seasons): 0-52 (2)                 SWAC Record/Finish: 2-6/0                     E-mail: aghoward@alcorn.edu
         Colors: Purple                                   Career Record: 0-52 (.6)                        DU vs. ASU Overall: 0-0                         Office/Cell Phone: (60)877-6500/(404)323-5856
         Arena (Capacity): Davey L. Whitney Complex       Assistant Coaches: David Gomez, Kevin Vital,       DU vs. ASU at H-A-N: H: 0-0 A: 0-0 N: 0-0       Web site: www.alcornsports.com
         (8,500)                                          Byron Banks

         ARKANSAS-PINE BLUFF                              COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Pine Bluff, Ark. (873)      Head Coach: George Ivory, Miss. Valley St. (‘88)   2009-0 Overall Record: 8-6                   Basketball SID: Andrew Roberts
         Enrollment: 3,800                                Record at APB (seasons): 3-34 (2)                 SWAC Record/Finish: 4-4/                      E-mail: robertsa@uapb.edu
         Colors: Black & Gold                             Career Record: 3-34 (.477)                        DU vs. APB Overall: -0                         Office/Cell Phone: (870)575-7949
         Arena (Capacity): H.O. Clemmons (4,500)          Assistant Coaches: Kenneth Broyles,                DU vs. APB at H-A-N: H: -0 A: 0-0 N: 0-0       Office Fax: (870)575-7881
                                                          James Wright, D’Jamel Jackson                                                                      Web site: www.uapblionsroar.com

         ARKANSAS-LITTLE ROCK                             COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Little Rock, Ark. (927)     Head Coach: Steve Shields, Baylor (‘88)            2009-0 Overall Record: 8-22 (.267)             Basketball SID: Joe Angolia
         Enrollment: 3,67                               Record at UALR (seasons): 3-95 (7)               SBC Record/Finish: 4-4/6th West                E-mail: jaangolia@ualr.edu
         Colors: Maroon, Silver and Black                 Career Record: 3-95 (.543)                       DU vs. UALR Overall: 7-                       Office/Cell Phone: (501)569-3449/(501)351-1060
         Arena (Capacity): Jack Stephens Center (5,600)   Assistant Coaches: Joe Kleine, Joe Golding,        DU vs. UALR at H-A-N: 7-2, 0-8, 0-             Office Fax: (501) 683-7002
         Press Row Phone: (50)683-7004                   Charles Cunningham                                                                                 Web site: www.ualrtrojans.com

         ARKANSAS STATE                                   COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Jonesboro, Ark. (909)       Head Coach: John Brady, Belhaven (‘76)             2009-0 Overall Record: 7-4 (.548)            Basketball SID: Anthony Reynolds
         Enrollment: 2,85                               Record at ASU (seasons): 30-3 (2)                 SBC Record/Finish: -7/2nd West                E-mail: areynolds@astate.edu
         Colors: Scarlet & Black                          Career Record: 3-247 (.557)                      DU vs. ASU Overall: -0                       Office/Cell Phone: (870)972-3547/(870)530-4454
         Arena (Capacity): Convocation Center (0,038)    Assistant Coaches: Isaac Brown, Richard            DU vs. ASU at H-A-N: H: 6-3 A: 3-6 N: 2-       Office Fax: (870)972-3367
         Press Row Phone: (870)972-254                   Williams, Jeff Clapacs                                                                             Web site: www.astateredwolves.com

         BOISE STATE                                      COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Boise, Idaho (932)          Head Coach: Leon Rice, Washington St. (‘86)        2009-0 Overall Record: 5-7                   Basketball SID: Becca Faulds
         Enrollment: 8,936                               Record at BSU (seasons): 0-0 (0)                   WAC Record/Finish: 5-/8                       E-mail: robertsa@uapb.edu
         Colors: Blue & Orange                            Career Record: 0-0 (.000)                          DU vs. BSU Overall: -0                         Office/Cell Phone: (208)426-3868/(208)989-00
         Arena (Capacity): Taco Bell Arena (2,380)       Assistant Coaches: Dave Wojcik, Jeff Linder,       DU vs. BSU at H-A-N: H: -0 A: 0-0 N: 0-0       Office Fax: (208)426-1778
                                                          Shaun Vandiver                                                                                     Web site: www.broncosports.com

