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As the global leader in stem cell industry data, one of the questions that we get asked every day
is, "How many cord blood banks are active in the world, right now?" If you run a cord blood bank,
you must have wondered that question yourself at one point or another. Did you know that as of
2012, the answer is 510 total from 97 different countries?

While you may know that the cord blood banking industry is expanding with double-digit growth,
you may not have known that exact number above - but a lack of awareness could be harming
your business. Let knowledge be your power, instead of your limitation. Find out more by
accessing a complete list of those cord blood banks worldwide. Become aware of the companies
and organizations operating in your industry and take advantage of the opportunities for
collaboration and profit.

The comprehensive Cord Blood Database includes:

•Global List of Cord Blood Banks: The only comprehensive list available that contains all active
cord blood banks worldwide (510 total)

•Breakdown by Country: A country-by-country breakdown of cord blood banks worldwide (97
different countries)

•Individual Company Contacts: 4,454 Contacts for individuals employed at cord blood banks
worldwide (Includes company name, country, email address, first name, last name, title, phone
number, and website, as available)
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CORD BLOOD BANKING - Comprehensive Industry Database (2012)

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