         CAL STATE NORTHRIDGE                             COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Northridge, Calif. (958)    Head Coach: Bobby Braswell, CSUN (‘85)             2009-0 Overall Record: -2                   Basketball SID: Bob Vazquez
         Enrollment: 34,500                               Record at CSN (seasons): 26-202 (4)              Big West Record/Finish: 6-0/7                  E-mail: bobbyv@csun.edu
         Colors: Red, White & Black                       Career Record: 26-202 (.57)                      DU vs. CSN Overall: -                         Office/Cell Phone: (818)677-2313/(510)673-9521
         Arena (Capacity): The Matadome (,600)           Assistant Coaches: Bob Lowe, Jay Morris,           DU vs. CSN at H-A-N: H: -0 A: 0- N: 0-0       Office Fax: (818) 677-4950
         Press Row Phone: (88)677-4702                   Danny Sprinkle                                                                                     Web site: www.gomatadors.com

         COLORADO STATE                                   COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Fort Collins, Colo. (870)   Head Coach: Tim Miles, U. of Mary (‘89)            2009-0 Overall Record: 6-6                   Basketball SID: Danny Mattie
         Enrollment: 26,348                               Record at CSU (seasons): 32-63 (3)                 MWC Record/Finish: 7-9 (T-5)                    E-mail: d.mattie@colostate.edu
         Colors: Green & Gold                             Career Record: 244-95 (.556)                      DU vs. CSU Overall: 66-9                       Office/Cell Phone: (970)49-5050/(970)27-340
         Arena (Capacity): Moby Arena (8,745)             Assistant Coaches: Niko Medved, Craig Smith,       DU vs. CSU at H-A-N: H: 42-3 A: 24-56 N: 0-4   Office Fax: (970)491-1348
         Press Row Phone: (970)49-398                   DeMario Slocum                                                                                     Web site: www.csurams.com

         FLORIDA ATLANTIC                                 COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Boca Raton, Fla. (96)      Head Coach: Mike Jarvis, Northeaster (‘68)         2009-0 Overall Record: 4-6 (.467)            Basketball SID: Justin Johnson
         Enrollment: 26,000                               Record at UFA (seasons): 20-42 (2)                 SBC Record/Finish: 0-8/4th East                E-mail: jjohn28@fau.edu
         Colors: Blue & Red                               Career Record: 383-244 (.6)                      DU vs. FAU Overall: 3-2                         Office/Cell Phone: (561)302-0461
         Arena (Capacity): FAU Arena (5,000)              Assistant Coaches: Mike Jarvis II, Matt McCall,    DU vs. FAU at H-A-N: H: 3-0 A: 0-2 N: 0-0       Office Fax: (561)297-3963
         Press Row Phone: (56)297-4092                   Tim Kaine                                                                                          Web site: www.fausports.com

         FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL                            COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Miami, Fla. (965)           Head Coach: Isiah Thomas, Indiana (‘87)            2009-0 Overall Record: 7-25 (.29)             Basketball SID: Paul Dodson
         Enrollment: 40,455                               Record at FIU (seasons): 7-25 ()                  SBC Record/Finish: 4-4/6th East                E-mail: pdodson@fiu.edu
         Colors: Blue & Gold                              Career Record: 7-25 (.29)                         DU vs. FIU Overall: 8-6                         Office/Cell Phone: (305)348-3164
         Arena (Capacity): U.S. Century Arena (5,000)     Assistant Coaches: Anthony Anderson, Frank         DU vs. FIU at H-A-N: H: 5- A: 2-4 N: -       Office Fax: (305)348-2963
         Press Row Phone: (305)348-3702                   Holloway, William Eddie                                                                            Web site: www.fiusports.com

         LOUISIANA-LAFAYETTE                              COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Lafayette, La. (900)        Head Coach: Bob Marlin, Mississippi St. (‘8)      2009-0 Overall Record: 3-7 (.433)            Basketball SID: Cade Sirmans
         Enrollment: 5,93                               Record at ULL (seasons): 0-0 (0)                   SBC Record/Finish: 0-8/T-3rd West              E-mail: sirmans@louisiana.edu
         Colors: Vermilion & White                        Career Record: 348-66 (.677)                      DU vs. ULL Overall: 7-7                        Office/Cell Phone: (337)482-6329/(205)45-9645
         Arena (Capacity): CAJUNDOME (, 550)            Assistant Coaches: Neil Hardin, Nikita Johnson,    DU vs. ULL at H-A-N: H: 5-7 A: -9 N: -       Office Fax: (337)4826529
         Press Row Phone: (337)265-2284                   Darby Rich                                                                                         Web site: www.ragincajuns.com

         LOUISIANA-MONROE                                 COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Monroe, La. (93)           Head Coach: Keith Richard, La.-Monroe (‘82)        2009-0 Overall Record: 2-9 (.387)            Basketball SID: Jeremy Reld
         Enrollment: 9,004                                Record at ULM (seasons): 0-0 (0)                   SBC Record/Finish: 6-2/5th West                E-mail: jreld@ulm.edu
         Colors: Maroon & Gold                            Career Record: 50-7 (.562)                      DU vs. ULM Overall: 8-7                         Office/Cell Phone: (318)342-5462/(716)867-1908
         Arena (Capacity): Fant-Ewing Coliseum (7,000)    Assistant Coaches: Robert Lee, Cord Wright         DU vs. ULM at H-A-N: H: 7-0 A: -6 N: 0-0       Office Fax: (318)342-5464
         Press Row Phone: (38)342-6920                                                                                                                      Web site: www.ulmwarhawks.com

         MIDDLE TENNESSEE                                 COACHING STAFF                                     TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
         Location (Founded): Murfreesboro, Tenn. (9)   Head Coach: Kermit Davis, Mississippi St. (‘82)    2009-0 Overall Record: 9-4 (.576)            Basketball SID: Jessica Stauffacher
         Enrollment: 25,9                               Record MTS (seasons): 37-0 (8)                  SBC Record/Finish: 3-5/T-st East              E-mail: stauffacher@goblueraiders.com
         Colors: Royal Blue & White                       Career Record: 208-60 (.565)                      DU vs. MTSU Overall: 6-8                        Office/Cell Phone: (615)904-8115/(615)631-9523
         Arena (Capacity): Murphy Center (,520)         Assistant Coaches: Win Case, Rob Moxley,           DU vs. MTSU at H-A-N: H: 2-2 A: 3-5 N: -      Office Fax: (615)898-5626
         Press Row Phone: (65)898-2807                   Al Pinkins                                                                                         Web site: www.goblueraiders.com

www.DENVERPIONEERS.com                                                                                                                                                                                   63
     NORTH DAKOTA STATE                                     COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Fargo, N.D. (890)                 Head Coach: Saul Phillips, Wisc.-Platteville (‘96)   2009-0 Overall Record: -8                   Basketball SID: Ryan Perreault
     Enrollment: 4,407                                     Record at NDSU (seasons): 53-38 (3)                  Summit Record/Finish: 8-0/6                    E-mail: Ryan.Perreault@ndsu.edu
     Colors: Yellow & Green                                 Career Record: 53-38 (.637)                          DU vs. NDSU Overall: -2                        Office/Cell Phone: (70)23-833/(70)793-052
     Arena (Capacity): Bison Sports Arena (5,830)           Assistant Coaches: David Richman, Will Ryan,         DU vs. NDSU at H-A-N: H: -0 A: 0-2 N: 0-0      Office Fax: (701)231-8611
     Press Row Phone: (70)23-8022                         Jason Kemp                                                                                           Web site: www.gobison.com

     NORTH TEXAS                                            COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Denton, Texas (890)               Head Coach: Johnny Jones, Louisiana St. (‘85)        2009-0 Overall Record: 24-9 (.727)             Basketball SID: Stephen Howard
     Enrollment: 36,206                                     Record at UNT (seasons): 50-2 (9)                 SBC Record/Finish: 3-5/st West                E-mail: stephen.howard@unt.edu
     Colors: Green & White                                  Career Record: 65-37 (.546)                        DU vs. UNT Overall: 8-4                        Office/Cell Phone: (940)369-8548/(87)793-599
     Arena (Capacity): The Super Pit (0,500)               Assistant Coaches: Charlie Leonard, Bill Foy,        DU vs. UNT at H-A-N: H: 6-4 A: 2-9 N 0-        Office Fax: (940)369-8404
     Press Row Phone: (940)565-4674                         Shawn Forrest                                                                                        Web site: www.meangreensports.com

     NORTHERN COLORADO                                      COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Greeley, Colo. (889)              Head Coach: B.J. Hill, Grand View College (‘86)      2009-0 Overall Record: 25-8                    Basketball SID: Scott Ward
     Enrollment: 2,48                                     Record at UNC (seasons): 0-0 (0)                     Big Sky Record/Finish: 2-4/2                   E-mail: scott.ward@unco.edu
     Colors: Blue & Gold                                    Career Record: 0-0 (.000)                            DU vs. UNC Overall: 72-40                       Office/Cell Phone: (970)35-2522/(970)978-0950
     Arena (Cap.): Butler-Hancock Sports Pavilion (2,94)   Assistant Coaches: Shawn Ellis, Chris Craig,         DU vs. UNC at H-A-N: H: 4-3 A: 3-27 N: 0-0   Office Fax: (970)351-1995
     Press Row Phone: (970)35-2522                         Ryan Martin                                                                                          Web site: www.uncbears.com

     OREGON                                                 COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Eugene, Ore. (876)                Head Coach: Dana Altman, East New Mexico (‘80)       2009-0 Overall Record: 6-6                   Basketball SID: Chris Geraghty
     Enrollment: 2,386                                     Record at UO (seasons): 0-0 (0)                      Pac-0 Record/Finish: 7-/8                    E-mail: chrisg@uoregon.edu
     Colors: Green & Yellow                                 Career Record: 40-243 (.628)                        DU vs. UO Overall: -5                          Office/Cell Phone: (54)346-7332/(54)335-958
     Arena (Cap.): McArthur Court (9,087)                   Assistant Coaches: Kevin McKenna, Brian Fish,        DU vs. UO at H-A-N: H: -3 A: 0-2 N: 0-0        Office Fax: (541)346-5449
     Press Row Phone: (54)346-4496                         Tony Stubblefield                                                                                    Web site: www.goducks.com

     PORTLAND                                               COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Portland, Ore. (90)              Head Coach: Eric Reveno, Stanford (‘89)              2009-0 Overall Record: 2-                   Basketball SID: Jason Brough
     Enrollment: 3,600                                      Record at UP (seasons): 58-69 (4)                    WCC Record/Finish: 0-4/3                       E-mail: brough@up.edu
     Colors: Purple & White                                 Career Record: 58-69 (.457)                          DU vs. UP Overall: 6-6                          Office/Cell Phone: (503)943-8439/(503)706-3460
     Arena (Capacity): Chiles Center (4,852)                Assistant Coaches: Joel Sobotka, Eric Jackson,       DU vs. UP at H-A-N: H: 5- A: -5 N: 0-0        Office Fax: (503)943-7242
     Press Row Phone: (503)943-7527                         Michael Wolf                                                                                         Web site: www.portlandpilots.com

     SOUTH ALABAMA                                          COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Mobile, Ala. (963)                Head Coach: Ronnie Arrow, SW Texas St. (‘69)         2009-0 Overall Record: 7-5 (.53)            Basketball SID: Matt Horne
     Enrollment: 5,007                                     Record at USA (seasons): 77-28 ()                SBC Record/Finish: 8-0/5th East                E-mail: mhorne@usouthal.edu
     Colors: Red, Blue & White                              Career Record: 3-29 (.587)                        DU vs. USA Overall: 0-                       Office/Cell Phone: (251)414-8184/(912)536-5806
     Arena (Capacity): Mitchell Center (0,000)             Assistant Coaches: Michael Floyd, Mike Brown,        DU vs. USA at H-A-N: H: 7-3 A: 2-8 N -0        Office Fax: (251)460-7297
     Press Row Phone: (25)460-748                         Paul Johnson                                                                                         Web site: www.usajaguars.com

     ST. MARY’S                                             COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Moraga, Calif. (863)              Head Coach: Randy Bennett, UC San Diego (‘86)        2009-0 Overall Record: 28-6                    Basketball SID: Rich Davi
     Enrollment: 3,96                                      Record at SMC (seasons): 83-03 (9)                 WCC Record/Finish: -3/2                       E-mail: rdavi@stmary’s-ca.edu
     Colors: Navy, Red & Silver                             Career Record: 83-03 (.640)                        DU vs. SMC Overall: 0-                         Office/Cell Phone: (925)63-4402
     Arena (Capacity): McKeon Pavilion (3,500)              Assistant Coaches: David Patrick, Rick Croy,         DU vs. SMC at H-A-N: H: 0-0 A: 0- N: 0-0       Office Fax: (925)631-4405
     Press Row Phone: (925)376-3906                         Eran Ganot                                                                                           Web site: www.smcgaels.com

     TROY                                                   COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Troy, Ala. (887)                  Head Coach: Don Maestri, Southern Miss (‘69)         2009-0 Overall Record: 20-3 (.606)            Basketball SID: Taylor Bryan
     Enrollment: 30,564                                     Record at Troy (seasons): 477-336 (29)               SBC Record/Finish: 3-5/T-st East              E-mail: Bryant@troy.edu
     Colors: Cardinal & Black                               Career Record: 477-336 (.587)                        DU vs. Troy Overall: 2-4                        Office/Cell Phone: (334)670-5655/(205)862-848
     Arena (Capacity): Sartain Hall (4,000)                 Assistant Coaches: David Felix, Michael Curry,       DU vs. Troy at H-A-N: H: 2-0 A: 0-4 N: 0-0      Office Fax: (334)670-5665
     Press Row Phone: (334)670-3229                         Ben Fletcher                                                                                         Web site: www.troytrojans.com

     UC SANTA BARBARA                                       COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Santa Barbara, Calif. (90)       Head Coach: Bob Williams, San Jose St. (‘76)         2009-0 Overall Record: 20-0                   Basketball SID: Bill Mahoney
     Enrollment: 20,874                                     Record at UCSB (seasons): 99-56 (2)               Big West Record/Finish: 2-4/                  E-mail: Bill.Mahoney@athletics.ucsb.edu
     Colors: Blue & Gold                                    Career Record: 388-256 (.602)                        DU vs. UCSB Overall: 0-0                        Office/Cell Phone: (805)893-3428
     Arena (Capacity): The Thunderdome (6,000)              Assistant Coaches: Matt Stock, Jono Metzger-         DU vs. UCSB at H-A-N: H: 0-0 A: 0-0 N: 0-0      Office Fax: (805)893-4537
     Press Row Phone: (805)893-439                         Jones, Kevin Bromley                                                                                 Web site: www.ucsbgauchos.com

     UTAH STATE                                             COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Logan, Utah (888)                 Head Coach: Stew Morrill, Gonzaga (‘74)              2009-0 Overall Record: 27-8                    Basketball SID: Doug Hoffman
     Enrollment: 25,065                                     Record at USU (seasons): 294-99 (2)                 WAC Record/Finish: 4-2/                       E-mail: doug.hoffman@usu.edu
     Colors: Navy Blue & White                              Career Record: 52-237 (.679)                        DU vs. USU Overall: 35-52                       Office/Cell Phone: (435)797-3714/(435)881-8011
     Arena (Capacity): Dee Glen Smith Spectrum (0,270)     Assistant Coaches: Tim Duryea, Chris Jones,          DU vs. USU at H-A-N: H: 25-20 A: 0-32 N: 0-0   Office Fax: (435)797-2615
     Press Row Phone: (435)797-686                         Tarvish Felton                                                                                       Web site: www.utahstateaggies.com

     WESTERN KENTUCKY                                       COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Bowling Green, Ky. (906)          Head Coach: Ken McDonald, Providence (‘92)           2009-0 Overall Record: 2-3                   Basketball SID: Michael Schroeder
     Enrollment: 9,76                                     Record at WKU (seasons): 46-22 (2)                   SBC Record/Finish: 2-6/3rd East                E-mail: michael.schroeder@wku.edu
     Colors: Red & White                                    Career Record: 46-22 (.676)                          DU vs. WKU Overall: 5-9                         Office/Cell Phone: (270)745-5045/(270)799-8984
     Arena (Capacity): E.A. Diddle Arena (7,326)            Assistant Coaches: Ray Harper, Lawrence              DU vs. WKU at H-A-N: H: 3-5 A: 0-4 N: 2-0       Office Fax: (270)745-3444
     Press Row Phone: (270)745-694                         Brenneman, Allen Edwards, Kip Wellman                                                                Web site: www.wkusports.com

     WYOMING                                                COACHING STAFF                                       TEAM INFORMATION                                MEDIA RELATIONS
     Location (Founded): Laramie, Wyo. (886)               Head Coach: Heath Schroyer,                          2009-0 Overall Record: 0-2                   Basketball SID: John Paradis
     Enrollment: 3,476                                     Record at WYO (seasons): 4-53 (3)                   MWC Record/Finish: 3-3/8                       E-mail: JP2@uwyo.edu
     Colors: Brown & Gold                                   Career Record: 76-00 (.432)                         DU vs. WYO Overall: 44-98                       Office/Cell Phone: (307)760-2582/(307)760-2582
     Arena (Capacity): Arena-Auditorium (5,000)            Assistant Coaches: Fred Langley, Anthony             DU vs. WYO at H-A-N: H: 3-39 A: 3-59 N: 0-0   Office Fax: (307)766-2346
     Press Row Phone: (307)766-2222                         Stewart, Nate Dixon                                                                                  Web site: www.wyomingathletics.com

64                                                                                                                                                     www.DENVERPIONEERS.com

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